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  1. Thanks for the ideas, Good to know I've got some options. I guess this may be one reason why many prefer to paint the interior of their boats rather than keep the wood effect look? Maybe I should give Oxalic acid another go, it has worked wonders on the galley worktop but I realise it's a different surface altogether. If that fails I will look at the other options suggested. Cheers
  2. Hi, Does anyone know how I can tackle or at least mask/hide the water damage shown below? The other side is the shower cubicle. I believe the water damage was caused by a bad silicone seal. I have since replaced it with a unibond silicone sealant and since then the water damage hasn't gotten worse but ultimately I want rid of the water damage. Replacing the ply wouldn't be a task I'd like to undertake. - the other side is decoratively tiled. I have tried using oxalic acid though it didn't help at all and from what I have read it's not best suited for this type of stain. Any suggestions appreciated. Worst case scenario I will have to apply some form of damp seal and paint the interior boat but to be honest I like the light oak wood effect throughout and wish to keep it if I can. Cheers Rich
  3. Thanks for reporting this. This is the first time I have been aware of this. Unfortunately a 502 bad gateway error can be caused by a number of different things server side. I have applied some config changes on the server though I'm not sure if this has resolved the issue. On the plus side; pages now seem to load a faster. (appreciate that it wasn't the issue 🙂) Anyhow these errors can occur on the rare occasion but should certainly not appear frequently. As such, if anyone sees this error again, please kindly post in this topic mentioning the time it occurred. I will then take another look at the logs on the server.
  4. I have tried to reproduce this issue though I haven't been able to do so. Is it possible to try clearing your browser cache and try again? RichM
  5. A few months ago we were hit by a spam attack which as a side effect resulted in our mail server being blacklisted by many anti-spam bodies. As a result, there was a brief period whereby some users could not receive genuine emails from us, such as password reset emails, site notifications etc etc. While it's difficult to block spam attacks entirely, it's possible to put in mitigating measures and the use of recaptcha more extensively is one of those measures we have put in place to help prevent recurrences. That said it should not be overly intrusive as it acts based on trigger points. I will review these over the weekend.
  6. We have completed the update. Thanks for your patience.
  7. If the likes of Victron and Mastervolt are outside of your budget I'd recommend a Sterling PSW inverter. I didn't want to splash out on a Victron or Mastervolt unit but equally I did not want to settle for Chinese rubbish, so I went for a Sterling 1600W Pure Sine Wave Inverter (SIB121600), not bad for £320 that I paid last year. It won't power a microwave or a vacuum cleaner but to be honest I am not sure I'd want to be running either from the batteries anyway.
  8. Sooner or later I may wish to replace our Barrus Shire 30 hp engine, preferably with a Beta 35 or similar. The quotations I've received previously were near that of the price of a new reasonably priced small car, which seems crazy. I'm wondering if it's worth considering a reconditioned one instead? If so, does anyone recommend anywhere I can source one from? Cheers RichM
  9. We had a 15+ year old D5WSC, it was always developing faults with many of the problems already mentioned in this topic, typically 2-3 times in a year and usually at the most inconvenient times. It heated a 60 litre calorifier, 1 radiator, 2 fin rads and 1 towel rail. I recently had it replaced with a smaller D4WSC unit. It has to work a little harder than the old D5 due to being a slightly smaller which in theory helps to prevent it getting coked up. Conveniently it also burns less fuel on our 55ft narrowboat. Below I have attached a photo showing Eberspacher's recommendations based on Narrowboat size. (Source)
  10. Hello, In the coming weeks we will be updating the forum software to Invision Community 4.4.1. Don't panic! The overall look and feel will remain the same, though there will be a few new features & enhancements, to include: Search Engine Optimisation - to help Canal World appear more prominently in search engines such as Google Improvements to page load times - particularly beneficial to those using mobile internet connections such as 3G/LTE Improvements to help further encourage new member registrations Minor user interface improvements A full feature list included as part of this update can be found here. I must stress while this will bring various improvements, it is not a major update in that the overall look and feel will remain the same and we're confident it will remain familiar to our members and guests alike. While 4.4.0 is out already, we're currently awaiting for the release of the next software patch (4.4.1) before we commit to upgrade. We expect this to be in the coming weeks. - a further announcement will be posted to let you know when we plan to carry out the upgrade which will likely be done late one evening. Any questions please let me know Thanks RichM
  11. Another option is to go on a hotel boat. Some do short trips to a week or a more though hiring your own would give more of a taster..
  12. We have a Liverpool boat, 55ft though not with a Izuzu engine. For some reason it has a Barrus Shire 30 with PRM 150 gearbox since she was built in 2001 The hull is OK but having seen other boats of better spec and build quality (e.g. Aqualine) my next boat probably won't be a Liverpool Boat.
  13. FYI I have done two things: 1. Moved this topic from links directory forum to the general boating forum 2. Left a link in the links directory forum back to the topic in question, so that it can be found and to ensure that it still serves its original purpose as intended by the OP. Due to how the forum permissions are set for the Links Directory forum, all posts require Moderator approval and this was causing an issue with the ordering of posts and causing frustration among some members. Prior to now I don't believe this has been an issue given that the Links Directory forum is not typically used for discussion as evident from previous topics posted there. That said, I will look at revising the permissions going forward. Rich
  14. 680 litres, 55ft Narriowboat.
  15. Hi all, Following a recent announcement regarding the Moderator vacancy, we're pleased to welcome buccaneer66. to the team We're really pleased he has stepped forward to volunteer for the role especially given his previous experience Moderating discussion forums. Please take a moment to congratulate him. Thank you RichM
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