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  1. Quoted where? The current CRT published dimensions issued in August 2022 are: 8' 9" from Brentford to Long Buckby (by which I suspect it means the bottom of Buckby locks i.e. Whilton) 6' 3" from Long Buckby to the top of Camp Hill locks The historic (and therefore presumably legally binding) headroom from Long Buckby to Camp Hill is 8' 0" so whether the 6' 3" relates to some temporary works, some issue that has arisen since 1967 or the construction of something below 8' 0" I don't know. It could relate to the width vs height issue but CRT dimensions don't appear to make that consideration in general.
  2. It's impossible not to be square on to mooring rings. I swear the little blighters see you coming and shuffle up.
  3. I noted someone above said that the GoWindlass doesn’t fit the large square spindles on the hydraulic kit. That would also extend to the geared GU locks on the Birmingham line but that’s where I saw the Lockmaster in use. But isn’t using a ratcheted windlass on any of these locks making it harder rather than easier? The only really hard paddles are conventional top gate ground paddles.
  4. I recall some incident after it was sold and moved north from West London so I’m glad you can remember that. I think that’s Cholmondeston lock which I believe has always been - or least is/was for a mighty long time - narrower than others on the branch or indeed the Shroppie as a whole.
  5. It could have been. I didn’t know there were two versions.
  6. I’ve just walked past someone using a Go windlass. It’s an enormous bit of kit. Not for me.
  7. Thankfully the BCNS has access to places like Titford Pumphouse, Hawne Basin, Withymoor and Longwood. Hawne basin is possibly not even CRT land.
  8. The BCN Challenge requires an event application and approval by CRT. It generally involves a congregation of boats on CRT water (and bankside land) at its conclusion. That gathering may also be subject to a temporary event notice from the Local Authority for licensing purposes.
  9. The 57’ 6” x 14’ 2” published dimensions for these canals relate directly to sizes of craft observed to be operating on them at the time of 1967 study that is enshrined in law by the Transport Act 1968. The same study states the limiting lock dimensions as 61’ 0” x 14’ 4”. All dimensions are composite i.e. they are derived from multiple boats so it doesn’t follow that a craft that is 57’ 6” x 14’ 2” will fit; and I think we can safely say that one 61’ x 14’ 4” will not fit. Do they also pre-date the fitting of the guillotine gate at Salterhebble?
  10. The choice is largely because it's longer and I've got a few months to complete the trip, other commitments permitting. Also it's about enjoying some cruising rather than the almost total lock-fest of the south Pennine ring. Ironically if I'm single handing I might favour the Rochdale because the L&L swing bridges don't look easy for single handing.
  11. Shall we ignore the fact that I'm going from Huddersfield back across the Pennines to the top of the Trent & Mersey because Ian's doing something different at the same time?
  12. So. I'm all booked up for the tunnel, lock 1E and a space at Aspley marina while I go on my summer hols with the family. I've noted the restrictions on the Macclesfield and Peak Forest which is the way I'm intending to get there but I'm going to persevere. I've planned five days for the Huddersfield narrow itself. My preferred route back is the Leeds & Liverpool but if time and water dictate otherwise it'll be the Rochdale with a fall-back option of the Trent (very much not preferred).
  13. I don't assume that at all. If you can't establish who the owner is then you can't fulfil my recommendation. Too subtle perhaps. The Bill of Sale will tell you who the legal owner is. Don't sign anything binding unless the owner's details are clearly stated. Don't buy a boat via a (supposed) third party that doesn't use industry standard forms of contract that make these things clear.
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