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  1. Good news - Beta Marine have now said that HVO fuel can be used with all of their engines (old and new) without modification. I spotted this advert (attached PDF) in one of the free boat papers. Bad news is my marina has switched again and now is only selling red diesel ! Beta article.pdf
  2. The marina I'm based at are to stop suppling red diesel and will swap to Crown HVO as a 'green' replacement. Their advice is that you can swap to the new fuel without any problems/issues. I have a c.20 year old Beta Marine engine - has anybody with a similar engine made this change, did you have to make any alterations to your fuel system and have you had any issues? Overall I think the move to more environmentally friendly fuels is great but I want to be aware of any issues/problems up front.
  3. Irthlingborough was working fine at about midday. Passed through ok all as you would expect.
  4. I took a walk to the lock yesterday (Im in Blackthorne). There were 3 EA staff at the lock looking around. Talking to them they were saying that they are still trying to get things sorted by the weekend but dependent on suppliers. Think that any messing around at the lock is likely to be kids - seems to be a bit of a meeting point for swimming and canoes! Like you I need to come up with a plan B if not fixed soon.
  5. Morning. I'm in Blackthorne marina. The staff have told me they have spoken to EA. Apparently they have the parts back and will start work over next few days. Could be open Monday or Tuesday. Anyone close enough to lock to spot any activity?
  6. Good to get some info. Fingers crossed. It was Fox's at March where I waited out the Wadenhoe problem!
  7. Morning - does anybody have any news? I tried contacting the EA yesterday but got no info back.
  8. Oh no. Was planning to go through there today! Currently at Islip. Is there an official EA post on this!
  9. Would one of the boaters near by please confirm. Ta.
  10. A nice chap from the EA just rang me. They are expecting replacement parts Thursday/Friday at their depot and will then arrange installation. It feels like progress - 😆🍺!
  11. Hello - any news from the EA - I'm coming across from March and planning to travel up the Nene home. Just wondered if its worth holding up somewhere!
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