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  1. RichM

    Olly Cromwell sinks

    Locking this as a duplicate. See post above.
  2. RichM

    Dogs with epilepsy.

    Some breeds are prone to it and it can be hereditary. We have a Basset Hound in the family. He tends to have a epileptic seizure once every 3 months or so, sometimes more frequently lasting anything up to 10 minutes. He too is disorientated afterwards and will normally be very tired until the following morning. The vet says to keep an eye on it and providing it does not last for more than 10 minutes, it's not necessary to do anything other than ensure he's in a safe environment, e.g. somewhere where he can't injure himself. Of course I can only speak for our dog as I'm not a vet or an expert on it. As concerning as that may sound, he has had this condition all of his life and he's nearly 11 now. It doesn't really impact his quality of life or ours but of course it's something to keep an eye on/monitor. RichM
  3. RichM

    Fried inverter?

    Thanks, I took it apart this evening and I was surprised to see not one but several fuses! All of which looked OK at a glance. I then looked at the circuit board with a torch and noticed one diode had completely disintegrated and another was clearly burned. I guess I have answered my own question in that I have fried it. I will need to replace it but I don't want to spend Victron money but equally I don't want to buy junk. Does the inverter linked below look like a suitable replacement or are there others that anyone would recommend for less than £500? I have a separate battery charger which I'd rather retain. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sterling-1800w-Pro-Power-Q-12v-Inverter-I121800-Caravan-Boat-Motorhome/272960377450?hash=item3f8db4d26a:g:pvkAAMXQUY1Q9Wad Cheers Rich
  4. Thanks, that's useful. They replied with: "Model code and serial is 1653E-020251 The part numbers that you require are: X1 Thermostat 71° 129155-49810 X1 O-Ring 129150-49811 X2 Gasket 129795-49551 X1 Thermostat 82° RDG5766" I thought it was odd that they mention it has two thermostats as it was mentioned in this topic that it should only have one. I can only locate the one which I have tested and proven to be a dud - I believe it is the 82c one based on your advice. When I queried Barrus, they replied with: "These are custom built marine engines and your engine should have two thermostats, one is located in the original engine location and the second is located in the extended Thermostat housing." So I imagine the 82c one is in the "extended thermostat housing", if so, where is the other? Cheers Rich
  5. I have a 1800w MSW Sterling inverter. Not sure how old it is but guessing it's 10+ years old. (photo attached) Nothing special but has done the job until now. Rather embarrassingly, I think I may have fried it... Recently bought a compact portable air conditioning unit for shoreline use only but didn't realise power was being provided via the inverter when I turned on the air con unit. You can see where I'm going with this - The overload light was illuminated when I went to turn it off. Now the inverter doesn't seem to work though the green power LED illuminates. Is there anything that can be looked at or is it likely fried?
  6. I gave it a proper test without the thermostat in place and it no longer appears to overheat and the hoses leading in to and out of the skin tank warm up indicating flow of coolant once again. I have contacted Barrus regarding a replacement thermostat and will hopefully get a new one ordered soon. Thanks all!
  7. As mentioned this is most likely a cookie issue. You can clear them in your settings. I am of course presuming your browser isn't running in "private mode" aka incognito mode. If you have problems staying logged in to other sites on the same device then it could be caused by your browser security/privacy settings.
  8. I'm no expert with engines or boat electrics, I prefer to fix things using a keyboard if you catch my drift but if it's something simple I will take a look myself. 🙂 Otherwise I look for a decent engineer to do the work but finding one willing to do the work in this neck of the woods is easier said than done or so it seems! The warning buzzer no longer sounds though the gauge is working and indicated the engine temperature reached 100ºC. I think you're right in that there's something amiss with the warning buzzer system so I will need to look at that after. When I first became aware of the overheating issue, I saw steam rising from the engine block and the coolant within the expansion tank was boiling... Furthermore, the hoses leading into and out of the skin tank were cold as was the skin tank itself. Also, the water within the calorifier after a 90 min trip down the cut was cold. Oddly though and perhaps coincidently, this issue only arose immediately after having my exhaust silencer replaced, whereby the engineer spent hours trying to unseize the exhaust from the hull of the boat. I suspected he may have hit a hose and caused a coolant leak but I don't appear to have a leak... I have not had the opportunity to get my hands dirty until late this afternoon but I have now removed the thermostat from its housing and put it in a saucepan to test. There was no activity despite waiting for the pan to boil so it looks like it's a dud. Does anyone know the part number for the thermostat? The engine is a Barrus Shire 30 1653 model. Cheers Rich
  9. My father is a member of the Cotswolds Canal trust. He forwarded the following press release to me which I think some people will be interested in. It sounds promising but it's not particularly clear in terms of the financials unless I'm missing something? Stroud District Council has issued the following press release, which will appear in the media on Wednesday, 2 May, 2018 Press Release: Joy at National Lottery backing to connect Stroud to national canal network A £23.4million Stroud District Council-led project to connect Stroud and Stonehouse to the nation’s inland waterway network by 2024 has been given a significant vote of confidence by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Stroud District Council and Cotswold Canals Trust have received crucial initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) which paves the way for the restoration of the derelict canal between Stonehouse and Saul Junction. The HLF picked Stroudwater Navigation Connected as one of just four projects across the country for development funding and the £842,000 announced today will make sure everything is in place before applying for a further £9million of HLF money to allow the whole project to go ahead. The stretch between Stroud and Stonehouse is almost restored and bringing the remaining four miles back in to use will link it to the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal and the rest of the country, attract huge tourism benefits, create 30 hectares of biodiverse habitat and canal towpath, conserve and digitise archive material charting the canal’s history, and attract more than £100million-worth of new private investment within five years of the end of the project. If the HLF had not chosen the project, it would have been set back by at least a decade. “That we have secured development funding is absolutely brilliant news,” said Stroud District Council leader Doina Cornell. “We knew that the bid was very strong but this is a huge relief and it means that working with partners, we can drive the project on and look forward to making Stroud and Stonehouse canal towns once again.” The project aims to take the canal under the M5 motorway, reinstate the ‘missing mile’ of canal near Eastington and forge a new stretch of canal under the Gloucester – Bristol railway line at Stonehouse – and bring many other benefits to the area. The SDC-led restoration between Stonehouse and Thrupp has transformed the canal corridor, attracting £115million of private investment. Studies suggest that boaters and visitors to a restored canal would spend more than £5million a year in the Stroud district. Stroud District Council has committed £3million, and contributions from Gloucestershire County Council, Cotswold Canals Trust and the Canal and River Trust are worth around £2million. The total cost of the project, allowing for inflation and other contingencies is £23.4million. The monetised health benefits of the canal will be worth more than £37million a year. Cotswold Canals Trust chairman Jim White said: “The Stroud Valleys will become a new, must go to, destination on the national canal network, bringing growth to local businesses through tourism, by increasing the canal and towpath use for recreation. “It will also bring major benefits to wildlife and the biodiversity of the area.” The canal’s history dates back to 1730 when an Act of Parliament granted proprietors of the Stroudwater Navigation the power to build it. It opened in 1779 and joined with the Thames and Severn Canal 10 years later, which established a largely inland waterway link between Bristol and London. It was abandoned in 1954 but the founding of the Stroudwater Canal Society in 1972 led to the formation of the Cotswold Canals Trust. The Stroudwater Navigation links with the Thames and Severn Canal at Wallbridge and so far the stretch of that canal between Wallbridge and Bowbridge has been restored. Under the leadership of Stroud District Council since 2009, the project has seen restoration of 4.5 miles of canal, nine locks, and six miles of towpath so far. “Clearly the Heritage Lottery Fund was impressed with the bid and we are grateful for its faith and backing in the project which will bring so many benefits to the area,” added Councillor Cornell. “The whole project fits in well with our priorities as a council to invest in the local economy and the environment, and to promote health and wellbeing. “Ultimately everyone who buys a National Lottery ticket has made this initial stage possible.
  10. I don't have a way to heat my 60 litre calorifier via the Eberspacher without also heating the radiators. Initially on first purchasing the boat I thought this would be an issue in the Summer months but in reality I run the diesel heater for an hour in the morning and again for an hour in the evening when the ambient temperature is cooler. This seems to work well but is dependant on your water requirements.
  11. RichM

