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  1. RichM

    Rubbish Pipex Email server.

    Just one thing to add is that your email provider (host) doesn't necessarily need to be the same as your internet provider. I use Gmail for personal email. To make it more personalised I use my own domain with it rather than using @gmail.com but other than that it's using Google infrastructure. Works great. While not quite on a par with Exchange it's not all that far behind.
  2. RichM

    Admin Vacancy (Voluntary)

    Site Merchandising Admin Canal World will soon be looking to provide merchandise (e.g. window stickers) available to purchase for a small fee. All funds received will go towards funding Canal World as a non-profit community driven forum & online resource. In addition, it will also help towards promoting the site which will help us continue to grow. Canal World is looking for an individual to join our voluntary team of staff. This is an admin role with the primary responsibility to manage merchandise. Initially this will only include small window stickers but may also extend to other small items in future. Responsibilities and requirements: Dispatch (via mail) small items (merchandise) purchased via Canal World Liaise with supplier(s) to order and arrange delivery of stock (small items) Respond to online enquiries Available to volunteer 2-3 hours a week This is a voluntary role and as such we can provide flexibility. Due to the nature of the role it does require easy access to a computer with internet access along with basic computer skills. Training can be provided if required. If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers and feel that you are suitable for the role, Daniel (Site owner) and the team would like to hear from you. Please contact us via our contact page (linked here) to express your interest. We would be grateful if applicants could summarise their suitability for the role. Equally, if you know anyone who may be interested in joining the team, please let us know. Opportunities may be available to volunteer in other areas of the site where suitable and if of interest to the successful applicant. Feel free to ask any questions in relation to this vacancy in this topic or contact us directly via our contact page. Thank you in advance RichM
  3. RichM

    Forum Finances Update June 2018

    As mentioned, there is no obligation to pay. We have hosting, software licence and other associated costs with running a site and as such we ask members to consider making donations to help keep us afloat. Looking at the Picasso Forum you mentioned, I can see they too ask for donations quite clearly at the top right of the page. Other forums such as PPPruNe display ads all over their site. Without getting too technical, every image on this site (just like any other site) is hosted (stored) on a special computer. (server) The server sends all content (data) to you over a very fast internet connection. We don't host these servers in our houses or boats. What if there were a power cut? What if the internet dropped for even a moment? The whole site would go down. Plus we need a stable and fast internet connection to send this data to everyone given that we have hundreds of users online per day. As such we pay a company to host these servers for us. These servers are housed in large high security buildings. It's essentially a large warehouse full of servers but it's arguably as secure as a high security prison. All images on this site including this one are stored in this place: As good as it is, unfortunately we don't get any of this for free. Someone has to foot the bill at the end of the day. Quite simply this is why we ask for donations but again, there is no obligation. On that note it seems appropriate to express our thanks to those who have and continue to donate to us. RichM
  4. RichM

    Meeting Forum Members

    Perhaps it would be good if we could produce something members can print (optionally ofc), cut and then display in their window? Maybe using a licence holder easily purchasable from many chandlers. Looks like similar ideas have surfaced before. Maybe this could help Alan in his quest to meet other forum members but joking aside, might be worthwhile? Something like the following: (at least conceptually) Must stress this is just a 5 minute mock up/draft to give an idea. Something like this would need Daniel's approval but it would be good to see if there's any interest. RichM
  5. RichM

    Interesting Error Message

    I could but I'd rather try and stay out of it. FWIW though I agree in that I don't see the point in having rules in place if they're not going to be consistently and thus fairly enforced.
  6. RichM


    If you're looking for something affordable but reasonably reliable, perhaps go middle of the road. I had a 1800w MSW Sterling inverter that was over 15 years old until I accidentally killed it. I replaced it with a PSW Sterling 1600w inverter. (SIB121600) https://www.ebcmarine.com/sterling/sterling-pure-sine-inverters/sterling-1600w-pure-sine-inverter-sib121600-12v-dc-to-230-vac
  7. RichM

    Looking for a tender

    I'm looking for a tender with a small outboard, capable carrying 2/3 people. Any suggestions/recommendations? RichM
  8. RichM


    Not aware of any changes to this. Looks the same to me??
  9. RichM

    Logging in

    Agree this sounds like a classic cookie problem. Assuming you you have tried clearing them and that your device accepts them, please can you try changing your password, log out and back in again with the new password. It will give you a new cookie. As an aside the disclaimer notification in relation to cookies has no technical bearing on cookies themselves. It’s just an annoying GDPR thing, to be frank about it. RichM
  10. RichM

    Aldi Solar Battery Maintainer

    I had one of these as a gift for Christmas. Nice thought but not much use for a bank of 5 batteries...
  11. RichM

    Interesting Error Message

    OK makes more sense now. Thank you. After having a look at the topic in question I can advise that it is not a technical issue per se but the error message you see is misleading. - It is however automatically generated by the forum software as a result of the topic in question no longer being visible. All other active topics in that forum should be visible. Apologies for any confusion caused. Cheers RichM Technical admin
  12. RichM

    Interesting Error Message

    Which topic are you trying to view? I tested some random topics in the Virtual Pub with normal user permissions and it worked ok this end. Need to be able to replicate the problem. Thanks RichM
  13. RichM

    Database issues this evening

    You're welcome. Interested to hear how you get on. RichM
  14. RichM

    Database issues this evening

    Possibly though if that were the case it would likely do the same for everyone. It's likely to be a local issue, i.e. something only happening on your machine. Try in another browser as a test, ideally one you rarely use. If the problem does not occur in the other browser then it's likely a cache/cookie issue with your main browser.
  15. Hi, We've had some database issues this evening. This should be fixed now but please let us know if you encounter any further issues. Apologies for any inconvenience. Thank you RichM

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