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  1. treddieafloat


  2. Agaze 8800A adjustable sensitivity flashes and bleeps when find leeks I've never used one and found this easy to use. If getting 1 don't pay out for next day delivery mine came next day on free delivery
  3. Finally got it sorted could not locate the leak using a spray (too small) nice gas technician man offered to come and have a look for £78 p.h........got a gas sniffer £28 from amazon on most sensitive setting found leak at two joints gave them a little tighten problem solved retested and safety certificate in the bag. Thanks again for all the suggestions
  4. Thanks again I will .pick up some spray tomorrow and let you know how I get on. The leak is minor gas safety chap didn't think it a risk but had to rightly fail us. cheers treddie
  5. Thanks all I'm on the Calder and Hebble at Horbury near Wakefield. Soapy water sounds like a good starting point. Gas runs to boiler, cooker and fridge think I will start at locker and work my way through the entire system. Got to walk the dog first so sorry if I don't reply to posts for a while
  6. Thanks we had gas supply to all appliances turned off still dropping suggests it's in the pipe/connections somewhere
  7. My boat safety inspection has identified a minor gas leak somewhere in the gas system option 1 pay a gas technician to find the leak and fix it option 2 spend £50 at screw fix for a gas sniffer and try to do it myself option 3 find a friendly local boater (Wakefield area) who owns a gas sniffer who is willing to lend it to me or would run it around the pipes in return for a few drinks. If you could recommend any one for option 1 or fit the bill for option 3 I'd love to hear from you cheers treddie
  8. treddieafloat


    Not sure if put this in right topic please feel free to move. Calder and hebble navigation outside horbury basin remain well to tow path side recent heavy rain boats are becoming stuck on silt
  9. Hi Tony Could you recommend a remote switch and give advise on how to fit it. Many thanks Neil
  10. The pin did the trick. I think I will buy replacement pressure switch to repair pump as back up and buy new pump. Thanks again Neil
  11. thanks for the suggestions I'll give it a go Cheers Neil
  12. My seaflo water pump (SFDP1-033-035-41) has gone mad sometimes not working after using the shower now not stopping. I think its time to replace it. Seaflo dont seem to have a good reputation without spending a fortune what make would people recommend? My current one works at 35psi through an accumulator do I need to look for 35psi again? Any help much appreciated
  13. Thanks for the suggestions bit of welding it seems to be.
  14. I am replacing my leaky pancake vent with a mushroom. As the diameter of the mushroom is less than the old vent I will be left with 4 screw holes in the roof. Can anyone suggest how to fill them and make it water tight before a coat of paint. Cheers Treddie
  15. Thanks for the info I thought Ellan may be a problem may go to plan B. go to Lland basin and wind there
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