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  1. In 2014 we arrived on a hire boat at the top at about 1130 and I had no intention of travelling to Foxton and not working through the locks. We were offered “straight in immediately or wait for four boats to ascend”. We took the former and turned straight round at the bottom, where we then waited four hours in the queue to ascend. I now know there’s nothing unusual in that. In my experience Watford is controlled somewhat cautiously. That may be down to the particular lockies on duty at the times I’ve been there.
  2. There’s nothing to say that the owner wasn’t aboard, or that they weren’t the person to raise the alarm. That would be the most likely situation I would think. However it’s not particularly relevant. Unnecessary comments above in the circumstances.
  3. I noticed when passing under it the other week that the towpath bridge at Marston Junction is numbered as a side bridge of the Coventry Canal. Does this mean the theoretical junction is actually a few yards in to the Ashby channel? In the similar situations at Napton and Great Haywood the towpath bridges are numbered as GU and S&W bridges rather than Oxford and T&M ones respectively.
  4. When I travelled up and down a couple of weekends ago I found that Marston to Hinckley was OK and I could average 3mph on that section and also between Shackerstone and Snarestone which has been dredged. The middle section was slow going and was down close to 2mph average at times. Someone else did remark to me that the south end was the worst of it but I didn’t find that to be the case for me.
  5. If you aim a boat alongside a wall on one side only, with a free expanse of water on other side- as in trying to enter a broad lock through one gate - the boat will have a tendency for the front to push away from the wall because of the difference in pressure caused by the different speeds at which water is being displaced along each side. The faster the approach the worse this tendency. This might explain what you observe. It isn't necessarily a failure to point the boat in a straight line.
  6. You can help yourself though by using your freedom to venture to easier canals to navigate. The Coventry, Ashby, north Oxford area is an obvious case in point but I’ve previously directly suggested to @LadyG that she would likely find the narrow canals of the Midlands a lot easier than she apparently finds the northern canals. She may have reasons for wanting to be further north and that’s her business.
  7. Was it established that this group at Whilton were trained as volunteer lock-keepers? Painting locks is one of the activities that corporate team building groups get involved with. As with pretty much all CRT volunteering, the activity is more about politics and the promotion of CRT than about the benefit to the boater of the ‘service’. There is substantial cost behind supporting CRT’s volunteers which is funded by both the boater and taxpayer so both have a right to comment and it’s also why I don’t agree with the notion that volunteers can entirely pick and choose when they do their activities once they have committed to volunteering. There should at least be an aim to provide a defined service. That’s my view from the position of being both a CRT and non-CRT volunteer.
  8. There must be something better in the Greyhound although the beer choice wasn’t that great when I was there two or three weeks ago.
  9. So, did you misread it, or is this new/better information? Good luck to the person who thinks it'd be a brilliant way to commute to work.
  10. 30 mins is realistic for the journey from Hawkesbury Junction (which as someone mansplained on FB last week is apparently a different place to Sutton Stop) but it'd need about 90 minutes from Coventry Basin. It may help if they were a bit more informative about timings. It would actually be quicker to walk from Coventry basin by road.
  11. Ordinarily I'd treat a boat moored on bow and stern lines and not on the lock landing as not being in the queue, irrespective of anything else, so it was reasonable for the guy to assume he could carry on. I'd have done the same. It was just the initial non-acceptance of what I said that was off. I did wonder if it was because I was steering a very scruffy boat.
  12. Always a dilemma when moored on the approach to the next lock as to whether to prep the lock and then untie mooring lines or tootle up to the lock landing first and ‘claim’ the lock before setting it. I was delayed by a queue of boats created by a failed top paddle at Wychnor on Sunday. One particular lady was doing lots of work helping folk through but she said to me she’d had to stop and wait further back amongst other boats moored above the lock because there was an abandoned boat on the lock landing and one boat already waiting when she arrived. As I exited after ascending another boat approached from above and pulled alongside this lady’s boat and then proceeded toward the landing as it was vacated. I motioned to him to stop and then informed him that the boat he was in the process of overtaking was in the queue ahead of him. Looking at it, he said “Is it?” in a very questioning tone. So I explained to him the situation and that the occupant was busy making herself very helpful to others. He thanked me and I hope he then resisted the temptation to be an a-hole.
  13. Not at all. Conversing or simply exchanging a greeting or a wave with the occupants of boats that you pass is an enjoyable part of cruising. It's those who make a point of locating you on approach and then seem to deliberately avoid any form of (positive) exchange I was referring to. I suspect they are actually disappointed to find you've slowed down and it's always good to oblige them.
  14. If they are on the embankment above the canals that (broadly) circle Brugge city centre are they possibly pumps rather than mills? Many of things we refer to as windmills in the Netherlands are in fact pumps but I think the Dutch language is like English in that in general usage they are all referred to as mills (molen).
  15. One of the views is looking out of the stern doors through a traditional(ish) back cabin arrangement and has the engine control linkage visible along the ceiling suggesting an amidship engine room.
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