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  1. Captain Pegg

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    In addition to the French situation the regional structure of Irish, Welsh and Scottish rugby concentrates their top players in a few 'clubs'. The performance of English clubs has to be seen in perspective and I certainly don't think English rugby is in a sad state. The domestic league is hugely competitive this year albeit with two teams a level above the others. Mind you fans of the England rugby team don't necessarily have a clue what is happening in club rugby. If Dr Bob had waited until this evening his premise would have been disproved. Three English teams in action today and all of them have won. JP
  2. Captain Pegg

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    The idea of Andy Goode at full back is worth a greeno. I'd prefer his younger and somewhat slimmer cousin Alex personally. Possibly got the best temperament of any player in England. He does lack absolute pace which is why I suspect he is out of the picture. The Ford-Farrell combination will probably remain, but considering Leicester have England's half back pair playing together weekly it's a bit worrying. I think most of England's problems are between the ears of the players. The prime culprits are the group of Harlequins players who seem to be untouchable as far as England are concerned. Being led by Dylan may not help and if Ashton returns - and I can't believe he returned to play in England without a nod from Eddie - that will hardly improve matters. JP
  3. Captain Pegg

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    Rugbeians, or something similar, I believe. Although that could just be the alumni of the school. Not the most picturesque of places and anyway that Webb Ellis stuff is a load of old guff. JP
  4. Captain Pegg

    March of the Widebeams ll

    I thought the same but CRT list the maximum beam as 7' so it has similar status to the north Oxford. Through navigation from Preston Brook to Middlewich is of course restricted by Dutton stop lock and a bridge (or two?). JP
  5. Captain Pegg

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    By tired I meant well past their sell by date - Hartley, Robshaw and Brown for starters. Surely the fact the team is the same and performing worse is the evidence? It was interesting to note Gatland selected three (maybe four) England replacements to start the first Lions test against the All Blacks but left a number of senior England players at home. Who in England's current back line do you think would warrant a place in the 2003 team? I would suggest maybe Eliot Daly at 13 but there is generally a gulf in class between then and now. Shame the 2003 team hardly used the backs. George Ford was a problem last year. Out of form since his move to Leicester but seemingly critical to the way England are set up to play. Do you ever wonder how Wales manage to seamlessly introduce players into international rugby who wouldn't even get considered by Eddie if they were English? England seem unwilling to consider change even when it's obviously needed. Eddie isn't a fan of Kvesic and Exeter players in general it seems. That said Kvesic went backwards at Gloucester after being a very promising young player. He's also playing at Number 8 whereas he was an open side. Number 8 is the one position where England can put someone up who is at least the equal of anyone else in the world. If he's fit. JP
  6. Captain Pegg

    English Rugby in a sad state.

    It's becoming rather like its football equivalent in that only a small number of elite clubs are realistically in the mix to win it. Only France can arguably put up a multi-team challenge and even then their best aren't firing so far this year; some of them didn't even qualify. Ireland perhaps have the strongest challenge of the home unions but I don't see that Munster have the quality to win it although they have the ability to progress a long way. So today it's down to Saracens - arguably England's only realistic hope - to prevent Leinster being installed as whopping odds on favourites. The World Cup will be far more enjoyable if you write off any expectation of an England triumph before it starts. They haven't got the players and Eddie seems to think his best bet is with the same old tired senior players that most folks who watch club rugby don't consider to be the best in their respective positions. The club structure in England doesn't necessarily help the national team but as a club rugby follower ahead of the national team I am not so bothered about that. JP
  7. Captain Pegg

    March of the Widebeams ll

    I can't think of a better legal test for fitness for navigation than (a) can it? and (b) does it? If that can be demonstrated over a reasonable length of time without evidence of significant incidents then I would think there would be no problem, this boat is after all only intended for use on a very specific section of canal. As for the use of that particular bye-law to prohibit wide beams from narrow canals what grounds would be used to define a vessel 'unsuitable'? Presumably that it exceeds the dimensions of that waterway as published by the navigation authority. Only there is a big problem here. The collateral to seeking strict application of the published dimensions is that your own Flamingo - and pretty much any other full length former working boat - would be prohibited from the BCN, Coventry and Staffs & Worcs canals. So while the presence of a wide beam in Birmingham is unfortunate I very much doubt it is illegal and we may be best off not to argue such. Same goes for the north Oxford. JP
  8. Captain Pegg

    Railway sleepers

    I have no need to do that. See Dr Bob's comments above. What was an aspiration in 2009 remains so today. Synthetic sleepers are still only used on a trial basis. The stacks of sleepers you see being delivered to Whitemoor Yard for track replacement work will be steel or hardwood. Concrete sleepers will arrive already loaded onto rail wagons in far greater numbers. JP
  9. Captain Pegg

    Railway sleepers

    Plastic sleepers are not in normal usage on the national rail network. I did a shift on the cob at Porthmadog about five years ago installing recycled plastic sleepers on a winter's day of severe winds and tidal flooding. In the words of Jones the Steam it was jumping cold. JP
  10. Captain Pegg

    Climate change

    WW2 killed about 1 in 50 people on the planet while WW1 removed about 20 million young men from the population. Given the exponential nature of population growth both must have had a long term effect on population numbers. I took it that the original point about killing each other referred to war and if (when?) it happens again the impact could be absolutely devastating. JP
  11. Captain Pegg

    Climate change

    You seem to have overlooked some minor skirmishes from the first half of the last century.
  12. Captain Pegg

    Climate change

    At least you are consistent. You have an alternative view of the past to go with the alternative view of the future. Anyway the bottom line is that the sun will consume the earth in 7.5 billion years time so it's going to get very very hot. Human life will be long gone before then so I guess it's reasonable to just conclude that man is rather up its own backside and wonder why we bother with this climate stuff. The planet isn't in danger; it's just a big lump of rock. JP
  13. Captain Pegg

    Climate change

    Surely that's a self fulfilling prophecy, it'll be whatever is sustainable by definition won't it?
  14. Captain Pegg

    Climate change

    The same number of cubic metres as the container you put it in. Apparently the technically correct answer is 1668 cubic metres. That's enormous. Your point about steel is spot on. I always chuckle at folks who think they have an eco-boat because they have a few solar panels on top of 20+ tonnes of steel that they regularly coat with some refined product. They are still part of the problem. JP
  15. Captain Pegg

    Railway sleepers

    FFU. Sounds terribly impolite but trials so far suggest it will be successful. Recycled plastic is in use on light railways. JP

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