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  1. I don't believe the member map uses profile fields to obtain your location. Those who wish to appear on the member map need to submit their location on the map, which is obviously optional.
  2. Thanks all. Having dug a little deeper following the advice given on here, I understand they did not strip off all the blacking. They did not exactly make this clear and the brokerage obviously conjured up some story but that's another matter. Sounds like they wanted me to commit to having her re-blacked, though I understand the buyer has had this done. I understand the boat had a good hull survey with only a few pits to report that needed some attention, but nothing major. Will be handing over to the new buyer in the week. End of an era. Will miss boating but won't miss the maintenance that goes with it!
  3. Each to their own. Personally I love watching things about boats, moreso now I've sold my boat and no longer have use of it.
  4. Thanks, just phoned the brokerage who told me that a couple years ago a regulation changed whereby they’re now required to strip off all the blacking so a thorough inspection can be done. Is this the case? In all fairness she is due re-blacking later in the year though I wasn’t expecting to pay for it.
  5. I have sold my boat subject to survey though one thing I am concerned about is that the boat yard will be pressure washing off all the existing blacking in preparation for the survey. if the buyer changes their mind for any reason I will be left without any blacking and will have to foot the bill. Is this normal? I was under the impression surveyors would normally scrape off in the areas they wish to check. Thanks Rich
  6. RichM

    Changes to VNC

    Should be working now.
  7. Out of interest and slightly unrelated - does anyone know what sort of cruiser that is? Once I sell my narrowboat I hope to get a boat like that at some point.
  8. I had a look. This is because these sites actually check using port 80 or HTTP which is a less secure protocol than HTTPS. As it's not easily doable to get these otherwise perfectly legitimate & useful websites to change their ways, I have opened up HTTP again on the firewall but to avoid compromising security, users are still re-directed at browser level to https://. The status checker websites will now be able to accurately report on the online/offline status of CWDF once again. I trust no sleep has been lost over this and on that note, goodnight!
  9. Not sure I'd agree entirely. Definitely not a VNC issue but the host is not going down either despite what the error message says. The issue is that for some reason CloudFlare cannot always connect to it and it reports that the host is down on that basis, but that doesn't necessarily mean the host/server itself is down. In the absence of any meaningful logs and while going through the process of elimination, yesterday I had routed CWDF traffic away from CloudFlare entirely. With that in mind, if people are still seeing CloudFlare errors (possible as a result of DNS propagation - a collateral issue) then that further suggests that for some reason CloudFlare is having issues connecting to the server. It does not appear to be the server causing the issue which is evident by the fact that people who are no longer connecting via CloudFlare are no longer having issues connecting to the site. It is frustrating because CloudFlare is largely intended to prevent the site going down in the event of a DDoS attack while also providing other benefits such as content caching which reduces the load on the server by up to 50% at times, It's just unfortunate that for some reason CloudFlare is having intermittent issues connecting to the server, even though I'm confident there isn't an issue on the server itself. I'm not at all pointing blame at CloudFlare or otherwise, for the most part the experience while using their service has been positive especially considering CWDF doesn't have to pay anything for the service they provide. I don't have the foggiest what any of this has to do with broken bookmarks though. Can someone share with me an example of a broken bookmark URL and I can take a closer look.
  10. If using Windows please try opening up command prompt on your computer and type ipconfig /flushdns and press return. Otherwise I expect the changes I made will propagate out shortly.
  11. I believe the issue is that the firewall is locked down to permit traffic from CloudFlare IPs who act as a reverse proxy/caching/DDoS protection service for CWDF. It seems that Cloudflare sometimes send traffic from IP ranges that are not documented and as such are not permitted by the firewall. The server then blocks the connections from these untrusted IPs which is why CloudFlare reports the site or host being down. This would also explain why it does not affect all users at the same time. I have made a temporary change which in theory will prevent this happening.
  12. Would definitely recommend not using Windows Vista especially now it's end of life and no longer maintained by Microsoft, that means no Windows updates, no patches etc making it vulnerable compared to more modern operating systems. As people have suggested, putting Linux on it would be a great idea. You could also consider upgrading the hard drive to a solid state drive or SSD which may well give it a new lease of life in terms of performance as suggested. Worth checking compatibility though and it's possible a BIOS update will be required. If you're going to do that it's arguably easier to update the BIOS while you still have Windows installed but once it's done it's easy enough to switch. For what it's worth Canal World runs on Ubuntu Linux. Mint is also a good option.
  13. Having managed both vBulletin and Invision from a technical standpoint, I agree vBulletin has the edge overall. It is more powerful and better written than Invision and has more flexibility in terms of integration with third party software. However, as Dan alluded to it is significantly different in terms of user functionality, design and behaviour. Given the number of complaints received when we made the mandatory upgrade from Invision 3.x to 4.x a couple of years ago, I imagine a change to vBulletin would receive similar feedback, if not worse given that it isn't mandatory and as such cannot be justified as such. Not to mention that for the most part Invision fulfils its purpose. People are often quick to point blame at it when oftentimes it's not actually pertinent to the issue/fault at hand. (this topic being an example of that) Also, the site you reference uses a very old version of vBulletin, 4.2.3. This version actually has some serious security vulnerabilities documented here. It is possible that they may have applied a patch but in any case I still take the view that running legacy software is not a great idea. It risks introducing compatibility issues when the underlying & associated technologies advance and change (whether it be a web browser or server software) Not to mention the risk of software vulnerabilities as already touched upon. The latter of which can lead to the site being compromised and and/or user data being stolen/harvested. Not good! While they may have better uptime than Canal World (I don't know, do they?) I'm not convinced that they have no outages or issues. If the likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft can have serious outages lasting several hours, it is safe to assume that any website or service dependant on technology is at risk of the same. That aside, the overall uptime for Canal World is monitored and is not bad at 98.85%.
  14. Just to be clear, the site search (which VNC forms part of) is NOT powered by Invision. There is an ElasticSearch engine running on the same server. While it's very fast and good at giving relevant search results, it falls over on the odd occasion and I don't know why. I guess it could do with being on its own server or outsourced to a company who provides, supports and manages ElasticSearch instances. Of course both options would be at an additional cost to the forum. The forum previously used Invision's built in search capability which was dependant on running SQL queries, while reliable in terms of uptime it was incredibly slow and did not always give relevant search result, it's not intended for databases as big as Canal World's.. - That said, I'm quite happy to put it back on that but I'm pretty sure it will be met with more complaints as to be frank, it's rubbish. Anywho, the search and VNC should now be working again. now.
  15. I know someone on the G&S who has the same hatches by the same company, all of which leaked. The timber linings had started to rot. To add to that, all the external window frames are very rusty after about 2 years as they were only primed. Looked a bit of a mess to be honest, can’t say I’d recommend.
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