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  1. Brilliant......I owe you beer..... Should be able to facilitate in, say June. Please, swing by....we're in Sheffield (boat and boozer) R
  2. Yup.....thats what I was hoping to do....just can't find any 12v DC supply. To be honest, I'm a publican...I know this world, but electrics is not my thing. ....ask me a difficult beer related question and I can sort it R
  3. Thanks... Yup, found those...was looking for one similar to the one I bought....even if I have to take the gubbins from the back and keep the facia. R
  4. Hi All.......had a search, so I stupidly bought a 240v AC dimmer switch thinking it would work on a 12v DC supply.... I'm really struggling to find 12v DC dimmer similar to this...don't think they exist? Thanks....you can issue dissapointed head shakes and siimilar penalties later.....(Yes I was rather stooooopid) Richard.
  5. Good Morning, so sorry for the late response. I would be very, very interested in seeing some of the archive pics you took. Let me explain a little, I'm opening a bar/restaurant in Victoria Quays, Sheffield. We have built the bar out of some of the timbers bought to refurbish DP and I still have some of the old timbers from the Boat itself. We're called The Dorothy Pax after the historic boat. Perhaps we can meet up? Here's my email address: dorothypax@gmail.com All the very best, Richard. ps: I live on a wb in Jonathan Wilson's Yard.
  6. Hi Guys....apart from the fact that this historic boat never got restored, can anyone tell me anything more about it? Thanks Richard.
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