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  1. There are moorings and services at the BCLM/DCT. Take the Dudley Canal toward the tunnel from Tipton Jn on the Old Main Line and they are a few hundred yards down there. The official moorings back on to the BCLM and are behind a locked gate that needs a CRT key. There is access to the museum at the end of the moorings opposite the DCT. You can sneak in for fish and chips and/or a pint at the Bottle & Glass. Some folks prefer to moor at the ‘John the Lock’ moorings which are on the offside at Tipton Green on the Old Main Line which is a short walk away from the museum and DCT.
  2. So quick I didn’t know it had been closed. Used it on my way home last autumn and on my way out this spring. It usually ends up closed to road traffic if damaged because there’s a pretty easy diversion. Hockley Heath drawbridge had some problems but that was over a year ago.
  3. North Stratford? What’s wrong with that. Cruised it last week. I can’t comment on northern canals but the Midlands is OK.
  4. To clarify the reference to ‘Lorna’ in Heartland’s post above, that is Lorna York, CRTs family history expert, herself a descendant of boating families. She would be a good point of contact for further information. I can link the Theobald (or Theobold) family to the main Cheshire/Staffordshire boating families and beyond through Samuel Theobold, the half-brother of Thomas Theobald mentioned in your post. You may already have that information. I don’t have information on your direct line.
  5. Hence the last sentence. I’m not sure fairness comes into it. It wasn’t an actual competition. In reality boating involves little stops for PNBs, water, rubbish, Elsan, grabbing an ice cream from a lock side shop, making a brew and the like. I don’t think I properly moored up other than for overnight stops until Day 6.
  6. CanalPlan is excellent. I was worried for a short time that the upgrades were removing some of the functionality that I liked but now it’s complete all is good again. As for timings I find it works well for single handing and is conversative for crews but it does of course depend on knowing the specifics of the waterway and the boat and that’s where the ability to set your own parameters comes in useful. I took timings during my mostly single-handed trip last week with the idea I might post them on a ‘Man vs CanalPlan’ type thread but in truth I was too knackered to bot
  7. Tony Brooks has already identified it as a Mitsubishi in the thread about the head gasket which relates to the same engine. OP seems keener to pay for a new engine than pay for someone who knows what they are doing to look at the one they already have.
  8. Which goes to show there’s not really one way that things should be done. I once tried riding up the gate to avoid the forward pull that can cause a short boat to impact the top gate rather too hard for either boat or gate (T&M, S&W and Oxford seemingly being prize culprits) but got the bow fender stuck under a protusion on the cill (at Colwich lock). As you know Vulpes has very low freeboard hence it’s bow fender reaches parts other fenders do not, hence the method is as much about the boat - and its owner’s comfort levels - as it is about the lock. Personally I choose to
  9. Andy very diplomatically edited my efforts to manoeuvre Scorpio around the basin.
  10. I passed it moored at Stoke Pound visitor moorings (bottom of Tardebigge locks) late last October.
  11. Not really because that isn’t the railway line from London to Bristol. In any case the natural routes between major places would have been established before any engineered transport routes were created. It’s not as though canals were the first form of transport.
  12. You wouldn’t name a ship made of aluminium after a city famous for it’s steel.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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