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  1. La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. It is concentrated so I guess it is really the tallest church in the world.
  2. You’ll probably cross a small waterway called the Rhine. When in Germany maybe take the train up the Geislingen Steige - a proper railway not some tourist novelty - and visit Ulm Minster, the world’s tallest (completed) church. You have the Schwarzwald and Champagne - plus a host of other places - between your destinations. There’s no way I’d come home in between. Go on a road - or better still rail - trip and stay in convenient towns. JP
  3. Halfway in terms of distance and probably a bit more in terms of time is at Horseley Fields Junction. So if it’s a two day trip the likely mooring spots are either Bentley Bridge or Broad St (Wolverhampton top lock) where there is either towpath mooring or secure offside mooring. JP
  4. Unless someone can confirm there have been some pretty major changes around Kinver lock I think the picture of the gate replacement is more likely to be Wolverley lock based upon the proximity of the pub to the lock side and the sign that clearly indicates it is the “Lock Inn”. The shape of the pub building and the canal infrastructure itself though doesn’t entirely correlate with the current situation at Wolverley but it’s a lot closer than that at Kinver. JP
  5. The current company is only 14 years old whereas Canal Cruising in Stone is continuous since 1948 and Wyvern Shipping since 1954. JP
  6. I took a few snaps.
  7. I recall seeing the term ‘engine driver’ on census information relating to an FMC steamer but I’m still trying to find such a record to be certain. JP
  8. Because the scheme exists and is funded by boat licence payers and the taxpayer. To me therefore it follows that it should provide a defined and useful service for which there is a demand. As it operates currently it seems the benefits from CRTs perspective are principally for their own political ends. My reference to single handing isn’t actually relevant so we can ignore that bit. The fact was to encounter volockies at just 5 of 102 locks during half term holiday week on canals heavily used by hire boaters shows the random nature of the operation of the scheme. On balance I’d be for scrapping the scheme rather than perpetuating the current arrangements or even worse putting volunteers on even more flights than currently have them which is where I suspect it’s going. If it were a properly organised scheme I might on occasion have reason to make use of it. Why shouldn’t I? That doesn’t mean I believe I should have any expectation of help whether single handed or otherwise under the current arrangements. JP
  9. I don’t recall seeing a volockie at Hatton in any of my three recent transits. Sometimes you’ve just got to keep your views to yourself 😂😂
  10. Of course. I’d be happy if there were no volockies anywhere. It’s the fact that they do exist but are too random to be by relied upon by those who want that I was pointing out. JP
  11. If you can fix the date to the third week in December then the first tranche of winter stoppages will be lifted. They are mostly lifted on Friday 13th December and stoppages recommence in the New Year. Canals that stay shut all winter this year are Llangollen, Macclesfield and Rufford Branch which can easily be avoided. The problem with the proposal is that there are only 8 hours of daylight at that time of year and canal boats are very slow so the idea that you could visit a number of towns worthy of a visit in one week on a canal boat in December is flawed. I think I’d struggle a bit with that request in the height of summer in any case. My reading of the situation is that Birmingham and the Black Country aren’t quite what the OP had in mind. Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon fit the bill but cruising from one to the other and return while possible in a week is very lock intensive. You might be better hiring at Warwick or Stockton and heading east initially perhaps to Stoke Bruerne, Banbury or Coventry and visiting Warwick and Stratford by car or train while you are in that area. The Warwickshire ring would allow you to visit Warwick, Leamington (a nice town away from the canal), Coventry (cathedral and motor museum and avert eyes for the rest) and Birmingham but at that time of year and to include those visits it would definitely need two weeks. JP
  12. Absolutely, and I could never consider it’s truly a service for boaters unless it worked on that basis. I happened to arrive at the bottom of the Tardebigge flight this morning about two minutes before the volockies mentioned above. In my case I’d just completed a single handed downhill transit that began at 1400 yesterday and involved filling all but 3 or 4 of the locks from empty and the only volockie I saw was one cycling home along the towpath having finished at about the same time I arrived yesterday. Back in August when I headed out I had good help by a couple of volockies from around halfway to the second from top lock. Interestingly one of them chose to volunteer at Tardebigge despite living in Warwick because he felt the Hatton volockies - where he’d previously worked - had got too big for their boots. The Tardebigge volunteers are much improved - my first experiences of them were painful - but it’s still too random to be relied upon by those who want assistance. I’ve just completed a six day journey comprising 102 locks - 77 of them single handed - and I’ve been given help on precisely 5 of them, the upper flight at Atherstone when I had assistance with me anyway. That’s about the same number as I’ve had help from actual CRT employees and from gongoozlers and way less than from other boaters, hirers and private. JP
  13. Not sure what I’m missing. I get that the haka is part of the show when you pay to see the All Blacks but in the tightly scheduled countdown to kick off in a World Cup match the idea that one team gets a couple of minutes to themselves to try and intimidate the opposition is bollox. In the professional era the All Blacks have developed their haka into part of their tactics in a way it never was in the amateur era. Do the likes of the Hurricanes, Blues and the team formerly known as the Crusaders all do a haka before their home games? I don’t know that they don’t but I’d by very surprised to find that they do. Perhaps it should be left to the actual Maori. JP
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