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  1. RichM

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    If it were me I would probably check to see if TalkTalk can set up a auto-forwarder to forward any new emails to another mail host, Whether or not they will do this I don't know, though it's something I've done with older email addresses personally and it works well with fewer mailboxes to keep on top of,
  2. Looks really well constructed and I like how you've fabricated pretty much all of it without re-purposing or borrowing many parts so to speak. The only thing that lets it down is that dumper truck. 😉
  3. Thanks, decided to go with French Marine Motors given they had 2 recommendations. 13-10 is right in that they could be a little more organised as I've had to chase them, though they seem friendly and reasonably priced. For the benefit of anyone who may stumble across this via a search, the parts I ordered were: 1 x RDG5766 82°c Thermostat £12.17 1 x 129795-49551 Gasket £3.15 Carriage £3.50 Thanks all RichM
  4. RichM

    Barge Transport

    Well to be fair outrageous is a subjective term and we don't really know what your requirements are. - How many cranes do you need? Big? Small? Do you need an escort vehicle? That's a fair amount of miles too, with potential for being an oversized load. I am not sure if there would be any requirements, legal or otherwise to have more than one truck driver. But I'd imagine any of these things will rack up the cost quite quickly. I'd recommend giving more info as OldGoat suggested and maybe give an idea as to what sort of quotes you've received thus far.
  5. Recently I contacted Barrus to obtain a part number. Unfortunately they don't seem to supply parts directly and referred me to a list of dealers. Does anyone recommend anyone for the supply of Barrus Shire parts? Thanks RichM
  6. Moderator Vacancy Canal World is looking to recruit additional moderator(s) to join our team over next few weeks to work alongside the current team to replace members who have since retired from the role.  We are looking for existing members who visit the forum regularly and are able to give something back to the community. The role requires good judgement, an understanding of the forum rules and guidelines and the ability to work as a team. Moderators will join the current site staff in front-line voluntary work after a short introductory period. Typical tasks include: Maintaining the forums content and promoting healthy discussion. Engaging with and assisting members with general and enquiries. Moving and merging duplicated topics and posts, removing spam, etc. Removing inappropriate content and exercise disciplinary action where appropriate. Escalating serious or repeat incidents to forum administrators. We recognise that we have a user-base with a vast amount of knowledge and experience in all walks of life. As such, we're also interested to hear from users who may be interested in helping out in other areas of the site. - We're always open to ideas! If you are interested and are able to contribute some of your time to help maintain our site, please contact us by clicking here. Please provide a short cover note outlining your interest for the role along with any experience, knowledge or skills you can offer. Canal World is managed by DHutch and operated by a Team of Volunteers who kindly provide their time to help towards maintaining the site. We are extremely grateful to those who help make Canal World what it is today for the benefit of its members and guests alike. Thank you RichM
  7. We have reviewed the reports that relate to the aforementioned forum. Should you wish to voice any other concerns please feel free to report them as appropriate or contact a member of the team with specific details. Your feedback will be reviewed accordingly. Thanks
  8. Thanks for your feedback. Please feel free to report any posts which you believe to be in violation of the Forum Rules & Guidelines and they will be reviewed forthwith. RichM
  9. RichM

    London Gatwick Airport Closed By Drones

    All this media attention will surely only inspire other crazy people to do the same. What's to stop a co-ordinated drone attack across multiple major UK airports at the same time? The consequences could be horrendous. More needs to be done to prevent this in the first place or to reduce the threat. Though I imagine that to be somewhat of a challenge. Unless we are to start designing planes and jet engines to be capable of withstanding impact or ingestion of a small drones without causing serious damage?
  10. RichM

    Captcha I AM human (despite rumours)

    It would appear your IP address has a bad reputation for one reason or another which is unfortunately why our security systems are requesting for you to verify you're indeed human. - sorry If you have a dynamic IP address, often you can change it simply by rebooting your router though if it's the whole IP address subnet that has the bad reputation then it may not make any difference. Please let me know if you continually get prompted to complete the verification process.
  11. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    If anyone reaches the limit again we will review the situation and likely increase the limit accordingly. There is currently no bulk tool to remove attachments in bulk. While we give everyone the option to delete any attachments should they wish, we don't wish to encourage the mass deletion of content as it can seriously devalue the respective topics in which they are posted.
  12. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Following a discussion with Daniel we have increased the limit again to 1GB which is 4x the previous limit of 250MB. We feel it's important all members have ample storage to share their content. Thanks again to all who continue to donate and make this possible. Details on how to donate and become a Patron can also be found in my signature or by clicking here. RichM
  13. RichM


    It looks like you have custom activity streams set. Basically activity streams provide a way to filter your VNC results and it remembers them going forward. You can switch between them or create new streams at your peril. Looking at my default stream which shows all content the results go far back. Link: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/discover/260/
  14. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    The limit used to be lower than what it is now though I forget exactly what. We increased it when we moved to AWS whereby we had scalable storage, essentially meaning we could not run out of hard drive space. While AWS was great in terms of scalability and reliability it was expensive, unpredictably so. Their lack of PayPal support was was also a pain for us and caused a fair amount of additional admin work for Dan and Nigel. As such we took the decision to move back to a more traditional storage setup whereby the limits remained the same until now. We've bumped up the limit to 250MB in the meantime and will see what more we can do. - Canal World is in part an online resource whereby members and guests alike can access information to help them find answers to questions and problems they need to solve. As such we need to ensure Canal World continues to serve as a platform to facilitate this to a good standard. - a lot goes on behind the scenes to keep her afloat. This. I use Gimp to compress/crop my photos before uploading it to any site. It is free and works a treat. It's a free alternative to Photoshop. Though, I will probably look into server-side compression.

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