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  1. Thanks Bengo. Here's what I've found..... apart fro the John Deere manuals which are too big JD3 TUG Rev May2016 221-10476.pdf 221-10915 JD3 TUG QUICK REFERANCE ILLUSTRATED PARTS LIST.pdf
  2. Found copy of the operating manual as PDF if anyone needs it please message. In meantime I’ll try and find way of posting it here. Thanks fr help everyone!
  3. Thanks Alan! I did wonder whether that might be the case Thanks Dave, I’ll rattle Beta’s cage - see if I can get something out of them:) But failing that might indeed get back to you for a photo or two . Cheers
  4. Has anyone got a notion of how I might get hold of an operating manual for the JD3? Thanks:)
  5. Yeah I reckon you're right - its not a new paint job, so figure all good. Thanks for the thoughts - appreciated
  6. nope but previous owner had it on a hook up so figure she was using plug in radiators etc
  7. Thank you very much! Would a photo and a spec or two help?
  8. Thanks Dave, the boat is Merlin. If you know anything of it, I'd be keen to hear! I guess I was wondering amongst other thoughts - would this make for crazy condensation/
  9. Thanks guys - you’ve brought a little light into the darkness!:)
  10. OK great, gotta figure there must have been some kind of waterproof membrane added between the wood and the steel, otherwise the wood would just rot?
  11. Thanks David, I’m 90% certain it was steel (tho now you’ve got me thinking! - so I’m going to check! But I’ll attach a photo which sounds pretty much what you’re talking about I think?
  12. Excellent thanks BEngo - all pretty close!:) Excellent, thanks BEngo - all pretty close so can ask around. Cheers:)
  13. Bit of an odd one. Helping a friend look for a boat, found an old Malcom Braine Tug in need of a bit of work but with good bones. Thing is as far as I can tell without digging holes in the wall it looks like there’s no insulation layer between the v solid T&G lining and the steel work. Not quite sure what to make of that. Anyone had any experiences or can cast a bit of light? Not too worried about the warmth aspect to be honest, all small spaces and stoves should do the trick but that’s all I’ve got as far as a perspective goes! Also during my youff I’m fairly sure I was on several boats without insulation but I was young and it’s all a bit fuzzy:)
  14. I thought about asking Martin Kedian (seen his posts on FB) We’re down South - west London ish
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