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  1. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    If anyone reaches the limit again we will review the situation and likely increase the limit accordingly. There is currently no bulk tool to remove attachments in bulk. While we give everyone the option to delete any attachments should they wish, we don't wish to encourage the mass deletion of content as it can seriously devalue the respective topics in which they are posted.
  2. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Following a discussion with Daniel we have increased the limit again to 1GB which is 4x the previous limit of 250MB. We feel it's important all members have ample storage to share their content. Thanks again to all who continue to donate and make this possible. Details on how to donate and become a Patron can also be found in my signature or by clicking here. RichM
  3. RichM


    It looks like you have custom activity streams set. Basically activity streams provide a way to filter your VNC results and it remembers them going forward. You can switch between them or create new streams at your peril. Looking at my default stream which shows all content the results go far back. Link: https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/discover/260/
  4. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    The limit used to be lower than what it is now though I forget exactly what. We increased it when we moved to AWS whereby we had scalable storage, essentially meaning we could not run out of hard drive space. While AWS was great in terms of scalability and reliability it was expensive, unpredictably so. Their lack of PayPal support was was also a pain for us and caused a fair amount of additional admin work for Dan and Nigel. As such we took the decision to move back to a more traditional storage setup whereby the limits remained the same until now. We've bumped up the limit to 250MB in the meantime and will see what more we can do. - Canal World is in part an online resource whereby members and guests alike can access information to help them find answers to questions and problems they need to solve. As such we need to ensure Canal World continues to serve as a platform to facilitate this to a good standard. - a lot goes on behind the scenes to keep her afloat. This. I use Gimp to compress/crop my photos before uploading it to any site. It is free and works a treat. It's a free alternative to Photoshop. Though, I will probably look into server-side compression.
  5. RichM

    Deleting old uploaded file attachments

    Thanks for all the feedback. We're currently reviewing the attachment limits.
  6. RichM

    Read the rules

    They're not new rules as such, they are mostly unchanged. The only change is highlighted in bold: "Posting any material, anywhere on the site, that is deemed to have a primarily political theme that is not strictly related to inland waterways and/or boating is prohibited. In addition, content containing a religious theme, or content that makes commentary on religious issues, is not permitted. Exceptions to this rule may be made in special circumstances with prior approval of the Site Administration."
  7. Staff can feature topics on the forum if they are deemed worthy of being featured. It's rarely used unfortunately. Occasionally I will feature a good topic if I come across one. The system could be improved and more widely used. Perhaps something for the future.
  8. RichM

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Please be aware that due to the size of this topic it will be closed on 01/01/2019 and will be replaced by a new one.
  9. Thanks all, let me know if the issue is still being encountered by anyone. Cheers RichM
  10. Thanks. - Did the hostname resolve to an IP address when you were unable to access the site?
  11. In light of recent spam attacks, all inbound web traffic is filtered via CloudFlare. While it has many benefits (some not really necessary for us) we use it for the purpose of blocking malicious traffic at network level before even reaching our server. It is possible it is being overzealous. I have made adjustments to the filtering to help improve this. Worst case is we ditch Cloudflare but it's equally important to put in extra measures to help prevent spam attacks.but ideally without unwanted side effects... For the techies: This doesn't trigger our monitoring alerts which suggests it does not happen to all users at the same time. From that, I guess the fact that this happens to some but not all users suggests to me that there may be something unique about the subset of users affected. If affected and purely to help me troubleshoot, is it possible to switch to a different network or change your public facing IP address (if dynamic) and let me know if this works-around the problem? If so, we can then tell whether or not the source IP has any bearing on the issue. Cheers RichM
  12. If this happens again, can you open up command prompt and type: (in order) Windows: nslookup canalworld.net ipconfig /flushdns nslookup canalworld.net Linux (Debian based) dig a canalworld.net sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart dig a canalworld.net And copy/paste the results. I must stress however that this is separate to the issue reported by the OP. We're using CloudFlare DNS to prevent a re-occurrence of the recent spam attacks which is likely attributed to the intermittent issue reported by some users.
  13. This may happen if using an obsolete browser with limited support for SSL. I recommend updating your browser to something more recent if possible. Without meaning to sound rude and as an aside Windows XP has far surpassed its shelf life. (Unfortunately) A large number of developers no longer maintain compatibility for it including the developers behind the forum software we use. Same story with the server technology we use.
  14. RichM

    emails have stopped

    I have made a change to try and prevent them going into spam. Please let me know if it continues to be an issue for anyone going forward.

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