    Forum Software Upgrade

    When dealing/responding to issues, I go through topics such as this and pick out priority issues or matters and deal with those. Then when time permits, we go through the ones that were less critical. Unfortunately we do have things to attend to outside of Canal World too. The email issue is related to the featured topics functionality which we have not used for some months. As such, the functionality in relation to it is disabled but for some strange reason it is still featured within the email notifications you received. I have made a further change to try and resolve that. Please advise if the matter persists.
  12. RichM

    Forum Software Upgrade

    I have enabled & re-configured the re-captcha anti-spam feature, meaning that we're now using the new invisible version. 👻 For those who don't know, "re-captcha" prevents spammers targeting the site, often by asking you to make specific inputs to verify that you're not a robot. The new version is invisible 👻 and works entirely behind the scenes so that you don't have to do anything. That is it, at least in principle. Any issues, let me know and I will be on it. Cheers Rich
  13. RichM

    Missing scroll bar

    Which browser are you using? Don't get me wrong, Apple has created a lot of amazing things, but Safari isn't one of them or at least not in my opinion... I'd recommend trying Chrome or Firefox first of all to determine if it is indeed a browser issue.
  14. RichM

    Viewing this week

    Oh wow, pleased to hear he's back afloat. Nice boat for the asking price.
  15. RichM

    New Content button stopped working

    Ok, is it possible to try changing time period from last visit to any period? Your last visit could have been 5 minutes ago. (for example)

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