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  1. Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    another method would be to use a portadam either side of the breach with pipes crossing the breach, that way both sides could be watered allowing the majority of boats to move away without having to use pumps.
  2. Getting hit by turning boats

    the sign is accurate, before the boat was moored there I hit something fairly substantial in that spot (now underneath the floating mooring), sounded like concrete or brick. I suspect that an old wall collapsed into the canal
  3. Ebay vintage engine sales

    Not real apparently I'm a muppet and there is a real one on ebay instead of the constantly relisted fake
  4. Rookie questions...

    on my boat you lift the doors of their hinges and the hatch slides off that way, looking at other boats it would seem that they are similar.
  5. Moving on red flags

    a lot of how a narrowboat handles will be down to the underwater shape of it, comparing my own boat to a friends (similar length engine size etc) we have huge differences between them in handling, theirs will stay in a straight line while you make a cup of tea, mine might stay straight while you scratch your nose (whether it goes left or right depends on how full the toilet is). this gives the impression that their boat is a lot more stable than mine but that instability translates as vastly improved turning ability, where my boat can turn in about 3 feet more than its length without having to change out of forward gear theirs will need to do a 3-5 point turn
  6. Safety requirements for waterways license

    the 2nd picture in the listing for the boat (white tarp) is taken on the tesco moorings (the boat opposite is quite distinctive) the 1st picture (blue tarp) does appear to be from further downstream (just the other side of the kennet entrance) where the footpath is right on the rivers edge
  7. Safety requirements for waterways license

    if it is anywhere within the green area below you will have problems regarding mooring since this is the area that was signed last year. if it's within the blue area I suspect that you will run into problems before too long (since it seemed that a lot of the boats that were in the green moved into the blue)
  8. Safety requirements for waterways license

    the area you describe could be the area I thought it was (if it is just upstream of the kennet entrance it certainly is), When I last passed through in Sept of last year there appeared to be a battle of signs going on with partial remains of the pictured signs all over the place and complete ones that had been removed and thrown over railings etc (presumably working on the argument that if no sign was on display the restriction it detailed couldn't be imposed) I would imagine (and I am sure if I have it wrong I will be corrected) for licensing as a houseboat it would need to be on a mooring that is approved for permanent residential use (this would involve planning permission and payment of council tax at a minimum)
  9. Safety requirements for waterways license

    I suspect there are no mooring fees and that this is one of the non moving boats that have led to the introduction of no mooring & fines in the area mentioned. "Thames near Reading, by the Kennet." sounds very much like the section that is also known as "Tescos Reading" which had the signs below plastered over the area last year.
  10. Moving on red flags

    A lot of whether to move on red comes down to your level of experience and your knowledge of the section to be navigated but also the state of your craft. under normal conditions I would trust my boat to withstand a fair amount but as it stands right now I wouldn't use it with any type of flow as I suspect that my drive plate is on it's way out (to be replaced shortly)
  11. CRT Licensing Review final report

    I suspect that if you dug down deep enough you would find that a very large number of boats are sporting licenses that are technically invalid a large number of these will be down to invalid bss certs, with their current bss rendered invalid by work carried out on the boat since the inspection on the 5% evasion rate I wonder whether that is a snapshot figure (i.e. on the 1st of march 5% of boats seen in this area were unlicensed) or using figures taken over a longer period, if a short period it could easily have caught quite a few boats that were a couple of weeks late in getting their license. London (and canals in other large cities with high accommodation costs) will always see the largest apparent evasion due to dreamers buying a cheap boat to live on in london with no clue as to whats required (license / insurance / bss / movement etc) or even the cynical view that if they buy a wreck of a boat for and get away with it for 6 months before losing the boat it's still massively cheaper than the alternative of renting a small flat
  12. CRT Licensing Review final report

    most of the time when I have checked my own boat the checker doesn't recognise it and asks for sighting details (usually the first 4-5 months after my new license comes into effect), on that basis I don't have a lot of faith in the accuracy of reports based on people using the tool.
  13. Canaline engine overheating (I think...)

    add to that... if the alarm goes off when you're pushing against flow on a river or halfway through a long tunnel has it jiggled itself off again or is your engine about to go bang? my only experience with overheating on y own boat was due to an airlock in the skin tank, at normal revs (1300 rpm+) it was all fine, at tickover (950-1000 rpm) you could watch the temperature climb, of course this wasn't found until I was single handed and on a fairly tight schedule at about 6am so I just pushed on with higher revs to keep the temp down, I suspect that I annoyed a good number of boaters by drifting past them out of gear but sounding like I was shifting fairly quickly (one came out and swore at me to slow down, then noticed a complete lack of prop wash... muttered something and went back inside)
  14. CRT Licensing Review final report

    as I understand it CRT was one of the few navigation authorities that paid no attention to the width of a vessel in regard of licensing charges with others taking account of it either by bands or by use of pricing by square metre. It has always seemed inevitable that CRT's pricing structure would change in line with changes to the types of vessels in use on the waterways especially when we see tricks that include welding two boats together breasted up to get them qualified as a single vessel thereby reducing their license cost by up to 50% (depending on whether the 2nd vessel was an unpowered butty), then there is the age old argument about a pair of narrowboats costing significantly more to license than a widebeam of the same length despite them taking up the same space in the water. in all honesty I expected CRT to change over to a pricing scheme similar to that used by the EA on the Thames with similar discounts applied for unpowered craft, electric propulsion or historic craft
  15. Personal Gallery

    almost as good as spending 10 minutes listening to someone searching for a mobile phone before realising they are talking to you on the phone they are searching for