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  1. I don’t think it’s done knowingly but I can see why the OP wouldn’t be too pleased with the responses they got. It can be quite daunting addressing a group of people you don’t know and many first time posters will be sensitive to the kind of response they get. Too often it’s unwelcoming and established members should take a moment to reflect on that. I know that my less fine moments on the forum have come when I’ve been a bit down myself and hopefully those instances are consigned to the past. I don’t think it’s coincidence the forum seems less tolerant in the winter months. I’m not convinced the boat is sinking either but it is listing and it does have a hull aperture that is partially submerged so the concern is well founded. JP
  2. Thanks for a magnanimous response to a slightly sarky prompt. The OP was a new member. I doubt they’re going to be sticking around. That’s a shame because broadening the demographic of the forum would make it a better place. JP
  3. Would this lower band on the counter be the one that’s completely out of the water on the right hand side of the hull but has dipped completely below the water below the rear fender? Must be the water sloping. JP PS - no need for mansplaining that water doesn’t slope.
  4. Indeed, there isn’t a lock on the BCN - or any non-BCN canal in Birmingham - that a GU boat won’t pass through. And facing in the right direction too. JP
  5. I’m in agreement with @Dav and Pen. If there were punitive costs to the infrastructure manager for having the facility out of use to commercial customers the repair work would have started last week. There’s plenty to do before any work on rebuilding the permanent canal infrastructure would take place. Access agreements, haul roads, site compounds and then clearing the debris that’s been washed in to the channel. If it were an operational railway that stuff would start immediately. I’m sure that’s happened over the past week. But none of that applies so I think we should be grateful that we live in a country that has laws that compel the infrastructure manager to ultimately repair it despite it being of no direct commercial value to the economy. Proof we live in a pretty civilised place. We should always retain a degree of gratitude that the inland waterways are retained as a leisure facility. JP
  6. It depends on your circumstances. How many crew and how experienced? Will they all be OK with long days almost every day? One of the things that makes the Solihull route appear a lot quicker is that the default speed is a lot higher for broad canals than narrow canals. This isn’t really the case for the section from Knowle to Camp Hill which is pretty shallow. That route also means you’ll probably want to stop somewhere between Knowle and Catherine-de-Barnes and go through to Minworth and Curdworth in one day. It’s not a problem but it does restrict your options. There are a couple of mooring options in inner city Brum on that route but perhaps not the greatest for a family holiday. Via the Stratford Canal you can stop in central Birmingham rather than trying to get straight through it. There are also more mooring options on the approach. Getting a good first afternoon in is key. Set off in good time and you’ll be down Calcutt and Stockton locks at least, possibly further. Then you have a chance of being above Hatton by the end of day two and do Lapworth on day three. Otherwise you may find you have some very lock heavy days. You won’t have problems with any hire boat on either route. Technically the locks in Birmingham are 70’ but you’ll fit. JP
  7. Just had look. From the defaults it would need Hockley Heath and Deep Cuttings Junction removing and Bordesley Junction adding in their place. For some reason it gives a warning that the route won’t be planned properly at the start. A bit odd, especially as it seems to manage it. For the OPs benefit the Canal Plan default timings are a bet pessimistic. Either route is achievable in a week and the longer route has its advantages which is why it is the one that used as the default. For one it allows an overnight stop in Birmingham. JP
  8. Canal Plan is the go-to tool for such things. I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. If you use the defaults for the cruising rings it is set up for the route via Hockley Heath and Kings Norton. You could amend amend it using the ‘route editor’ function or set up an out and back trip from Napton and add in the junctions as intermediate points (it won’t literally plan an out and back if you put in sequential places on a ring). For the trip I think you are planning to do you only need Bordesley Junction, Fazeley Junction and Braunston Turn as the intermediate points for a clockwise trip which is the way most go from Napton. The default route is 60ish hours and the shorter one is 52 hours 46 minutes. A 70’ boat shouldn’t give any problems. Current stoppages will be flagged rather than planned to be avoided. Have you planned with no date or used the actual dates? JP
  9. From experience I think square sides make a significant difference in very narrow channels such as lock chambers or toll narrows. I’m not going to dispute that sides probably aren’t tapered for that reason though. JP
  10. Society is wasteful and that’s part of the conundrum of human nature; an amazing, complex and contradictory thing. Nobody ever got rich producing stuff folk don’t want so there must be some sort of two way transaction going on there. Giving your opinion doesn’t require describing people as “fat arsed” or “pathetic” because they have a different view to yours. In the first instance I was pointing out that it’s something of a simplification to think able bodied people only want gadgetry so they can be lazy. I’m not really into tech much at all but I have two teenagers in the house. What I’d have given to have the access to stuff they have in my youth. They’ll never understand how dull Sunday’s were 40 years ago. But yes of course at times it frustrates me. Doesn’t make it wrong though. JP
  11. Which is evidently fine for you but why get so worked up by what others prefer; to the extent that you seem to have characterised a mentality for them that’s actually your own invention? Every generation accepts the technologies that previous generations had adopted and largely do so without question; the wheel, internal combustion engine, electricity, gas, the telephone, aircraft. The same will pan out with current technology and a small number of folks have being getting very rich off new technology for centuries. There’s always been naysayers too. Society moves on and evolves. Some of the stuff eventually goes out of fashion as the wonder of it diminishes and other stuff just gets superseded, the very best new technologies turn out to change the nature of society and become accepted as though they are just the way that it is. It’s all human nature at work, there’s no need to be concerned with it if it doesn’t compel you to do something you don’t wish to. JP
  12. In the same way. Alexa can’t actually do the cooking.
  13. Voice activation is a very useful and hygienic feature if you happen to be off your fat arse in the kitchen cooking. Have you never found this? JP
  14. Ta. I had the Red Bull in the right place. Been many years since I went down the Macclesfield. I’d be looking for the Rising Sun at the top of the Ashby or in Berkhamsted. I like to know where the pubs are. Might be a while before I venture down the Macclesfield though. Hopefully not so for the northern T&M. JP
  15. I know of two canalside pubs called the Rising Sun but neither is close to where I think the Red Bull is. Any clues? Nonetheless glad you had a good time. JP
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