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  1. On ours (on the last boat) the only light appeared to be to indicate flame failure. ours was a 29XX (I dont remember the last 2 digits) but I do remember that the 4 switches had to be in specific positions for it to operate. Luckily I made a note of their settings before selling the boat (the new owner has asked for the settings once so far after children flicked the switches) If yours has the same bank of switches as ours did (pictured below / ignore the extra little black button by the gas knob) the settings we used were... switch positions on the boiler for
  2. I have run a couple of the chinese diesel air heaters without any major issues for the last couple of winters, I am using them in a location where carbon monoxide isn't a concern rather than on a boat, for boat use you would need to replace (at a minimum) fuel line, burner air intake pipe and exhaust / exhaust pipe. the combined water / air heaters are using the same burner & fan assembly but have added a water loop into the heat exchanger so they give out less hot air and a little bit of heat into the water, from comments of other people that have the combined versions the heat outpu
  3. On our first trip with our last boat (from brokers to mooring) we found that every time we went into gear we were getting less & less engine revs, after getting through braunston we pulled into the side and lifted the engine hatch because the full movement of the lever was barely getting us anything higher than tickover. the cable was moving, the arm on the engine was moving but was floppy. tightening the nut holding the arm onto the shaft stopped it being floppy and restored engine control. apologies for vague description but it was 6 years ago and it never needed touchin
  4. I had issues with chrome struggling with youtube videos, firefox & internet explorer (now edge) played them perfectly. after some hunting around I found that chrome & youtube try and use a new network protocol which some routers / network interfaces don't like. if you go into chrome://flags (type it into the address bar) look for "Experimental QUIC Protocol" and disable it you may find that everything works perfectly with hardware acceleration turned back on.
  5. A good source of hessian sacks if anyone is heading up the GU is one of the units that back onto the canal in Hemel (bridge 153). Smith's Coffee company obviously deal with large amounts of coffee beans and don't seem to object to passing boaters waving at them through the back door (which is usually open in nice weather) and asking for some empty sacks
  6. Not sure how I was exploiting the musicians. I had no objections to buying the original CD's I had no objections to paying PRS fees to be allowed to play the music in public (until the fees went from around £1500 to almost half a million) I did object to being charged thousands each year for the convenience of using copies of the original cd's we had already purchased in mp3 format (MCPS) Had it been permitted (even at a higher price than spotify premium) the only cost that would have been eliminated would have been the MCPS costs. instead of purchasing new cd's we
  7. By the same token, how do you know that? Spotify's terms used to specifically exclude public or commercial use (and probably still does), I know this because we wanted to use spotify when they first launched and found that we couldn't. it would have made for a simple upgrade for the music source we were using at the time. we were using a laptop loaded with mp3's backed up by a cardboard box full of the original cd's the mp3's were copied from, we had to run licenses from PRS (Performing Rights) for the honour of having music that could be heard by the pu
  8. Our house chimney went up last night (I will admit we knew it was likely as it has not been swept in years and in our defence we also know the chimney is sound and well able to withstand a fire) embers were flying well into the woods that border our land and we had a very nice cone of orange flames out the top so even though there was no risk to the house we had to put the fire out rather than letting it burn out. we ended covering the fire with ashes and spraying them with a mist of water to send steam up the chimney, this put the chimney fire out in around 10 minutes, no mes
  9. Grants lock has (or had) a sizeable garden to the rear, certainly large enough for a very well attended wedding party in the early 80's getting vehicles there was a different matter though as it involved crossing several fields as there was no official vehicle access (the tracks were nice and straight from vehicles coming in and anything but straight from vehicles that left), I note that it now has an official access route
  10. The other thing to look at with MP3's (just as important as the bitrate) is the sampling frequency. with digital sounds (including CD) a large amount are sampled at 44.1 khz meaning anything above 22.05khz cannot be accurately recorded (losing above 22khz isn't too much of a problem as it's beyond hearing for a large amount of the population) but it can produce interesting alias sounds down to around 16khz. using higher sampling rates such as 96khz doesn't remove the problem but does take any possible effect well beyond our hearing ranges (min reproducable frequency 48khz / aliases f
  11. With a vehicle we had the regulator on the back of the alternator fail and would randomly decide that 10-11v was fully charged, hard to diagnose since there were never any warning lights as the alternator was working and of course when checked with a meter it was at times when it was putting out it's full voltage (night time driving with headlights flicking between bright white & dim yellow was interesting, used to get flashed a lot when people assumed dip beam turning white was high beam going on). Ended up doing a (temporary) frankenstein fix with a regulator from a completely diffe
  12. In our area it tends to be car tyres, 1 every 20 ish feet on the side of a back road for a mile or so, our guess has always been a van driven slowly along the road with someone in the back chucking tyres out of the side door. The other one we have seen a few times is neat piles of shredded green leaves, plant stems and roots, all nicely compostable but with the smell it's a bit of a giveaway so I can understand why it was dumped well away from the source.
