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  1. I had a Liverpool Boat, I always thought the hull looked more characteristic than that of those which were considered to be more premium. That said, she was moored up next to a slightly newer Aqualine boat and the difference in build quality was immense. You could tell that the Aqualine was far superior. (thicker steel, better welding, better design etc etc) I'd say Liverpool Boats are at the higher end of the budget market. Would probably stop short of saying they're mid-range though.
  2. The email is genuine, Nothing to be alarmed about!
  3. Bored? No. There's always something to do and failing that, there's always something that needs doing!
  4. The server ran out of memory and when this happens ElasticSearch falls over and VNC dies until the service is manually restarted. Fortunately this hasn't been a regular occurrence as of recent. Normally the server runs at no more than 50% capacity but a brief spike is enough to cause this issue. The best way to prevent this is to increase capacity and obviously this would come at an additional expense. The income the forum receives by means of donations is typically just about enough to cover outgoings, sometimes with some shortfall necessitating the need to dip into reserve funds
  5. The only downside with the B535 other than its rather cumbersome form factor, is that it doesn't seem to have a built-in battery. I found a battery invaluable as it meant even during a brief power blip the router would still remain online. Essentially it meant I could realistically go 4+ hours with internet on a laptop even if the boat itself had no power. I guess you could consider a UPS of sorts but I was more of a fan of keeping things simple as to avoid over-complicating things. EE still has the best network in terms of performance and overall coverage, whereas Three tend to provide bet
  6. When I first bought my boat I envisaged a requirement to have some complicated network setup with a marine grade 4G router, external antennas, dual WAN resiliency, the lot. Possibly even a satellite as a backup. As a "temporary" solution I bought a Huawei MiFI router which I simply fixed to a porthole using Velcro, no external antennas. It worked so well that I never bothered to change this solution. I worked from the boat doing IT work which required me to make a lot of voip calls etc, even did a major site update on CWDF using the same router. I did have an issue with it overheat
  7. RichM

    Spam pm

    A little late but we have made it so that users with less than 10 posts can't send PMs at least for now. Can't be having this as not only is it unwanted from a user perspective, it also has implications on the site as a whole. Appreciate the mods have done a great job keeping on top of this as always. Just as a FYI though - if enough people report a spammer, the forum system will take corrective action automatically, in most cases. Obviously we can't give full details as to how this works exactly but please bear this in mind. That said, the risk of this attack happening again in this partic
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. I found it hard to trust boat related businesses, it got to the stage whereby I assumed most people were out to rip me off. There were a few exceptions but in my personal opinion there's more bad apples than good. By comparison, it's a bit like the car motor trade, but on the next level. Of course, that's just based on my experience, I may have just been unlucky. When I had a boat, I sought recommendations before commissioning any work.
  10. Janet Johnson appears to work for the CRT according to her LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/janet-johnson-222374129/?originalSubdomain=uk It's quite typical for a company or organisation to use something like Snap Surveys (among others) for the purpose of sending out surveys and the bulk emails that are required to facilitate their distribution. All the data is collated and transformed into pretty graphs that can be shared among other employees, highlighting strengths and weaknesses among other things. It is far more efficient for companies to use something like this rather th
  11. Thanks all, please keep them coming.
  12. Thanks all please keep them coming.
  13. Unfortunately the forum system is not clever enough to consider context. If we run a search on "BT", (link below) you will see there is approx. a 60/40 split between the acronym being commonly used to describe Bow Thruster and similarly British Telecom. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/search/&q=BT&quick=1 But what are the odds of someone joining CWDF to discuss the National Baton Twirling Association?
  14. Thanks. Will miss out BT though due to it commonly being used to refer to British Telecom. Any that are likely to be misconstrued are probably best left out.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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