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Chris G

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    Retired mechanical engineer & computer programmer
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  1. Chris G


    We had a problem with a PRM150 (a hydraulic box). The forward clutch pack seized partially so that in neutral the prop still turned. Not enough to move the boat much. Solution was a replacement clutch pack.
  2. Chris G

    Gas appliances and BSS

    Ah, but I believe that the world wide metric pipe thread IS BSP under another name. e.g. 1/2" Bsp is the same as G1/2
  3. Chris G

    Wondering if anyone has cruised the River Lark?

    Last year we winded a 57' narrowboat at Judes Ferry - stern into the slipway.
  4. Chris G

    Can anyone recommend a web host please?

    I've used https://www.123-reg.co.uk/ for over ten years to host two sites, http://www.suffolkbells.org.uk and http://kirbyevoices.org.uk/ . On the very rare occasions I have needed technical support, it has been fine.
  5. Surely brass and aluminium is as bad as copper and aluminium?
  6. Chris G

    Hydraulic pipes

    I think that they feed the hydraulic motor drivng the propeller on the rudder.
  7. Chris G

    Webasto Thermotop C Fuel pump

    Unless I've misunderstood the situation, I'm not surprised it doesn't fire. Surely you need 12V or more?
  8. Chris G

    How things can go wrong

    Anyone else with a VHF scanning channel 16 would hear the mayday and might be able to offer help.
  9. Chris G

    Chris G

  10. Nantwich Canal Centre fitted a wheel chair lift at the stern of a narrowboat (Kanbedun) in 1999 or 2000. It worked very well too.
  11. There are three boats moored at Wicken Fen at the moment!
  12. Chris G


    I think it's Albright http://www.albrightinternational.com/ .
  13. Chris G

    Mechanical question- non boaty.

    Looks to me as if there isn't any suspension. I think the axle pivots on the bolt through the centre of the axle beam. The clearance between the axle beam and the triangular fabrication looks different left and right. Is the pivot bolt bent?
  14. Where is the PayPal button?

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