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  1. Thanks for your feedback. We don't maintain the design of the site or the forum software itself, this is maintained by third parties. We try to keep it as "standard" as possible as this means we can deploy updates without making too many manual changes each time. Given we're not web developers, this is a big plus for us in terms of keeping the site software up to date & secure. However, I will feed this back to Invision as I think it's a good idea. Equally if there's any members with web or graphic design expertise who would like to volunteer some of their spare time to our cause, I'm sure Dan would be interested to hear from them. RichM
  2. Do you have a photo of it? Not to sound blasé about it but you won't find many boats without a damp patch somewhere unless it's relatively new but even then it won't be immune. - Truth is boats are obviously in a naturally damp environment and are also prone to condensation which can cause damp. That said some boats are worse than others. Water pumps are also prone to failure after 3-4 years of frequent use at which point they can start to leak. Oftentimes it goes unnoticed and thus damp will occur. This is a common issue. I have had this issue twice in 4 years and have had to replace the pump on both occasions. Not a big job but will inevitably cause water damage/damp if not rectified quickly.
  3. Not sure why anyone would need anything fancy for a router on a boat, even your typical household router is an overkill for most boaters and in my view, totally impractical*. Personally I just use a LTE/4G Huawei "MiFI" router. It's small enough to go near a porthole and is powered by a USB connection. It has the capability to connect external antennas, but I don't need it. It works fine in my case and the less wires the better. Right now I'm getting 45Mbps on the downstream via EE. *It has its own built in battery etc, so any power blips on the boat will not take my internet connection offline. (something you probably don't want to overlook if you're off-grid) It's nearly 5 years old now and still going strong. I help run and maintain this site using that very router, so performance and reliability is key. Can't ask much more than that!
  4. I had to make some essential server changes and I didn't want to do this with the site online, due to risk of data loss/corruption. VNC was also affected by this but is now coming back to life. Any issues, please let me know. I will take the maintenance notification off shortly when I'm happy with everything
  5. Definitely wouldn't drink from the taps. I always keep separate drinking water.
  6. We will look to implement this change but it will require a code change so may take longer than we'd like.
  7. This should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it. Do you always have to be so negative? The truth is we both have full time jobs and boats to look after and maintain, like many on here. If you must know it is p*ssing down with rain right now and I have water pouring in through one of my windows yet here I am fixing a recaptcha issue. Not to sound blase about it, but to hopefully give some perspective. We try to dedicate as much time as we can to this site but sometimes things get in the way and it may take us longer than we'd like to respond to issues such as this. I'm sure Dan would be interested to hear from any volunteers who would like to contribute to the site and I will gladly stand aside for anyone who can dedicate more time and ultimately do a better job.
  8. RichM

    Folding bike

    I bought a reasonably priced folding bike from Bicycles4u. The bike was not very rigid and despite its relatively large wheels for a folding bike (20") it was hard work to ride on the towpath, even those that were well surfaced. In the end I ended up selling it on ebay. I wouldn't consider getting another.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I use it to remove water based stains and discoloration from an oak worktop in the galley. Works wonders and even saved me from having to replace the worktop. Almost like magic! Unfortunately it hasn't worked quite so well on the cabin sides but then it is constructed of some form of ply.
  10. To buy a "proper" fender for a narrowboat you won't get much change from a tenner. I have lost count of how many fenders I have had to replace, whether they got damaged, lost in the canal or indeed stolen... Since using go-kart tyres, I've not yet had to replace them once in nearly 3 years. Important thing to note is that the front tyres of a go-kart are significantly skinnier than the rear, perhaps by as much as a third. I put the rear tyres at the back of my boat where it's not quite so wide due to the curvature of the stern, for lack of better terminology. They do squash but typically only when the boat has hit something harder than it should have or indeed if something has hit the boat, hard. They still seem to provide protection though. When this happens, it prompts me to inspect the hull and obviously pull the tyre back out into shape at the same time.
  11. We have enabled an optional display feature called "Fluid view". Essentially rather than using the default traditional forum display, you may opt to have all topics shown on the forum homepage. You may select the forum(s) you are interested in as to exclude any forums which may not be of interest. By default it will include all content posted within any of the forums. I must stress that this feature is optional and nobody is forced to use it. I have attached a screenshot to depict what I mean. Any questions let me know. Cheers RichM
  12. Although no expert on this (I prefer to keep my roof and other painted surfaces clear) you can get rubber mats with small rubber studs on the bottom (I forget exactly what they're called - perhaps someone can help me out?) which may be your best bet at protecting the surface/paintwork while providing minimal surface area for moisture to collect. I know some people use them cut to size in their gas lockers too as they protect the paintwork while not allowing moisture to collect or become entrapped underneath. I had a look at the link you mentioned, although similar it's not quite the same. I often see boats with vast gardens on their roof and others who use it as storage. Having just repainted my roof, it makes me cringe as damage to the paintwork over time is inevitable.
  13. I find Oxalic acid works great on horizontal timber surfaces where you can leave it to sit & soak in before giving it a good scrub to work its magic. However, I find that it doesn't work so well on vertical surfaces, walls etc. The Oxalic acid tends to run and obviously doesn't adhere to the surface quite so well. Is there a trick I am perhaps missing? Cheers
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