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  1. Yes it is man enough. I have a 55ft boat with a Barrus Shire with just 30 hp. It has done the job for many years, including rivers. I don't think it's the ideal match though it's much better since fitting a larger prop. My preference would be a Beta Marine 43.
  2. People who I guess are uninformed sometimes seem reluctant to call a narrowboat a narrowboat, I think because "narrow" can be perceived as having negative connotations. I could be wrong as it's just an observation. I always refer to my boat as a narrowboat however, never a barge.
  3. Yes, it was only a very minor update. We could have skipped this version but as I was doing routine server maintenance it made sense to do this at the same time.
  4. Thanks for the feedback thus far. Please bear in mind the poll closes on 18/08/19 at 12:01.
  5. Nobody has been messing about with VNC. Looks the same to me.
  6. Hi, As you may be aware and further to member feedback, we recently created a forum for the discussion of Political & Current Affairs. Do you think topics posted within the Political & Current Affairs forum should be excluded from the default "View New Content" results given that our primary purpose is for discussions in relation to our waterways and boats alike? Note: It will always be possible for members to create their own custom stream to include/exclude any forum of their choosing, including Political & Current Affairs. This poll is about whether or not we exclude it from the default search results. Thank you RichM Poll closes on 18/08/19 at 12:01
  7. Hello, We have updated the forum software to Invision 4.4.5 to apply a bug fix release. This is not a feature release and as such the overall look, feel and functionality of the site remains unchanged. Should you encounter any oddities or have any questions, do let me know. For anyone who is interested in the technical details, the release notes as provided by Invision are as follows: Technical Details Version 4.4.5 is a maintenance update to fix issues reported since 4.4.4. Additional Information Forums Improved the performance of the Unarchive task. Fixed an issue upgrading from older versions of Invision Community where topics or posts queued for deletion were present. Fixed an issue where posts from ignored members were visible if the author was in a highlighted group. Fixed an issue where archive settings could be saved with no more than or less than selection. Fixed an issue where hiding a topic without an existing first post would stop the queue to hide all the members content. Gallery Fixed Follow and Promote buttons not showing for images on mobile devices. Fixed an issue where inline renaming an image from the lightbox would either fail or rename the album. Fixed instances where a member with a secondary group that doesn't allow albums to be created, but with a primary group that does but limits how many that can be created, will allow the member to create unlimited albums. Calendar Removed the ability to create ranged recurring events that overlap (e.g. where the next occurence start time is before the first occurrence has finished). Removed the timezone from event notification emails for all day events. Fixed an issue where events that repeat for a set period will end one period before they should. Fixed an issue where users are able to create events where the end time occurs before the start time. Fixed an issue where ranged recurring events may show an incorrect date range for the event on the calendar "Day" view. Fixed an issue where embedding a Calendar Event may fail in some circumstances. Fixed an issue where ranged recurring events may not show as occurring on an end date when they span across months. Fixed an issue where the calendar name would be exposed to members which don't have permissions to view the calendar via the members online location on the profile. Donation System Added support for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) in Stripe. Fixed referral commission not being given for renewals. Fixed an error that can occur when renewal invoices are generated if no billing address existed on the original invoice. Fixed invoice notification emails showing a payment failed warning if one payment method failed even if another one succeeded. Fixed social login buttons not working when checking out as a guest. Fixed staff replies to support emails. Fixed an issue where stock replies may have new lines stripped. Fixed pending withdrawl AdminCP notification link to point to the pending withdrawl filter. Fixed an issue where you may not be able to delete subcategories in the store. Fixed a potential error when upgrading from a version older than 4.4.2. Fixed an issue where switching to a "default" support stream (ex. Open, Assigned, or Tracked Requests) can result in a MySQL error. Fixed an issue where deleting a customer note would not close the dialog. Fixed member group being moved when upgrading or modifying an expired purchase. Fixed an issue where purchase custom field labels may show as a random string or in the wrong language in the Transaction Approved email. Edited the purchase email notification setting to clarify an email is sent for every item. Blog. Fixed an issue where draft entries may be included in digests.
  8. Thanks again So I removed the control box, the screw was completely separated. Fastened it up as advised and now the lever is securely attached. I still can't engage neutral however. The throttle lever used to pull out slightly to engage neutral, now it does not. I note when I move the throttle lever back and forth, one of the control cables moves. The other does not move. I presume one cable is for forward/reverse and the other is used to engage/disengage neutral? Before posting on the forum I removed the handle by undoing the screw on the front of the lever, in hindsight I should not have done this. As a result, the lever is slightly misaligned, so I am wondering if this could be related? When I tried to re-align it initially, I observed the rotation of the prop shaft/drive plate. Not sure if there is a better way to do it? Cheers
  9. Thanks all, I will take another look at the control box first. If I were to replace it with a Morse control box, I imagine I'd need to replace the control cables? Any other considerations needed? Cheers
  10. The forum software does not have built in functionality to allow members to self-delete their account. This could be coded in but in my view it's not worth it. - We probably receive 1-2 account deletion requests in a 3 month period, so the amount of time & effort required to introduce such functionality isn't really justified. Also, if such feature did exist, it would be open to misuse - for example if an account was compromised, it would be possible for it to be deleted by whoever accessed the account. Members could also use it in the heat of the moment and may later regret their decision. With that in mind I think our current approach to this is more than suitable. We do however respect any requests for account deletion when submitted to us via the proper channels as stated. We are also happy to assist in other ways, such as changing usernames etc.
  11. I have an issue with my Ultraflex Control Box - it won't engage neutral. Also (not sure if coincidental) if the lever is in a certain position, the lever will separate/fall off! I can otherwise engage forward and reverse normally. I am not sure what model it is though it looks very similar to Ultraflex B89. Unfortunately I don't know an awful lot about these in terms of how they work, so pardon my ignorance. Is it likely to be something simple or would it be better just to replace it? Thank you Rich
  12. You need to submit a Support Request or use the contact us page (link at the bottom of the site) if you wish to have your account deleted. This is not reversible. Please note that any topics/posts you have submitted will remain.
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