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  1. From a couple of days ago..... Not much flowing in and Longlees lock given some anti-dribble assistance.
  2. "I've been troubleshooting this over months." I think it may be time to get somebody in who knows what they're doing.
  3. Warland reservoir up on the tops above Rochdale's summit pound. Not sure it feeds the canal directly but it looks pretty typical of the others locally.
  4. On your under floor heating..... I installed it in our house extension. It's a water overlay system heated through a domestic gas boiler. It sits on hardcore, 4 inch insulation, min 4 inch slab and an inch of screed. Though there is an alternative 'joist' option, (which wasn't there couple f years ago when we did ours) Many systems are installed under the slab, they do take a long time to warm through properly (couple of says) but act as a heat store. You don't have that choice. We were able to tile directly over the pipes that sit within boards with pre-made grooves. You have to consider the floor finish - tiles are about the best conductors of heat. The room (10m x 4m) heats up within an hour controlled in 3 zones by stats. The system runs much less hot that conventional radiators (appro. 27 degrees to 60/70). Where heat is not required, under kitchen units for example, they provide 'blank' boards to maintain equal height throughout. I can't thing of a reason why it couldn't be run from an on-demand heating boiler on a boat - diesel perhaps? Here's the system I used The company provided everything for a self-install which I did myself. So, cost wise it was very reasonable. There's is a good set of instructions, detailed online instructional videos and prompt telephone assistance for when I got in a muddle. If you call them I'm sure they would offer some helpful advice. BUT, you will have to consider (at least): access will be required to the bilge at some point. A boat's movement / stability when in rough water or hitting a lock gate etc. (You don't want pipes coming asunder.) Electric UHF is simple to install bit is (or certainly was) mighty expensive to run.
  5. Here's an interesting one. Including this lovelyold photo.
  6. Most of the section, Littleborough to Mytholmroyd, that I walk and cycle is pretty good most of the time. And very pleasant.
  7. ...on The Rochdale. Not a trolley in sight.
  8. This is the summit pound of the Rochdale Canal looking east (towards lock 36). It's a part finished (just started) restaurant boat. Having lived around here on and off for 60+ years I don't remember it. Anyone know if it was ever finished and, if so, where it operated?
  9. Blimey, poor guy, how frightening is that. If it's the one in the photo we stayed in the haven overnight. (We had to reverse out because we couldn't turn.) There was some fresh water about (30th April '09) but boy, oh boy, what a sight that is now. The bridge is close by downstream.
  10. Bottle regulators whistle / whine sometimes, its's not that? Is there a valve (non return?) within the fridge, maybe that. Have you checked for leaks?
  11. There's at least one 'punt' boat there. Transporting reeds / grapes perhaps? It almost lookslike a mixture of France and Italy.
  12. Between Tod and Hebden at 7.30 Sunday 6th June
  13. You may well be aware already but.... This may be of interest
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