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  1. tehmarks


    Oh yes, I forgot about the roof leak around the Paloma chimney, and the flooding of the bilge with a full tank of water when the pipework froze. And yet I'm still not put off? Sanity is being questioned, for sure. Thankfully I suspect it might take a while to find the ideal boat this time around, so plenty of time to reconsider...😉
  2. tehmarks


    I can remember very clearly my first and only stint of living aboard...two years of temperamental access to electricity, of arriving back home after days away for work to a damp and freezing cold boat in the depths of winter, and of moving the boat in the pitch dark after work when all I wanted to do was cook and sleep. ...and yet, here I am, longing to live on the cut again as a continuous cruiser and very seriously looking at boats (from afar thankfully, currently in the Alps). Boat life - you really can't beat it, can you?
  3. Hi all, I had some engine cooling problems last night, and need to pick up a new cap on the way home tonight. Unfortunately I didn't have a look at the cap last night and I'm nowhere near the boat currently. Does anyone know off the top of their heads what I need?
  4. Apologies for the late reply - I ran away to Cornwall for a week! Some options to look into, thank you all who've contributed.
  5. I don't have to be moving south, but I wouldn't like to head much further north than Braunston. Suggestions on the K&A or Oxford Canals are also welcome, as that'd fit with my future plans.
  6. I'm currently on the Wendover Arm and heading south.
  7. Hi all, I'm looking to refit my bathroom (which is currently in a bit of a sorry state) It's beyond the amount of time I have available and the amount of effort I'd like to invest, so I'm more interested in getting quotes for the work to be done. The work to be done includes: Tile (or similar) the wall around the bath Lay flooring (probably vinyl) Fit a small sink Tidy up various bits such as the pump switch and what have you Potentially reline a wall; this would need looking at and discussing in more detail Potentially remove the bath and replace with a shower cubicle; I'm still thinking on this though Does anyone have any suggestions for people or companies who might wish to quote on such work? Preferably on the Southern GU, but I'm open to travelling if needed.
  8. Thank you all. I'm certainly happy to support the fuel boats, and to date the only place I've bought coal or diesel from is Jules since I moved on to the cut in November. If I get desperate though I will keep Grove Lock Marina in mind. I'm going all the way to the Aylesbury Arm in due course, once the stoppage between Horton Lock and Seabrook is cleared. As above Ian, my immediate plans are to spend a bit of time on the Aylesbury Arm. I'm heading slowly to Brentford via all of the distractions I can find, so I will eventually be going through the Marsworth and Hanwell flights. I will give you a call if I get stuck for crew! That's interesting to know. Do you have any more details?
  9. Hi all, Firstly thank you for all the advice I've received in previous topics; I forgot to reply to a few to give thanks, but it has all been very much appreciated! I'm currently at Fenny Stratford and could do with topping the tank up. Anyone any idea where has the cheapest price currently? I'm planning on heading south through Leighton Buzzard in the next week or so.
  10. For a no-power slow cooker equivalent in the winter, buy yourself a cast iron casserole dish and stick it on top of the stove. Works brilliantly, consumes zero electricity, and makes use of something you're most probably already using to keep your boat warm.
  11. I switch off the pump if I remember - the switch is right beside the door, so there's very little reason not to. I don't bother with the gas.
  12. I went past the services above Cosgrove Lock a few days ago before realising there was nowhere to moor. Reversed back up, past the services and around the bend, and onto a mooring right behind some tupperware without any difficulties or cursing. I thought the feat had gone unnoticed, but the owner of said tupperware (and the narrowboat it was tied to) struck up a conversation the following day, asked if this was my first boat, and congratulated me on how well I'd reversed it. He didn't see two days before or two days after though where it all went horribly wrong. I blame the wind in those cases...
  13. And of course, with no one watching, I pulled it off perfectly at Cosgrove Lock today. Pointed the bow at the lock landing, swung the stern in inches in front of the boat moored next door to the landing, and stepped off as the boat came parallel to the landing and almost - but not quite - touching. Strapped the boat to a halt gently while admiring the uprooted bollard next to the one I was using. There's never an audience when you want one...
  14. Off the top of my head I'd say it was even shorter than that, with a rounded stern and a more 'proper' bow. I'll have to grab a photo the next time I see it.
  15. Thank you all for the replies. Will hopefully catch a name when (if) they next pass. They're both in pretty good condition, and I'd hazard a guess that the butty has been made up into a bedroom or similar; that's how it looks from the outside at least. I'm just curious to know how such a boat came about - it looks exactly like someone's taken a trad stern narrowboat and shrunk it comically. Looks like it'd make a great 'garden shed'.
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