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  1. Go to Llangollen first, stop at sun Trevor pub, send someone ahead to first passing point, if no boats coming move on up and stop at passing point, your walker should nearly be at second stopping point, move accordingly using phone.Get ready for a sharp bend.Never had a problem so far. Sun Trevor pub is ok to stop overnight as well.
  2. Timx

    Lost chair

    It’s about an hour or so away travelling up stream to Evesham, on designated moorings. cheers.
  3. Hi, on river Avon travelling towards Stratford, left my directors chair, at Craycombe turn moorings , two days ago under the tree. Anyone travelling down past that way, please pm me for twenty quid reward if going to Stratford.Cheers.
  4. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    So far,a great guy has checked everything, (great boat mechanic)and all looks ok. So last possible problem was actual alarm being faulty, so have ordered another one. But apparently it’s more likely to be with the hot weather and newish solar panels, as this can set the alarm off, with too much power going in, and I need to turn the solar panels off when travelling. All makes sense, hard to diagnose with so many possibilities, but I feel secure it’s not a boat engine problem , but a diagnostic problem.
  5. Are people complaining about the overgrowth not being cut back, its getting ridiculous in places, even designated mooring spots are overgrown. Blind bends are a plenty just through vegetation overgrowth. Yet, money still being spent on tarmaccing some of the walking bits.
  6. Amazed to see some cutting, everywhere I seem to go is overgrown.
  7. If you stop at the watermill pub just after tescos, you will be fine ,offside but by a road in front so a little noisy if sitting at front of boat. Nice and safe though, although food is a bit “ping”
  8. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    Thanks for the information.
  9. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    Thank you, I am going to get someone to look at it, I looked at oil level , belts and coolant today before taking off for a short cruise, all fine. my major concern is that I have been planning on going down the Severn and then up the Avon. Not sure wether to give that up as too risky given circumstances. I am also confused by these alarms, the usual one on starting, would I presume, indicate broken belts, no charging, oil or temp, or is that wrong as I have never heard this buzzing alarm, what does that signify? The temp gauge is dodgy, but usually a couple of knocks on the screen knocks it back to what you would expect, which I did whilst this buzzer was sounding and it went back to just over starting point as usual. But after engine cooled for ten minutes it did stay off for ten minutes whilst engine was running before buzzing again, so would that indicate a temperature sensor somewhere else. I did have the coolant completely changed a couple of years ago, and the level is consistent. if I get someone out to look at it, what could they tell if there is no problem at the time.? The usual alarm is inconsistent and I did get a mechanic to look at it, and just by checking the connections it worked straight away till next day. should I ask them to replace everything?
  10. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    Skin tank, and belts fine, it’s just a weird buzzing alarm.
  11. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    Thanks temp seemed ok although dodgy meter, so a temp alarm within the control.? Can’t understand if coolant levels are ok. Don’t know what to do.
  12. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    Hi, I have had problems with my alarm sounding, as you start engine it rarely alarms. But I keep an eye on gauges, so not too bothered, although temp gauge, is temperamental and I need to tap it a few times to get a true reading. Anyway today after about a three hour journey, just before last lock of the day, a buzzing alarm type noise started from the control panel. I have never heard that in eight years of ownership. As I turned the engine off the normal alarm worked before I shut it down. I tried it on and off a few times, still same pattern with this loud buzzing alarm. So after 15 minutes I tried it again, and all was fine, then after five minutes it started again, so I moored up for the night. Any ideas what this is, I am approaching the Severn so don’t want to go on there without sorting it. The gauges were fine, the coolant has been changed a couple of years ago and is right level. The control panel top seemed hotter than surrounding area to touch. Any ideas what is wrong ?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I rang up for next available booking, (I was moored by Stanley pub)and told its in ten minutes, still had to pay though. The lift staff told me that the booking I went down on had already gone, but let me down anyway. They were complaining the booking system is a mess. The visitor moorings at Northwich and river moorings at boat lift were nearly full yesterday.
  16. Two weeks to do four counties, then two weeks to Liverpool and back, any spare time could be spent on the weaver.
  17. Anderton to Middlewich is a better trip as you are on the right side of the towpath, for blind bends and overgrown reeds blocking your sight. Coming back is not as pleasant if u meet a speeding or inexperienced crew at those blind spots.
  18. It was like that last September, obviously not been sorted since then.
  19. Astley green as afore mentioned is my preferred stopping point, nice pub, and bins if you turn left at the bridge, but they are hidden.
  20. I am moored with tyres for fenders,I will try tying the tiller to one side. The boat is draughted 30” stern and 18” bow. The rudder stock being loose in the bearings could be a possibility. I got a new bearing a couple of years ago, but there is some give in the tiller. Maybe have it looked at when it’s out for blacking. It’s too windy to turn boat around easily. Thanks for replies.
  21. Hi, when it’s windy, I can hear what appears to be my rudder, or something, bouncing back and forwards, creating a banging noise. This is when moored. So I have tied my tiller to straight ahead position, but still this annoying dun dun noise like it’s moving, but on o bservation, the tiller doesn’t move, so what could be causing it. It’s not just now, has been noticed in other moorings on windy days. Can’t think what it can be apart from rudder, but swan neck tied off straight.?
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. You should have a choice as to which way to wind , if it is windy tomorrow. Which is handy, so don’t think u will have any problem with just 50’ , enjoy.
  24. Are u sure you have the stop cocks open, they may have been open and you turned them shut ?
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