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  1. This boat was an inheritance and not fit for the growing family’s needs hence the extension in length the semi trad area was more suited to children they placed great sentiment on the inheritance and did not want to part with the boat selling it with fees and advertising was costly so they decided to alter it the hull was in good condition and selling and buying another was not considered
  2. Recently completed this conversion inc an eight foot stretch to be clear I am not touting for work but thought some might like to view the pictorial journey
  3. Well done looking good thank you for your kind comments at last someone who understands what is involved in over plating
  4. If you leave your front door open expect to get burgled
  5. That’s correct so putting on 6 mm would sink some of them
  6. I believe it’s correct according to the surveyor I use but they are a law unto themselves
  7. My understanding is that surveys done on boats with less than 6 mm when new has different requirements 6 mm on a Springer would pull it down to far I try to use 5 mm if it’s possible
  8. I agree 6 mm is the correct thickness the only time I would use less is on a boat like a small springer which sometimes is made in 4 mm to being with a survey on a boat of this thickness allows it to be restored to its original thickness
  9. Yes of course a single one is £195 discount for more than one only one lot of setting up machines thank you for your kind comments
  10. I agree with your comments bars tend to be a little unsightly and replaceing a window costly but it is as always customer driven than you for your comments
  11. I think in the first instance this edge made fabrication easier in terms of welding as time passed it became apparent it helped to protect the side of the hull it wears away because it is proud I have seen boats with badly worn sacrificial edges starting to get the bottom of the hull being worn which is why I put a thicker edge on using a 20 mm round bar there are always exceptions to this but most boat I repair have suffered to some degree or another
  12. No problem I have over plates many boats that where the sacrificial edge is completely worn away. Most in fact are
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