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  1. JLees


  2. Hi, Anybody coming down Camden Town way? We need Diesel... nearly empty!
  3. Any coal/wood boats upstream from Newark on the Trent, or tips for cheaper places to buy?
  4. You know I kinda agree, except that apart from this he's been absolutely great...... so I was thinking I could compromise and use the next smaller bottles until it occurred to me that (a) they might be proportionately much more expensive and (b)I'm not sure the fuel boats even stock them....I'm off grid most of the time so rely on that! As I said I'm a long way from the canals at the moment (china!) so can't check the next time one comes by! So if anyone could let me know? Would be much appreciated!
  5. Hi, I've got a bit of a glitch with my builder who has built the gas lockers to small to accept the 13kg bottles (honest communication gap). I'm a long way from the canals so was wondering if anyone could let me know if the fuel boats supply the next size down (6kg?) and what is the relative pricing? I've always used the 13kg bottles before. I've always used 13kg bottles before so am drawing a bit of a mental blank on this one! Thanks!
  6. Here's a link to a forum where I reckon a lot of sense is being talked, would seem to back up the notion that convector stoves might be pretty useful and also deal with the eternal problem that the 12v fan notion and the ecofan both rely on the counter intuitive notion of trying to displace cold air with warm! http://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/fan-in-the-stove-room-door-wow.79000/ and for what it's worth here's a link to what maybe a suitable fan (?) http://www.amazon.co.uk/12v-Delux-Oscillating-car-fan/dp/B002C2OINE/ref=tag_stp_s2_edpp_url
  7. All true but does a stove such as for example - the Fat Penguin or Portway Marine - help things along a little?
  8. Yep but, he says hopefully, the blurb on the box implies these stoves channel the cold air from the bottom and then out the top.... promoting air circulation as it were (?)
  9. Entirely possible that I'm getting my currents in a twist, but might not a convection (or convector) stove be a solution to the much discussed problem on how to shunt warm air up and down the cabin, and stop all the heat gathering at head height ? Any thoughts, experiences?
  10. Hi all, Trying to find a stove that would heat both the saloon kitchen (27 feet) and three radiators in rest of boat and additionally the clarifier.... was looking at Charnwood country 6, but have been told that the 2kw it provides for water just ain't going to cut it. Any recommendations out there? Thanks for all thoughts!
  11. JLees

    On board Hifi

    Yep sloppy useage on my part... to tell the truth I'd also be interested if a 12v system worthy of 320 or Flac recordings is possible...I'd kinda given up on the idea
  12. JLees

    Morco D61 or F11

    I've been advised to fit a an F11 because the boat water circulation pump supplies 11 litres/minute therefore the 6 litres/min provided by the D61 would be insufficient for the shower, whereby the F11 provides 11 litres/min. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience of this? I figure the D61 is much less hassle (and also battery sparked so no need for inverter to work electronic ignition) but if it doesn't provide hot water for showers, not a lot of use! Advice much appreciated! Also! - Is there an issue here with RCD? As a newbuild would the D61 Comply or only the F11 room sealed?
  13. JLees

    On board Hifi

    I know, I know an old topic - but I'm seeking clarity! Hifi for boat run off iphone or macbook pro (Have already) so need amp speakers etc, for saloon on reverse layout (minimum) has to be 12v, sound spreading to cruiser stern space would be nice but not a deal breaker - budget around 300 quid. Advice much much appreciated!
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