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  1. Captain Pegg

    London Boaters - Government Review

    I could have sworn I read a post where you said you had drawn a circle of 100 miles radius from Oldbury. Must be going mad. JP
  2. Captain Pegg

    London Boaters - Government Review

    I think you could define it in one of two ways, one of which is your method. However you have inadvertently created a range of minimum 200 miles since that is the linear distance between two opposite points on your circle. Of course if you navigated down a canal between those opposite points the distance would be a lot more than 200 miles. Also you wouldn't have to visit all the points on the edge to have achieved the range. So you could draw a 50 mile radius around Oldbury to give a 100 mile range or perhaps simply add up the linear length of all the different individual sections cruised in a year and ensure that it adds up to at least 100 miles. In which case cruising the entire BCN once a year would qualify since there is 100 miles of it. I suspect there are other reasonable definitions of what constitutes a cruising range. And reasonableness is all the law requires (not that the law says anything about cruising range before anyone thinks I am endorsing such a proposal). JP
  3. Captain Pegg

    London Boaters - Government Review

    Well said. I suspect the current legislation regarding boats without a home mooring* was no more created to facilitate cheap access to the system for folks with time and wealth on their side than it was to provide a cheap means of residential boat ownership. No discussions on enforcement should favour either one or the other. Let's hope it won't just be a taking shop; if the Government are involved it should be aimed at legislative change. Otherwise it's down to CRT to get their enforcement in order in terms of the current legislation without Government interference. JP * - let's not forget the law requires no one to do anything continuously.
  4. You've never actually been to Wolverhampton have you Peter? JP
  5. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I was about to concede you had jogged my memory on something and were correct but actually is it not Newton Junction? JP
  6. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Is Norton Junction an alternative name for Rushall Junction?
  7. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    It had 100 locks exactly. That was the point of it but getting stuck in number 53 ended our competitive challenge. We spent about 4 hours re-tracing our steps and not scoring any points and only cruised 23 hours in total. In order the lock flights should have been Wolverhampton - Factory - Brades - Spon Lane - Ryders Green - Walsall (Up) - Walsall (Down) - Perry Barr - Aston - Farmers Bridge - Smethwick - Oldbury. The basic plan needed to average 3.1 mph and do each lock in 5 minutes and if we had kept to that in theory we could have added Walsall Town Arm, Icknield Port and Soho loops and Engine Arm. Doing the locks wasn't a problem. Other than up Wolverhampton 21 where we were ninth in a line of ten boats we were achieving the 5 minutes per lock. Unfortunately we struggled to even average 2 mph going up the Walsall. Next time I shall plan with bespoke timings for each section now we have built some knowledge over three events. Northstar cruised 49 miles and did 95 locks. They clearly didn't legitimately score for all of that though otherwise they would have won by some distance. JP
  8. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Our core route was 22.5 hours with options for if we were on schedule or even ahead, We lost an hour on the Wolverhampton 21 and then another one with the general slowness of the Walsall. We would have lost another hour going back down the Walsall although we thought it possible we might recover some time up Aston and Farmer's Bridge. The key is probably having accurate knowledge of what is a realistic speed for each section and that comes from experience. JP
  9. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    They were also held up on the Wolverhampton 21 by at least 90 minutes. It is possible that although they arrived at Oldbury by 1400 they had actually cruised for more than 24 hours and hence they didn't score the full route. Our core route would have beaten them but we would have struggled to complete it in 24 hours even if we hadn't had to turn back at Walsall. But that's the challenge isn't it; it's harder to boat the BCN in practice than it appears in theory. JP
  10. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    I think that would have meant disqualification. Although they did leave us way behind below Factory locks. What I do know is they didn't have their cruising log because they took photos of mine at the start. So they may not have supplied all the information necessary to get all the weighting factors or even all the route scored. Their basic route should have scored 327 points with a two person crew. They ran out of fuel because the helmsman - who was not the captain - had the engine at full throttle against lock gates while waiting for locks to be prepared and whilst in the chamber. All we could hear was engine noise interspersed with thumps of boat against gate. JP
  11. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    On encountering a purple boat with a lion rampant on the front in northern Birmingham I initially - and perhaps wrongly - associated it with something more local than that. JP
  12. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    2018 CHALLENGE RESULTS NAME OF BOAT - POINTS AWARDED Indigo Dream 277.55 Tawny Owl 273.6 Rebellion 270.3 Tatty Lucy 265.65 Northstar 258 Little Un 242.87 Guelrose 239.55 Dodgey 232.42 Firefly 231.95 Goosander 228.2 Merchant of Venice 209.4 Vulpes 202.65 Seran 196.27 Odyssey 182.55 Duet 181.5 Bimble Be 176.25 Carpe Vinum 175.75 Lockhart 175 Red Wharf 167.15 Uz Boat 159.75 Our little nightmare 156.45 Jacaranda 149.95 Misbourne No 3 145.55 Ferrous 143.45 Atlas and Malus 139.1 Atlantis 119.1 Rune 108.35 Crane 92.85 Clarie 45.8 Cecillia 40.55 Dotterell 40 Felonious Mongoose (on foot) 23
  13. Captain Pegg

    BCN Challenge 2018

    Results are published. Indigo Dream was the winner and Clarrie wasn't last. I think Northstar must have been docked some points as their score for the route they did with the crew should have been a lot more than it was. Maybe because they ran out of fuel and had to be towed. JP
  14. Captain Pegg

    Where have all the kingfishers gone?

    I only saw one kingfisher on my recent trip from Droitwich up to Birmingham via the Severn and back down the Worcs & Bham. I would usually spot more particularly on the Severn. i did see what I think was a Muscovy duck on the Droitwich Canal at Hawford. I thought it was a loose turkey on approach! Over the last year I have seen a kingfisher around the moorings and flying along the River Salwarpe in the middle of Droitwich which supports Dave P's idea they are becoming more urbanised. That's probably a result of tree growth along the side of urban canals that makes so many of them look rural from the canal perspective. JP
  15. Captain Pegg

    A Message from Richard Parry to Boaters

    CRT Towers in Milton Keynes has been rebranded. There's a screen in the window with some words about mental health. They have gone for the well being angle in a big way. I wonder what the folks at MIND make of it and whether they were consulted. They have grant funding too so there could be a conflict here. JP

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