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  1. too much of a paper trail for serious laundering with cars (where did the cash to buy the car come from?), we often joked that fairground rides would make an ideal method, thousands of people handing over cash, all of it untraceable and relying on honesty as to how much gets declared. it would be very easy for cash to be added (laundering) or removed. as long as you followed the seasonal pattern it wouldn't stand out (Jan-Mar low income, Apr-Jun reasonable income, Jul-early Sept stupidly high income, Mid Sept-Oct low income, Nov-Dec next to nothing)
  2. It may just have been down to the area with a lot of the same coins recirculating (paid in at bank / taken out of bank by another local business / given out as change), also being a cheap holiday resort probably made it a tempting area for others to dump fakes fairly easily we also noticed that the area was a lot more change heavy than elsewhere, for other areas we used to float with £100 in coins, £50 in £5 & £10 notes plus an extra reserve of £100 in coins, for this area the float was £40 in pound coins, 2 £5 notes and a reserve of £20 in coins (by the afternoon we were usually exchanging around £400 in coins for notes with an arcade that was close by)
  3. This is fairly common for new users of paypal, for the first 10 or so transactions or any unusually large ones (where an account that usually has transactions of £10-20 suddenly has ones for 1000s) paypal will flag it and hold the money for a while (28 days or until feedback is left on an ebay sale) It depends on how much you're handling cash, while we were running fairground rides it reached the point that we could usually tell a bad paper note just by feel, any that felt off were treated to further scrutiny, usually just trying to tear through the metal strip was enough (a genuine note will tear to the strip and then follow the strip, a fake will tear straight through it), other tests included pens, UV lights and a list of known fake serial Nos. over 13 years we had one £10 note and one £5 note get through. fake £1 & £2 coins on the other hand were all over the place, we tried a test and found that around 40% of the £1 coins taken from anywhere in the town were fake but were being accepted and given out everywhere (including the banks) so like everyone else we just ignored them and carried on.
  4. they (the family) looked into it but were advised that there would be little chance of success as the car was on the public highway with the engine running and he was the sole occupant for quite a period of time which meant there was no avoiding that he was in charge of the motor vehicle (the running engine was the killer)
  5. the old trick used to be that you put the ignition (not door) key under one of the wheels. I know of one lad that ended up with 9 points on his provisional license (no insurance / no qualified person in the vehicle + something else related) for sitting in his parents car while they were shopping, they had left the keys in the ignition and the engine running (for the heater), Put his driving back by years as his insurance jumped to 5 figures (which was 2 figures more than his car cost), it's the only time I have seen an insurance quote of over £10,000 (3rd party fire & theft) for a mini metro that was worth around £300
  6. Have a look at what the signal levels are like with Three in your area, they offer a contract that is unlimited* everything (minutes / texts / data) for around the £20 mark, their phone sims are also no longer prevented from working in dongles / mifi units. * we all know that unlimited deals on anything really have limits, previously Three used to start looking at your usage when you went over 1000 Gb in a month. With regard to landlines we have previously had a landline installed to a wooden shed on the beach, BT will install almost anywhere but you will pay through the nose for everything (initial survey / installation / line rental), ask about non served premises, in our case it worked out at around £70 per month for line & broadband but we were probably an outlier.
  7. for a pair of 150w panels you are getting pretty much what I would expect at this time of year. the 140w panel we had would produce 0.1A - 0.2A at 14V over winter, in summer we would expect our 140w panel to be producing around 9A (although it rarely got to this because the batteries were almost always close to fully charged) with your 300w of solar I would expect somewhere around 20A in the summer (assuming your batteries are in a state where they will accept that rate of charge)
  8. Years ago my mother was into CB radio and as a result we had a 30 foot tall pole next to my bedroom window with an (at the time) expensive aerial on top. One night I heard some strange noises from outside (around 2 am) and looked out to find someone had climbed the pole and was trying to steal the aerial, they saw me and slid back down the pole, jumped the garden wall and vanished. The next day the pole was lowered and a foot of carpet tacks pushed through tape was added just below the aerial (bright yellow tape on a black pole) and the pole re-erected. 3 nights later I was awoken by a loud yell of F******k from outside my window followed by a distinct thud from the back garden.
