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  1. We had similar sounding issues a few years ago. It was water in the diesel causing the engine to almost cut out intermittently then it would pick up finally stopping not far from you. Suggestion was that we use a Jerry can to bypass the tank but managed with the aid of RCR to disconnect and work some of the dodgy fuel through. Got going and fuel polished at Calcutt , problem solved.
  2. As I understand it CRT are able to charge for a service, mooring for a period up to 14 days is a right under the Acts and not a service. Bona fide navigating in accordance with the Act is another right. Presumably they could charge for water and elsan disposal if they wish.
  3. well remember the beach party , load of sharp sand delivered and spread round, we were all dressed to suit. Happy times.
  4. Are you sure it’s the housing shortage causing people to buy cheap boats that’s causing the problem. Milton Keynes and Fenny where these signs have appeared is now the domain of expensive wide beams. Central London has a growing number.
  5. It all comes down to enforcement the reason CRT is in such a muddle is that they seem unable to enforce pretty much everything from boats mooring on lock landings, service points to overstaying. They have a whole raft of by laws in support of the Act (as Nigel Moore used to point out) however since CRT’s inception they have chosen not to take one boater to court under a by law. They rely on ever brighter signs threatening fines if it was a charge there would be a method of payment advertised. There only enforcement process is to threaten to withdraw a license which for the majority of those not wishing to move takes years and they will sell the boat on before it happens.
  6. Please contact crt so it’s recorded otherwise it didn’t happen ……..
  7. In January (presumably after this survey closes) they are going to update on the mooring and facilities improvements. If you go back 5 years and compare with now I wonder if there will be more or less facilities given the increase in users especially liveaboards. No doubt the forthcoming PR will not reference this.
  8. Charges being introduced over large areas in London. If boaters accept this no doubt these charge zones will be introduced on the K&A , Oxford and other popular areas Stoke Breune, Foxton etc. it’s the future I suspect as CRT will already have decided the outcome of this consultation as they have done with the others.
  9. To be fair the legality of winter moorings is I think dubious and CRT are aware of this, however the principle has been established over many years and widely supported so it is unlikely to be challenged.
  10. I seem to recall (perhaps wrongly) that CRT legal got involved and the scheme failed as it would need to be a system wide offering and the problem that there was only one license - (home mooring or not) in the Act and they didn’t have the power to create a new roving one. This would appear to have changed in latest terms conditions where they clearly talk about two licences.
  11. Another 2 listed buildings sold, not much left
  12. We sold via ABNB , very happy with the service. Brokers must be making a killing at the moment in fees.
  13. CRT will not use by-laws they are expensive with limited sanction and worse involve an independent adjudicator, the one thing they do not want.
  14. Overplating adds a lot of weight so weedhatch may need building up and drainage holes should be checked for height above the water.
  15. If you could keep it on a Thames deep water mooring you’d be fine. But a 4’ deep V hull on the southern canals would be very difficult. Most canals are 3’ deep U shaped with shallow edges so it would be difficult and impractical. You need also to check the air draft.
  16. We sold Aber last month after 30 years of boating. Age, CRT and the after effects of cancer were making long distance boating more difficult. Now free we are travelling around the country before deciding whether to buy a smaller boat in the spring. we received a FINAL DEMAND CRT’s bold lettering for the balance of our license paid up to date by direct debit. When queried it was because we hadn’t paid their £30 admin fee for processing the cancellation. We then got a very efficient email confirming that our refund for £0.00 would be processed shortly. Just check our account we have not received it yet.
  17. Debdale is friendly was there for quite a few years. Pontoons pretty narrow and metal you want to be close to the bank. Also have a look at nearby north kilworth , fibre based pontoons , good dog walks, exercise areas.
  18. Glad to have supported his charity when we could.
  19. Uncle Tom was moored at Kilworth for many years, never saw it move
  20. https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/environment-and-business/nav-boat-reg-charge/?fbclid=IwAR1xplyMKRD4K4dCRs3trbl3T2Jx4xEhX6amjKwkdavMonf7etExK9xIcv8 another consultation = another crease no doubt
  21. We were stuck tied to a tree in the pub garden for over a week due to flooding one year. Many years ago now.
  22. According two CRT a third of CC’ers (2000) currently cruise in a range of less than 20 miles, this includes those with permission to do so. the changes to Milton Keynes moorings to 48 hrs ( 4 areas I think) are I understand to encourage more boat movement and therefore mooring availability. It’s a trial and boaters are recommended to email what they think. One of the potential issues is that these changes may cause congestion outside these areas for those seeking to moor for 14 days.
  23. Not quite it was the morning following a good night in the pub. To access the cottage you had to go across the lock it was icy and sadly he slipped and was found in the lock. Great man , sadly missed we gave his good send off. It was his boat he was building that his son kept.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. I’m sure if you follow the terms and conditions you will be fine. It’s only if you attempt to follow the relevant act of Parliament you will get into trouble.
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