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  1. TapaTalk?

    We could easily add this but the only downside is that mobile users will receive a prompt asking if they want to download/install the tapatalk app which some may find annoying/intrusive. Though it should only appear once until your browser cache is cleared IIRC. Interested to hear views/thoughts. Rich
  2. Getting hit by turning boats

    If it makes for a convenient winding-hole despite your boat being within close proximity, I think some people will take advantage of that. I suppose it helps in that you have portholes but if I were in your situation I'd probably do what you have done with the bow fenders, but run them the entire length of the boat. I've seen this achieved well with rope though I would only recommend that if you're on wide canals/rivers without width constraints. It looks like you're moored against pilings, so it may be better to have a couple suitable fenders or a dock fender to cushion the boat port side.
  3. Quote titles have gone!

    Invision (the people who develop the forum software) published a security update which also included some bug fixes. I believe the aforementioned issues were caused by a server side caching issue following the update. This should now be fixed but please let me know if this is not the case. It would not be appropriate nor in your interests for us to ignore or postpone security updates which is why we don't delay. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by them. We do our best to minimise any disruption caused by the maintenance when considering we volunteer for Canal World during our spare time and bearing in mind our other work/life commitments. Thank you all for the feedback.
  4. Personal Gallery

    You may find the by clicking on your profile and then click on Albums. Linked directly below: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/profile/3364-richard-t/&tab=node_gallery_gallery
  5. Sofa bed

    I too have this. It's good in many ways; It's very strong and makes up into a small double bed in 10 seconds without blocking the entire width of the boat. The faux leather is also easy to clean, which is great if you have pets. The only downside for me is that it is not as comfy as it looks. I read some people put a mattress topper on them to help with that but otherwise it's a great sofa bed.
  6. Forum Search

    The problem with this Google CSE plugin integration is that it's not quite as seamless as the one used in previous years. My personal experience of Google CSE is that it is more powerful than the default one but the integration between Google and us is not currently as seamless or intuitive as it should be. That would be ideal though not technically viable at this point. - Invision has recently promised great improvements to the default search functionality in the next minor version release. So changes to come in that regard.
  7. Greenies?

    Maximum of 20 reactions per 24 hours. I imagine it will reset at midnight each night. Rich
  8. Links to past posts not working

    There's not just one usergroup, there's several and this will have been the case since the forum started. The term usergroup here is used purely in a software context. Most, if not all forums developed in the last 15 years will be using usergroups. I explained a little more about usergroups here. Again, nobody should be able to post in the Guests and New members forum. I believe this is now fixed. To clarify, it's simply serving as an About Us page with content which many established users will not find relevant. None of the staff can see it either unless we log out and become a guest ourselves, I don't see what the issue is...
  9. Links to past posts not working

    Sorry but that's not my area. - I simply just fixed the permissions issue. That forum pre-dates me and I simply set the settings to match the across all member usergroups, just like they were for everyone previously. No, it's was and is now a closed forum as I imagine it's just intended to act as an "About us" page, nothing more. The only reason why some could post in it was because when I created the contributor usergroup, some of the permissions (of which there are many) were not set correctly. Anyway, now moving on to a couple other things in need of fixing. Thanks all
  10. Links to past posts not working

    Permissions corrected. The only people who should be able to see the "Guest and New Members forum" are now limited to guests and new members as you may have guessed and it is a closed forum once again. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts, the "missing topic" has been moved to the correct forum
  11. Links to past posts not working

    Only draw-back with that is that it would almost defeat the object of having separate forums to separate topics based on categories, e.g. "Cruise Diaries" and "Boat Building & Maintenance", two categories which are entirely different in nature. This would make it difficult to search for topics. (coincidentally, another matter I will be looking into this weekend) Though I get where you're coming from. - There are other permission based features too, such as one which could in theory mean that all posts/topics by new users need to be approved by the moderators before they are visible to everyone else. This would tackle the issue you highlight, though this too would have flaws, some of which: - Significantly increased workload for our small team of moderators who also volunteer their time - Some users could lose interest in the forum, particularly or perhaps potentially those who seek a very quick answer to whatever matter they'd like to post about - I have no doubt there are others I have not even thought about! Just to add, as far as I'm aware there's no plans for this to be implemented, though all feedback appreciated.
  12. Links to past posts not working

    Sorry I'm late to the show. I have been working long shifts this week! The "Guests and new members" forum is only intended to act as a prominent place-holder for the "About us" topic linked here. In short, nobody should be able to post in that particular forum. The fact some people can is caused by an unforeseen forum permissions issue, which I will review and fix. As for the dry-dock topic, I have moved it to the Boat Building & Maintenance forum, topic linked here. Everyone should be able to see/post in it. Please confirm? Hold fire - This is not at all intentional. The issue is caused by a discrepancy with the rather granular/extensive forum permissions system, inadvertently and unknowingly permitting some users to be able to post in a otherwise closed forum. I will fix the permissions but its been a busy week offline and it's still only Wednesday! Rich
  13. Search facility

    Thanks all for your feedback. Interested to hear both positive and negative constructive feedback from everyone and we will review shortly. Rich
  14. User Group Forum Access

    Thanks for your question - The main forum usergroups should have equal permissions but there may be some discrepancies based on recent feedback. I intend to review permissions shortly, probably over the weekend. Agree that incentivising the the donation scheme with various feature enhancements would likely see an increase in the amount of regular donations received. Though after having read feedback provided some months ago, it's likely there would be some understandable reservations about the idea. We don't have any plans at present to make those changes I'm afraid. Links to the donation page are not as prominent as they could be though, so we may change that. Cheers Rich
  15. Search facility

    It is, or should be better than the default one though perhaps not from a visual perspective. I implemented it recently after having received poor feedback regarding the existing/default Invision search functionality. Google will only be used when searching "all" content, as alluded to above. If you be more specific as to what you want to search for (e.g. topics), it will revert back to the default search. I have since learned that the next version of Invision is intended to improve the search functionality among other things. I plan to implement this shortly after release hopefully in the coming months. While it will bring some notable changes, it will not be a major software overhaul like we saw last year. More to come on that later.