  9. there may be an issue with the title on this land as hinted from the description (my bold)... interesting that the title plan isn't included in the listing
  10. We bought our 45 footer (23/4 year old stenson hull) in 2015 and sold it again in 2019 (as a 28/9 year old) for around 23% more than we paid for it, we probably could have pushed a bit more and got around 30% more but to be honest it was time for the boat to go as we simply weren't getting the use out of it. Overall once mooring, licenses, fuel, blacking, maintenance and all other costs were worked out and weighed against the profit of the sale the 4 years of ownership cost around £6000
  11. Thinking out loud.... Rather than doing a 6 month let (and getting screwed into 12 months when the house sale takes 6 months and 3 days) look into the possibility of a bridging loan, I suspect that the costs involved will be similar to renting somewhere, but it would mean only one move instead of two. another thing to bear in mind about renting is that although your mum is doing fine at the moment that can change in an instant from a slip or fall and can lead to adaptations being needed in the house, if renting temporarily that could mean having to make changes in the rented house, then having to make the same changes in the new house and having to undo them in the rented house again.
  12. as a quick & dirty test just double up the cables (2 x positive & 2 x negative) if your heater works fine then you know you need heavier cable, if it still doesn't run you need to get a multimeter on the heater plug
  13. low voltage (due to low battery or volt drop) can give many different errors (not just E-01). if you have any sort of current monitoring see what the heater is pulling before it errors out, if it's over 5A your heater is probably ok. I have one of these heaters running in a workshop to fend off the massive amounts of condensation we get in there, up until yesterday it was running from a 25A ham radio psu which is a risk because if power fails while the heater is running it can damage its control board (no fan to cool it all down), we switched over to a battery and smart(ish) charger. last night the heater stopped running (after 3 weeks of almost continuous running) and gave just about every error going, it turns out that while our charger is smart I am not, I had not turned the charger on so the battery had died. My usage is quite a good test of the reliability of the heater as I have added an extra control module which shuts the heater down completely if the temp get's too warm in the room and restarts it when the temperature drops, normally they just go to low heat output but never shut down so my extra bit means that the heater is seeing far more starts & stops than it would in normal use (meaning it uses quite a bit more battery power and a lot more uses of the glowplug) but it does keep the room temperature between 19 & 21 degrees if at all possible.
  14. Hell No! 8 people got added to my list of people never to work with again. I did however actively bid against them when contracts came up for renewal since I had been doing the work for several years. ended up taking around 40% of their customers between myself and a couple of their other former contractors. They didn't allow for all the former contracts becoming void when they folded the company and switched to the new one.... especially the clauses preventing their former contractors from approaching or working with their clients directly.
  15. not the case with liverpool boats / collingwood but a common trick with companies is to swap the name to a new ltd company and let the old one crash & burn it was done to me and ended up losing around 30k as a result. companyname ltd had been trading for around 10 years and I had been working with them for around 5, generally at any point I had between 20k and 40k worth of invoices owed by them (always paid within 28 days of completion of the work) A couple of times invoices had been a few days late in being paid (put down to delays in their client paying them), not seriously late and only ever 1 or 2 invoices out of 20+ Then all invoices stopped being paid. In the background the following happened A new ltd company was created companyname services ltd with new directors companyname services ltd purchased all of the assets of companyname ltd at a fair price but not sufficient to pay all of companyname ltd's debts companyname ltd changed its name to othercompanyname ltd and went bust companyname services ltd changed its name to companyname ltd According to documents this whole process was carried out in under 10 minutes anyone owed money by the original companyname ltd lost around 98% of what they were owed (we got back just under £600) the directors of the new company were high level employees of the old company the directors of the old company became high level employees of the new company
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