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  1. Tony Brookes and WotEver Thanks guys for the infomation please see the attached email I received from trojan. I'm still waiting for a reply from the victron agent telling me how to change the battery settings on the mppt. 80 % is a big discharge The figures I sent were Bulk 14.82 Float 13.50 Equalization 16.20
  2. Thank you I might email victron and ask there advice on battery choice as there doesn't seem to be an option for trojan lead acid batteries
  3. I have 960w solar connected to a victron mppt 150/85 and I am going to fit 6 x trojan t105 batteries in series / parallel. The settings on the mppt via bluetooth are in the pictures below. Question 1 What do the float, absorption and equalization need to be set at for these batteries. Question 2 What battery do I choose on the battery presets as that is all the options I have Question 3 What do I do with the Algorithm setting Thank you.
  4. Reading different things today and have found that the second option of connection is best as it charges and discharges the batteries equally. Rather than the first option which seems to work the first battery differently because it's the first on the connection. I'm no electrician but just trying to get my head around things and learn what I can before tackling and making changes so all advice is appreciated
  5. Thanks for the link blackrose I need to change things on the boat so trying to find information out before I start.
  6. And which is the best option for joining batteries together Or this way Or this way
  7. I've seen them cheaper than that but just put the link on to give folk an idea
  8. https://www.mdsbattery.co.uk/yuasa-pro-spec-dcb-1275-12.html
  9. Anyone ever used a set of Yuasa dcb 1275-12 batteries as leisure batteries
  10. We are off grid using 960w of solar, genny and boat engine for charging.
  11. Just wondering about traction batteries are they worth considering will they benefit me more than ordinary leisure batteries.
  12. Can you buy the pcb for a bmv 700 battery monitor separately, the one that fits on the shunt and if so where is the best place to get one. I think the pcb on my battery monitor as given up the ghost as it's showing all weird readings I've had the same problem before with my bmv 600 but I changed it for the 700 but after a couple of years this one is now starting to play me up. Cheers
  13. As a matter of interest what would you expect to pay roughly to have an old heater taken out and replaced with one of these. Are they easy enough to fit yourself
  14. All sorted now thanks to everyone
  15. Where's the best place to get one of these water pumps from and roughly how much are they
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