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  1. Lots of tiller extensions here: Dinghy tiller extensions.
  2. Works fine with a mouse and Windows 10 on a desktop.
  3. Some bicycle tyres have Schrader valves.
  4. There's a Spital Hill in The Wirral.
  5. There are six on the Welsh Highland Railway - repatriated from all over the world, I believe.
  6. Built for Baddesley Colliery at Atherstone. Is at Bresingham, https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/beyer-peacock-company-works-no-6841-william-francis-0-4-00-4-0t/ . Restoration is in the offing.
  7. North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust The River Gipping Trust
  8. North Walsham and Dilham Canal and possibly the Ipswich & Stowmarket Navigation.
  9. Could try Wesley Marine Windows, http://www.wesleywindows.co.uk/index.php?id=3 . They do shower doors 1600, 1700 & 1800mm high.
  10. Red thing is a hydraulic control valve. Green tank is hydraulic oil reservoir. Do you have hydraulic drive or a hydraulic bow thruster?
  11. Alternatively: Click Ctrl+0 (that's a zero) for 100%; Ctrl+ to get bigger and Ctrl- for smaller.
  12. Try and make sure that the drill bit doesn't "grab". If it does, the rivet may spin, making it much more difficult to drill out.
  13. The images are of geese with their goslings.
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