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  1. Try a google for 'hybrid diesel boat engine' Lot's of sites crop up.
  2. Here's a snip of a post which may help?
  3. Plumbed the Thetford loo into the hot pipe (by mistake). The resultant hot flush was rather comforting on a chilly morning.
  4. You usually find that those most vociferous against bow thrusters haven't got one.
  5. I cycled from Myhtolmroyd to Littleborough yesterday. Massive River Calder works underway in Mytholmroyd which should help alleviate flooding there but the whole valley is prone. They are 'upgrading' the towpath in a number of places on this stretch where it's been (I presume) compromosed by flooding from the adjacent river. Anybody cycling at the moment has to hop off the canal onto the nearby main road which is not much safer than jumping off a a building. There are a few quite pleasant-looking mooring spots, in and around Hebden and Tod for example where the valley opens out a bit. But much of the on line mooring looks scrotty. The canal and river are in a valley, steep sided at times, so sunlight looks to be in short supply There's an interesting mix of boats though including a tjalk, widebeams and NBs. Between Tod and Littleborough the valley opens out and is rather more open but very few, if any, long term moorings.
  6. Well done! Was it shock or shock? In other words surprise / distress or clinical shock. The latter can be a killer. Your situation is a reminder that we should all learn some basic first aid. But well done for helping.
  7. We were sub 20-metres. We were never troubled in Holland. In France we were boarded a couple of times, once in a very isolated 'lay-by' just outside a hamlet about 15km from Nancy. They checked all the stuff Tam mentioned. Our fire extinguishers were out of date. They gave us 2 weeks to upgrade them or it was a 1600 euro fine. In Belgium we were boarded three times in as many weeks by three different branches of the authorities. We were based pretty much full time there. First Customs, then waterways police then regular police, All the usual checks plus diesel tanks (no red for propulsion) and bilge pumps, which from memory had to be auto and manual. They also have 'control' locks where they check you and I believe have the right to refuse pasage. There's one near Veurne. The sands are shifting but the point is there is lots of stuff to get right.
  8. Boaty Jo

    Snob boaters

    In the same way that only the people who don't have bowthrusters don't like them, those with scruffy boats are the only ones allowed to call someone else snobby.
  9. The Fat Fox looks to have overseas spec (35 - 50 miles @ 20mph). The UK is governed back to 15.5 (25kph). Not that that's a problem? Just check for yourself but the only weight I can see is 35 kgs which is weighty if your lugging onto your NB roof for example. The YIWOZA bike looks incredibly cheap?? 26 inch bike it says. Don't know how tall you are but I'm 5'7" and have ordered a 17" frame after advice from local cycle shop. There are a couple more folders her: https://ebiketips.road.cc/content/advice/buyers-guide/9-of-the-best-e-bikes-under-1000-2020-electric-bikes-on-a-budget-2209 These have 20" wheels too but not as fat as Foxy's.
  10. Our old barge was wheel, chain and wire with an emergency tiller. We could see the top of the rudder from the wheelhouse so didn't need a rudder indicator, on a widebeam I suspect you'd need one. Our cable snapped one day in the middle of nowhere (lucky because we didn't hit anything, unlucky because there were no shops to buy new cable). We had to use the emergency tiller to go a few miles including down a lock. I stood on the rear of the boat with the tiller while my wife operated the throttle and bow-thruster from the wheelhouse. If I was having a new boat kitted out I'd go for wheel and a strong bow-thruster. (Now being a certain age and fitness level).
  11. We moved off 5 years ago due to grandchildren and a poorly relative. But we had scratched our boating itch after 12 years and when we started cruising places for a second time it was time to move on anyway. Mind you, when we came off we lived in a 25-year-old (knackered) camper van for four months while house-hunting - after that experience we were desperate to get into a house. You haven't got boating out of your system, it really sounds like you need to find a way to make it work.
  12. Four boats in the boro this morning, never seen it as busy.
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