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    Now boatless, formerly Vrouwe Johanna, 'M' and Gift of Spirit
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  1. Boaty Jo

    Best place for a flue?

    Getting the right stuff is only part of the battle. You say hubby is installing it? There are a number of disadvantages of an ill-installed stove, chief of which is killing yourselves. This may help...... http://www.soliftec.com/Boat Stoves 1-page.pdf
  2. Boaty Jo

    This may be of interest?

    This copied from an NB Facebook forum......... "Following on from last month’s constructive meeting in Birmingham with disabled boaters, Matthew Symonds (boating policy and engagement manager) is heading to London on 7 November to get more views about disabled boaters’ experience of boating on our waterways. If you’ve got something to say on the subject, you’ll find him at the Pirate Castle in Camden between 3.30pm and 5.30pm. If you can’t make it but would like to give your views please email matthew.symonds@canalrivertrust.org.uk. " (What's an engagement manager?)
  3. Boaty Jo

    Which diesel heater??

    Have you considered a domestic boiler? DBA may help with advice.
  4. Boaty Jo

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    One of the problems is that most newbie questions have been asked 100s of times previously. Instead of replying , 'oh, for goodness sake do a search,' long established forumites reply with increasingly witty / imaginative answers. This would come across sexist if it was only the female of the species that was a target, but they are not. Men too have been 'got at'.
  5. Boaty Jo

    North West UK

    May I suggest you go back a step and decide what you want. If you want new (as indicated) you need to do a lot of research. Presumably it's for living aboard? In which case you need adequate on-board systems. Heating, cooking, plumbing, electrics etc. etc. With each systems you have numerous alternatives. Take heating as an example: gas, diesel, solid fuel, or a combination? It is a broad topic with lots of choice and huge cost variation. Two builders could give you a quote for a similar boat with a £20k difference purely based on the quality of equipment (engine, appliances, C/H boilers etc.)
  6. Boaty Jo

    Battening and Pannelling

    and cover the battens with parcel tape before you spray foam.
  7. Fourthly, is your rear deck concrete? It may not adhere too well to other substrates or be flexible enough.
  8. Boaty Jo

    Painting new phenolic ply

    Here's one view from the 'WISA Plywood' FAQs: Can I paint phenolic film faced plywood? We do not recommend this as it requires special paints and even then we cannot guarantee the paint will last. http://www.wisaplywood.com/Products/frequently-asked-questions/Pages/Default.aspx
  9. Boaty Jo

    Signing off Steelwork

    May be worth engaging a marine surveyor to oversee it for you? In fact have a look at Alan de Enfield's post in the 'Survey a new boat' thread.
  10. Boaty Jo

    Custom fitted shower door

    It may well have been built like that to allow elbow room while using the basin. You might find a full wall there pretty restrictive.
  11. There is actually a thread running on the DBA forum now about taking a small boat over, including a boat-transport link. http://barges.org/discussion-forum/waterways-continental-europe/23595-small-boat-to-europe
  12. Boaty Jo

    Boat Dating

    We met a guy in France (called Serge) who paid for a companion. She was a Polish lady, a qualified teacher, who 'earned' more being a companion than she would as a teacher back home. Pretty extraordinary set-up. She traveled for six months with the French guy but had a young son and made periodic visits home. She was attractive and intelligent and if they hadn't told us of their peculiar relationship we would never have known they were not a regular couple. Probably not the answer for you but it may get you thinking out of the box (so to speak).
  13. Boaty Jo

    VAT and sailaways

    There is information about VAT on barges (and widebeams I think) within the DBA site ( http://barges.org/ ). You'll have to join up to see it though! (was £35) Alternatively this may be helpful?? https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/finance-costs/vat-free-exempt/
  14. Boaty Jo

    Buying a boat ?...Cautionary tales..BEWARE !!

    If you do happen to end up in a mess these 'dreamers' have found a solution. (Best hurry as the public's benevolence won't last for ever). cock-up solution
  15. Boaty Jo

    Bringing a boat from Holland!

    You may benefit by joining The Barge Association You'll have to join up (£35 I think) but if you search their knowledge base and forums your answers will be there. One thing you will need before you bring a boat over is a (residential) mooring. (is it a barge? Narrowboat? Cruiser?) This might help too: Buying a barge?

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