  13. we used to run one of the old range rovers (classic model before they started fitting airbag suspension etc) and that thing was damn near perfect in the snow (moved and stopped perfectly) as long as you knew how to drive it, we let someone else drive it in the snow and they decided that snow meant kicking in all of the diff locks which worked perfectly until they tried to turn the first corner and they very gracefully pirouetted down the road, the difflocks had forced 3 wheels to slip when they turned, once 3 wheels were sliding on ice & snow the 4th had no chance. To bring thi
  14. agreed on Braunston, picture taken from somewhere just below top lock, The tree on the right is obscuring the house at the next lock down.
  15. Once you have got used to the arduino's and come up with all sorts of projects that you can use them for you will probably end up moving onto the esp-32 boards for the built in wifi / bluetooth or the M5Stack boards (which contain an esp32) for the built in screen & semi decent case (all of them use the same programming software and language)
  16. During the summer we would clock up the 100 hours between changes roughly once per week, so under our deck was geared towards oil changes, oil containers on one swim ( new to the fore used to the aft), pela extraction pump on top of the weed hatch, funnel and used oil filters stored in a cut open gallon container. purely due to the number of filters we were going through we always used compatible rather than lister branded (taking the time to find the registration No of a particular model of renault 5 that shared the same filter to ease ordering via motor factors)
  17. I catch the rollover (at the expense of a single inaccurate timing when it happens) by adding an extra check for millis being less than my previous recorded value or greater than the previous recorded value + the delay time using the loop from blink without delay as an example my modification is in Red (original line in green). void loop() { // here is where you'd put code that needs to be running all the time. // check to see if it's time to blink the LED; that is, if the // difference between the current time and last time you blinked // the LE
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. I think forecourt price for lpg was around 35p per litre back then, at the time we were working in hot air ballooning so filling from bulk tanks was very common (just declare the amount that went into vehicles tanks rather than balloon tanks for tax). so it wasn't that often that we had to use forecourt pumps, mainly in the winter when everyone has run their bulk tanks down because they're not flying. We never did it but there were some crews that used to refuel the balloon on forecourts rather than return to base between AM & PM flights (that could have been anything up to 400 litre
  20. If you look at the pumps used to refuel lorries most of them still have the latch in place so they can lock the pump on rather than standing there for the time it takes to fill their tanks. the worst pumps to use are lpg pumps when you have large tanks, our record was 45 minutes of having to stand holding in a 1 inch button for a single fill, admittedly it was filling 240 litres of tanks on the vehicle (2 x 80 litre main tanks + 2 x 40 litre belly tanks)
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Not an empty trailer but a fully loaded (it's only 3500 kg honest officer) triple axle one. The trailer had just been towed from perth in scotland down to bedford and was then switched to our vehicle to go the last few miles to a place near tring. The roads were about a mile of narrow twisty lane then 2 miles straight to a roundabout, usually going onto the roundabout you checked the trailer in the mirrors looking for loose straps etc, 1st (passenger) side... 3 straps not flapping, 3 wheels inflated and nothing sticking out 2nd (drivers) side... 3 straps not flapping, 2 wheels in
  25. That was our thoughts too. but the association gave no leeway regardless of the state of the vehicle, in my friends case the car was a 3 year (and one month) old vauxhall omega which had failed it's first mot because the brake warning light flickered (meaning the pads were getting thin). His only previous run ins with the association were for having his bins out on a day they weren't being emptied, bins emptied tuesdays but as he worked away mon & tues he used to put the bins out monday morning and take them in on weds morning, his repeated violation of this rule may have made him
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