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  1. After over a year of being mostly on the boat, I'm taking the opportunity to stay on dry land for once instead 🙂
  2. I don't see the problem — let's face it, they won't need all that much space to boast about all they're doing to care for our waterways. A small exhibition of the smart new signage should do it, and the café can coexist happily. Or is this a veiled threat to actually do some work to care for our waterways?
  3. Yes, of course it's only lazy itinerant boaters. Couldn't possibly be lazy boaters of any other variety. If I consistently only burned wood and only generated wood ash, I would consistently spread my cold ash out in the wild. Why? Because it's the most environmentally sensible thing to do. It returns nutrients to the soil, and it avoids chucking yet another bag full of something that could be disposed of more sensibly into a landfill, locked inside a non-degradable container. I couldn't give a toss about people thinking it unsightly (which it can't be - it's spread); I'd much ra
  4. I'm pretty easy-going; I don't mind people nudging me, bumping me, breasting up, crossing my boat, whatever. But I was full-on rammed by a day boat last year on the Peak Forest, and nearly again on the Macclesfield, and I must admit that I had a sense of humour failure at the day boat skipper. I take the view that if their contact would likely sink one of our plastic pot brethren, shouting isn't entirely unjustified. Particularly if they're having a good laugh about it. Minor incidental contact is just part and parcel, isn't it? It's why we all have rubbing strakes/guard irons.
  5. I'm reasonably certain it's possible to be able to afford the upkeep of a boat without being in a position to afford the capital outlay to buy one outright. I say reasonably certain - I seem to get by quite comfortably, and I've spent the past year de facto unemployed thanks to the pandemic. I certainly wasn't in a position to afford to buy my boat outright though. I've bought two boats with unsecured personal loans, the most recent one of which was from my bank. The other was brokered by Pegasus.
  6. I used Ricky Tropman last year and he was excellent.
  7. 😂 alright. Going off on a tangent; can anyone recommend me a gas engineer who is a current IIMS member? Asking for a friend, but he doesn't wish to say any more.
  8. Why would one expect a marine surveyor to be Gas Safe-registered?
  9. Another neater alternative, if there is appropriate power at the bow end of the cabin, would be to use the good cable to switch a relay and power the tunnel lamp from an existing circuit. Might still need some fiddling with panelling at the bow end, but at least you wouldn't have to try to run new cable the length of the boat. Edit: or just use the existing circuit's negative, no relay needed. Makes much more sense than my first attempt!
  10. A person of any gender who doesn't expect to overly burden every other person they cruise past.
  11. Inspired by comments on another thread: what is in your essential toolkit? What is the bare minimum that you would consider cruising with (or without)?
  12. Sent you a PM, but for the benefit of the thread, a gentleman known as 'Giddy' did a top job on some welding for me last year. I've lost his number, but I suspect Portland Basin Marina would have it.
  13. I don't recommend trying it, but I've winded a 50' directly above Berkhamsted top lock. Don't think you'll have any issues with 48' and an actual sensible bit of canal!
  14. Don't be ridiculous - there are plenty of people boating in London because they actually appreciate living afloat. Their reasons, their circumstances and their priorities may not exactly align with yours - but they are still boaters, living on boats and enjoying the benefits that come with living on boats.
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