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  1. Winded a 57 footer at Judes Ferry last year. I'm doubtful about doing it in a 70 footer. I think you need to wait to hear from someone who's actually winded a 70 footer! Well worth joining GOBA for the use of all their moorings.
  2. I assume that the rod in the photo is the gear change actuator. I know that on the big Yamahas (85hp) you need to put the gearbox into gear (and presumably the gear change lever in the same gear) before you attempt to offer up the bottom end. Can't anybody find a workshop manual online?
  3. I always used a bit of strimmer line to clear the telltale - has worked for the last 40 years without damaging anything.
  4. And more locks will be set in your favour.
  5. Are you sure that they're not BSP (same thread form as Whitworth, I think)?
  6. Chris G

    Engine Controller

    Ultraflex - https://www.tcschandlery.co.uk/ultraflex-b85-side-mount-control/p6489?gclid=Cj0KCQiAk-7jBRD9ARIsAEy8mh551U302WNFQiYnuTqYSBY0IThSbxO3CHewBqlzBI62wPcE1RAV1AwaAquAEALw_wcB
  7. I think you'll find the moorings are in Salthouse Dock, 'behind' Albert Dock.
  8. Manually inflated life jackets are available https://crewsaver.com/uk/catalogue/leisure/lifejackets/. They wont save you if you are not able to inflate them.
  9. Only if you buy auto-inflating ones! Manual inflation models are available, but wont save you if you fall in unconscious.
  10. Needs to be reset manually - push the button.
  11. Bradford on Avon on the K&A, I think.
  12. Spent too much time listening to 'Allo 'Allo!
  13. We had a problem with a PRM150 (a hydraulic box). The forward clutch pack seized partially so that in neutral the prop still turned. Not enough to move the boat much. Solution was a replacement clutch pack.
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