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  1. Sorry for the long URL, hope it works. A by and large realistic representation of canal life from across the pond… https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/20/world/europe/england-canal-boats-permanent-homes.html?unlocked_article_code=AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACEIPuonUktbfqohkT1UZAybKWsIjolqLmOLI2LF7i3nxKCGTRXNJxuIcB82K_E7Rfu97asE21jKWQsMEMLgqSec0zvNaOwYlbTiUlaa-ucZPJTQp-8X0V3kq3pnJUPc2_TLjMWK1daJxzuPu-k-LO2L1UaPeg2kmcApipJNlIlz62XwY1-ySRL4Or9p02v4iBJ96RS5RJ3XZ-qm1VGgtfYmOfRre6QEpWu9GWjq1nNeU6L8Icws6GkuRBTokoj56sIUATYtRaKXvLBcgeN78iKETDgFqLYSpAp4xQevEhn7J87UVCX3KgbkSpNiPZNg
  2. I'm in Maidenhead, and would thoroughly recommend my local, The Boathouse at Boulters Lock. Very good gastropubby type food, middling prices and pontoon mooring. The Waterside is indeed fantastic, with Michelin stars and would be great it you wanted a very special formal dinner. Not sure it'd accommodate a narrowboat on it's mooring though but worth asking ahead if you fancy it. An alternative 'Roux' offering is located by Maidenhead Bridge at more Brasserie prices. Oakley Court is good for a hotel. Great location and a fantastic building which starred as the house in Rocky Horror and the School in St Trinians! French Horn in Sonning is superb for very traditional French Cuisine at a high-ish price point, but is on a backwater and may be inaccessible depending on your boat and/or stream conditions. There's mooring in Sonning a five minute walk away though. Also the Great House in Sonning which is good, or the pub, The Bull which George Clooney tried to buy so I guess is OK. The Bounty is quirky but not a gastronomic destination unless you enjoy the 'prison chic' of having your (generally fried)meal served on a metal plate. Spade Oak is good but don't bank on there being a mooring and if there isn't there's no alternative within a reasonable walk of the place. The King's Arms in Cookham as previously mentioned is excellent and the same 'mini chain' as the Spade Oak. Many other options in Cookham if you fancy a short stroll. The restauranty White Oak is very good indeed, as is the pubby Old Swan Uppers. Marlow's got many options, the best IMO being Tom Kerridges 'The Coach'. By the bridge and with potential moorings is the Compleat Angler with a great Michelin starred Indian restaurant. Henley also has many offerings as mentioned. Reading's not really the best for a 'special' experience IMO. Hope this helps! Bon Appetite
  3. These really tickle my fancy for when my narrowboating days are over... https://www.peterfreebody.com/brokerage-detail.php?boat=8
  4. Ah, enjoy! We’re going into the ‘Curley Wyrley’ to Norton Canes
  5. Virtually the same trip as us apart from the choice of last locks, and we’ve found a quiet mooring just short of Tipton. Did you have any trouble on the Stratford? We were bombarded with chunks of tree by youths just before the tunnel ?
  6. Thanks for the guidance. We came up Smethwick Locks with few issues other than a pair of joggers around the prop in lock 1, and a virtually empty pound between 2 and 3, which were both soon sorted. Saw ‘Keeping up’ moored up but nobody seemed at home! ?
  7. Yikes! I’m now worried about passing through there, is that near the three locks we have to go down. We’ve already had to call police this morning to escort us through an area where we were being attacked by youths throwing large chunks of wood at us! Sorry, not down, up!
  8. Super, thanks for the help ?
  9. Hmmm. I’m heading for Tipton today, for the first time, currently on the N Stratford. Which bit’s got the problem? In the Nicholson’s my options seem to be either the Wolverhampton Level or Birmingham Level, which was my intended route. Any guidance much appreciated, also where’s good and quiet to moor in Tipton?
  10. Good news! Where on facebook do you get this information, is there a K and A group or somesuch?
  11. Just come from there as my boating's been held up by this and I wanted to know what was going on. The owner told me the bow got stuck on the bottom gate as he was emptying the lock and the stern shipped water sinking the boat; he noticed but couldn't lower the paddles quick enough. Poor chap. A salutary tale for all, it's not just the stern cilling we need to be aware of going downhill. There's a couple of big pumps there trying to empty the lock so they can refloat the boat. Looks like an amateur endeavour at the moment and doesn't look as if it's an official CRT thing as none of their liveried vans are around. Good luck, hope they succeed soon!
  12. I photographed two Narrowboats on Saturday at they passed HMS Belfast, from the top of the Shard! If it's anybody on here and they fancy a copy I can forward :-)
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