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  1. The little sticky out bits seem to be on some boats windows but not others. Do they have a purpose? I'd be so lost without this forum!
  2. Just incase its clearer, this shows how 'not central' the hole is... Also I know its rusty as hell... it's on the list
  3. Awesome sauce. Yes it's got a hydraulic bow thruster. I'll have a look tomorrow to see if it has a min max marker for the oil
  4. Only just got my boat... hence the hundreds of questions, but you are a helpful bunch!! What's are these three bits in the engine bay? I think top one is the eberspacher diesel heater? Others, I haven't a clue!
  5. Done some playing around. No way it's going to bend or move into place, credit where it's due its rock solid. Rather than try and cut the inner one short I will change it for a single skin Thanks all for the input
  6. It's got an outer tube and an inner tube. So the outside fits fine, snug around the outside of the collar but the inner tube (which looks like it should fit down the hole into the boat) doesnt line up with the actual hole and stops the whole chimney sliding down fully onto the chimney Hope that makes sense. So the photo is looking down the centre of the inner chimney. And you can see how misaligned it is with the hole into the boat
  7. Only just got my boat and in the process of figuring everything out! Just got a chimney to fit my 6 inch collar. The outside fits over perfectly but the inside pipe doesnt line up even remotely close. I'm guessing they are meant to? Has it just been set up wonky and I need to get a simpler chimney without a second internal bit? Photo is looking down the inside of the chimney.
  8. They are Allen key heads. Will add impact driver to the shipping list!
  9. I'll add it to the ever growing to do list! Cheers all
  10. Just purchased. Yet to leave the brokers! So not yet the rest of the hull is grand according to survey. This had thick carpet over it for the last decade so waters just been sat on top of it
  11. So as you can see my inspection hatch is a little worse for wear. Not having any luck moving the bolts holding it down. So is it an angle grind out and then reweld/replace or does anyone have suggestions?
  12. Thanks for the help all. Makes more sense now! Re mr grumpy, at the moment the boat has sod all on board apart from 12v fridge
  13. Hi, Just got a new boat and I'm trying to get my head round things. It's got a 3kw victory inverter charge, and a 3.5 beta travel pack Question is, if the inverter provides 240v from the batteries, and the batteries charge when the engine is running, what's the point of the travel pack? Cheers
  14. So its sparking down to the curved shiny bit near the "gas holes". But doesnt seem to be lighting the gas. Fun times!
  15. So it's definitely got power to it as its sparked off a part of the hardware, but hasn't sparked off the electrode its presumably meant to spark off
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