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  1. There is actually a thread running on the DBA forum now about taking a small boat over, including a boat-transport link. http://barges.org/discussion-forum/waterways-continental-europe/23595-small-boat-to-europe
  2. Boat Dating

    We met a guy in France (called Serge) who paid for a companion. She was a Polish lady, a qualified teacher, who 'earned' more being a companion than she would as a teacher back home. Pretty extraordinary set-up. She traveled for six months with the French guy but had a young son and made periodic visits home. She was attractive and intelligent and if they hadn't told us of their peculiar relationship we would never have known they were not a regular couple. Probably not the answer for you but it may get you thinking out of the box (so to speak).
  3. VAT and sailaways

    There is information about VAT on barges (and widebeams I think) within the DBA site ( http://barges.org/ ). You'll have to join up to see it though! (was £35) Alternatively this may be helpful?? https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/finance-costs/vat-free-exempt/
  4. Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    If you do happen to end up in a mess these 'dreamers' have found a solution. (Best hurry as the public's benevolence won't last for ever). cock-up solution
  5. Bringing a boat from Holland!

    You may benefit by joining The Barge Association You'll have to join up (£35 I think) but if you search their knowledge base and forums your answers will be there. One thing you will need before you bring a boat over is a (residential) mooring. (is it a barge? Narrowboat? Cruiser?) This might help too: Buying a barge?
  6. Owner fit outs

    Easy access to equipment for checking, service or replacement. Pumps, calorifier, electrical equipment, boiler, engine for example. Things do go wrong and you don't want to have to destroy your bed to replace the immersion.
  7. These guys may be able to help? http://www.panelmaster.co.uk/panel_prices.htm
  8. A new initiative (I think) that may help in the future.. https://www.hetas.co.uk/hetas-go-boating/#.Wk-K5k_M9V4.facebook
  9. Looking for a new boat? This may suit you.

    Hesitate to say it but yours has very similar design characteristics
  10. Cruising Companions France 2017

    The idea of clearing the decks so your wife can look after her mum interrupted is selfless indeed. We did find that a good proportion of continental boaters (French / Dutch / German) were pretty insular, or at least wishing to associate with their own nationalities. In fact some of the Dutch we encountered wouldn't have got off their boat at all if it wasn't for having to go and knock a spike in. Finding crew at random does seem a bit risky. Better maybe to try and find someone with whom you have something in common.
  11. Ledgards boats and compost toilets

    Ledgard boats. Don't know about their narrowboats but friends of mine live on a 15m x 4m (approx) 'replica barge' in France, have done for more than 10 years. They like it but bought what they could afford at the time. As stated above they are medium quality and the barges are not the best looking. Probably a barge adaptation of a narrowboat, slab sided with a wheelhouse. My friends' boat is underpowered though and they have to pick and choose times for river cruising. (max about 6 kph). This may be just an undersized engine but equally likely, hull shape. Depends whether you're after a NB or barge type and where you want to cruise. Overall OK and no more I would suggest.
  12. Counterfeit stamp

    You missed the 'place stamp here' box so a scan couldn't pick it up. Perhaps there should be a 'do not place stamp here' box
  13. ID this hardwood :)

    Have a scroll through this lot, may give you an idea. Red Oak? http://piecesofwood.com/woods.html
  14. Contact the RYA, they may be able to help? Legal Team Tel: 023 8060 4223 Email: legal@rya.org.uk.