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  1. OK. Well at least I know now. Thank you everyone for your time and advice. Any recommendations for a new pump?
  2. OP here. So I was trying to get a pin in and clearly water is in the wire and can been seen here coming out. Guessing this is not a good thing and why it is not working.
  3. Ok so I lack a lot of technical ability but could maybe muddle through some of this. At the end of the day though what am I looking at. Best and worse case scenarios.
  4. Yeah I only have led bulbs available. I can get hold of a multi meter if that will help
  5. Has far as I am aware it is just left over from old electrics and has no function.
  6. Couldn't tell you exactly but less than 5. About 2 to 3 years at guess Blade fuses
  7. I attached a cigarette lighter charger to the wires coming out of the switch into the pump and it worked fine
  8. Scratch that. I tried something else and there is power going into the pump
  9. No I don't. Guess I will have to get one. I have a switch under the sink and have tried it a few times but nothing happening. OK so how do i do this. Assume I am an idiot that knows nothing
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