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  1. People have gone out of their way to help you by spending their time replying and giving you advice. The least you could do is humour them by actually taking steps to follow their advice. If you had done so, your problem would have been diagnosed, almost certainly, long ago.
  2. You really have to love boats to live on one. But the flip side is that if you really love boats, there's nothing as rewarding as living on one. You need to find out how much you love boats, I'd say.
  3. The same but with weapons, bonus excitement and the occasional need to dig big holes with small shovels?
  4. A Victron GX device and a GPS-capable 4G router would do the job, if you also have or plan on installing 4G Internet. But that only fully makes sense if you spec the whole system as a Victron system, otherwise you lose most of the functionality and benefits of the GX being able to talk to and control the rest of your system. You can also get a GSM and GPS 'dongle' for GX, but I feel it makes more sense just to install a 4G router that can do GPS, as that way you'll also have Internet (with a data SIM from a mobile provider) That's the way I'll be going in the future, anyway, but all of my existing hardware (inverter, MPPT, battery monitor) is Victron. The 4G router I have is quite nifty for this sort of thing β€” it'll take unregulated DC in from something like 9-30V and so can by fed by the DC system directly with minimal bodging and no DIY electronics. It also does GPS, and is connected to a decent omni 4G/WiFi/GPS antenna on the roof.
  5. No, exactly, and think you've failed to grasp my point. Abuse of the law isn't acceptable and it shouldn't be tolerated by anyone who has half an ounce of common sense, regardless of how much they feel the person on the receiving end deserves it. On second reading, I've probably misinterpreted your post. I thought it was inferring that 'the enemy' are the boaters running generators, and as such condoning CRT's flagrant misrepresentation(s) of the law. Does that make it right?
  6. Right. So abuse of process and abuse of the law is entirely acceptable as long as it's felt that those on the receiving end deserve it? Go forth.
  7. Sorry, air draught is what I meant πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks all, Hawne Basin it is, subject to draught!
  9. Ah β€” are there no options to the south? I filled up last time at Oxley, but was hoping to head up the Stourbridge Canal instead of doing Aldersley again. Actually, I've just this moment discovered that Sherborne Wharf sell diesel, so I'll probably motor on into Birmingham and sort it out there. Pretty sure the tank isn't that empty...🀞
  10. I'm currently not too far north of Stourton Junction, planning on heading up to the BCN and onwards to the Grand Union. While it's not yet a major concern, I could do with knowing what the diesel options are as they seem quite sparse β€” certainly if the Staffordshire & Worcestershire is anything to judge by β€”and I don't have the fullest of tanks as things stand. Any ideas?
  11. I considered that, but I'm pretty sure my tank is shy of 200L. Been a while since it was filled from empty though, so could easily be wrong! Still, say 140-160L in the tank and 40-60L in jerry cans would work. But it's a shame that having it trucked is obviously less economical overall than being able to buy it canal-side.
  12. I've stopped washing my hair with shampoo entirely, and I can confirm that it feels far better for it after a short initial period of being very greasy. I've always suffered from dandruff, and that has also improved massively. What's more interesting is that, despite having always had healthy/soft/nice hair, I washed it once with shampoo once well established in this routine (to remove some oily boat maintenance awfulness), and it turned awful and dry for a few days. I firmly believe that the body is best at regulating these sorts of things on its own, if you give it a chance.
  13. Are there many boatyards stocking and selling HVO currently? I'd be very willing to change over, but as a continuous cruiser it's not really feasible to buy and store in bulk.
  14. It might make it quieter, but it won't do any good at all for the long-term health of your engine.
  15. Bit rude. It's a discussion forum, not your own personal question-and-answer service.
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