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  1. To come back full circle, appreciating that perhaps my viewpoint is a bit naΓ―ve and unfair on insurers. The original point was that I'm not aware of other insurers being quite so onerous with their survey requirements, rightly or wrongly. Perhaps I am wrong, I obviously only buy one marine insurance policy per year, I am not an informed expert on marine insurance. But this doesn't seem to be the norm, and so I am looking for alternatives. I'm going to call Craftinsure and Towergate (current insurer) tomorrow and go from there.
  2. And likewise some give the sense that any weather event, no matter how benign and expected in the context of longer-term climate patterns, is the next entirely unforeseen calamity delaying your journey home for entirely unforeseeable reasons. I spend a lot of time in snowy places. Some bits of this country do well β€” but some bits really, really don't. πŸ˜‚
  3. Mainly so that when some cretin, land or water-based, steals my entire life, I'm not left with no possessions, home or recompense.
  4. Oh, for sure. But the exhaust (not) being 5" above the waterline has already been covered by the survey that I do have. It'd be a bit of a shit pointless survey otherwise, would it not? The choc block is unlikely to have sprouted of is own accord in the 29th year. It's a risk which exists for a craft of any age old enough to have been tinkered with. As I say, I do appreciate why they may have have taken the stance that they have, but it appears to be outwith the position of other insurers, and ultimately I'm going to exercise my ability to do business with more reasonable co
  5. About to turn thirty, so yes, the survey is for insurance purposes. Wasn't covered by GJW last year, but I have been a customer of theirs in the past. I appreciate I see it from my perspective and not the perspective of an insurer making a decision based on fact and policy only, but I'm struggling to identify any serious risks that a full survey will likely discover, that the BSSC will not have discovered, that aren't engine-related. On the subject of the engine, it doesn't take thirty years for an abused engine to show itself as being unreliable. And in this instance that's irr
  6. Firstly, yes, it's ultimately my fault for not checking the requirements in advance of having a survey conducted, but I was a bit surprised to receive this today from GJW: (My bold) I politely told them to fuck off, because I think that is three steps removed from being reasonable. Anyone want to suggest alternative insurers with a more realistic outlook?
  7. The towpath is underwater above Middlewich Big Lock β€” definitely wouldn't like to be downhill on the river right now! What's truly insane is just how much snow has fallen so quickly.
  8. My current weed hatch is of that design, with ten bolts and ten nuts to remove to gain access. Naturally the old wingnuts and bolts had rusted, damaged heads, etc, and took over an hour to remove the first time. I've now replaced them all with shiny new bolt, nuts and spring washers, but I still wouldn't fancy doing it in a hurry in extremis!
  9. If you have a modern phone, you can install an app to record your conversations. Quite useful for those slimy sorts of organisations that refuse to communicate via written word. My last letting agents being a prime example.
  10. I awoke to surprise snow a few days ago on the Trent & Mersey. Mostly now melted, but the towpath is icy and frozen, and the canal is now frozen over. Mist in the valley. Beautiful.
  11. I would personally do it through the front of the socket rather than unscrewing it from the wall, but thanks to a clever safety feature of British sockets, the bottom (live and neutral) holes are shuttered unless something (usually the pin of a plug) is inserted in the top (earth) hole. I personally think that's safer than the faff of unscrewing the frontplate from the wall and trying to probe terminals which are now just flapping around on the end of a cable in an awkward place β€” but obviously I can't condone sticking things other than plugs in mains sockets... If you did decide t
  12. When I eventually have mine signwritten, it will be have Pen Trwn as its home (which patently isn't correct for a 50' narrow boat!). Why? It ties in with the name. Subtly celebrating a niche bit of history for those in the know πŸ™‚
  13. A mains testing plug is a good idea if you don't feel confident with a multimeter, but the meter will give you more information (and you'll learn a useful new skill in the process). Just follow the golden rule and don't touch the shiny bits! Also as mentioned above, if you do as mentioned above and test with the 230V (unambiguously) isolated, the danger is nonexistent. Though for completeness, I'd also want to meter the 230V circuits too. The pin-out for a UK 230V socket, as designed and as you look at it, should be: PE N L But I'd meter between all
  14. It's impossible to quantify accurately, but one also has to remembering that touring music productions are a small subset of the whole industry. A good number of European corporate events are supplied by British companies, for example. I've spent a reasonable amount of my working time in Europe and further afield, working for British clients. At a stroke, a huge amount of work has been wiped out and made impossible for a large number of UK-based freelancers and production companies. Some of the most notable productions the world over originate in this country. The number of people who will fee
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