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  1. There is a photo or two in here that show the floor and sub-floor congifuration on our old barge (1904). We could set the shower tray down about 4 inches but were restricted by the iron bearers. https://renovations.abargeatlarge.co.uk/#collection/4
  2. An interesting stretch this. This lock is one side of the canal summit? Called Rechicourt? The other side is an inclined plane at Saint-Louis-Arzviller. Both the big lock and incline plane replaced a series of original locks and were introduced to cut commercial boat journey times. It's an amazing stretch of canal and a lovely part of the world.
  3. Very interesting, good for you. Presumably you re-charge via mains / genny if there's no solar available . How does the system cost compared with a regular (50hp) engine?
  4. The (Aarow) Becton Bunny has been discontinued I believe. We bought a Dunsley for our home (not boat). Made in Holmfirth, Yorks and have a good reputation. 3 years on, no complaints. http://www.dunsleyheat.co.uk/index.html
  5. Chris, we lived in Shropshire (in a house, just before we spent 12 years living on boats) and did a house swap with a couple from Creston BC. Great experience, great trip. Cherries and beer. Just backing you up in a way, I love western Canada, somebody has the chance for a really memorable exchange.
  6. If you go for 'something like that' you've blown your (upper end) budget by £20k already. That's before you start on the internals which can easily add another £20k ++. 'Doing the interior' that you mention is not just the woodwork, the expensive bits can be the electrical, gas, heating etc. etc. installations.
  7. From the Guardian A nice view . Are there really almost 10,000 livaboards?
  8. But fewer cows so less methane.
  9. Frog'opper is a very narrow boat. There aren't many that can moor behind the armco.
  10. Your words, "As it is though, we'd probably be cruising bristol, oxford, london and back again route." Why not get to Oxford and keep going north for a year, then back down to London? If so, a 57 ft narrowboat is probably the answer. I'm sure the dogs will learn to tolerate you! After 2 years whe you've conquered the UK, sell up and buy a barge, which is far more suitable (and safer) for continental europe.
  11. If this is the man who was involved with the restoration of Saturn, he was indeed a gent. RIP
  12. For something that will keep you warm, last more than a season and have an installation that won't kill you, you may need to up your budget. At least two-fold, possibly three.
  13. HOW MUCH?? Local high street shop here (Littleborough) around £8 / bag. Not far from the canal. They would deliver half a dozen gratis I'm sure. Obviously no good for most folk but as a price comparison........
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