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  1. I bought an aftermarket one of these on ebay for next to nothing (£4.50?) for my Eberspacher (it was advertised as Webasto/Eberspacher). Easy to fit and reasonably effective at taking the intake "roar" Doesn't stop the dosing pump's rythmic clunking mind you! When you say it goes quieter after about an hour and then gets noisy again, that's it starting to cycle between high and low power which is what can coke them up and kill them according to Eberspacher's findings from their investigation into early failures. Conclusion was it's better to work it hard and turn it off between heating demands whenever possible. My roomstat is set to full to avoid it contributing to this short cycling effect. (Webasto's new Evo model is supposed to improve this issue).
  2. So, it appears the answer was: b) All of a sudden... nothing happened.
  3. So, it's now the next day and we haven't heard from @MoominPapa Should we assume that: a) he's perished or b) all of a sudden... nothing happened?
  4. This is such a blindingly obvious thing to do that I suspect most of us have failed to do it!
  5. They're hard to get now because folk don't seem interested in warning old fashioned cars nowadays...
  6. Thank you, that's really helpful. I can't remember my exact model so I'll need to look at my manual when I get back to the boat, but I now know what to look for. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you - a post many of us may one day be glad of! I've a Jabsco macerator toilet and was aware that the Joker was an item that oft needed replacement, but I can't find anything called that on my exploded diagram. Is there another name for the Joker, or don't all Jabsco macerators have them?
  8. Interesting to hear the views above re the IWA. We let our membership lapse a few years ago because they didn't seem be very effective any more. I was only looking recently at whether it might be time to rejoin the IWA given CRT's apparent neglect of navigational issues, but it didn't appear they were particularly active in this area. Anyone got a case to make in their support?
  9. Move fast! The law says a skip cannot be moved until there is a mattress or a sofa on the top, after which it could be taken at any time without warning.
  10. My advice? Put it back in the skip. Whatever it is, it's broken - that's why it was in there. (It's a skip, so there'll be a mattress in there shortly too - that won't be worth having either)
  11. I'd be interested to know what you think "the military way" is if that isn't it.
  12. Should you be defeated by said 20 year old washing machine even after the excellent advice in this thread, you might wish to consider replacing it with one of the much cheaper little twin tubs many boaters swear by. Ours fits in the space left by a dead automatic. It draws far less current and the spinner leaves clothes dryer. Since drying is often the bigger challenge, these are worthy of some thought.
  13. And I, along with many others here I'm sure, raise my coffee to you in reply.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I (and others) achieve this by fitting narrow rigid panels leaving room to walk by either side. Works a treat for me.
  16. Air draught is the more likely issue.
  17. I was thinking my bitumen might be ok as long as I don't take the lid off. So are you saying there's no butumen in there anyway?
  18. Another recommend for the Coombeswood Canal Trust at Hawne Basin - but check you're ok to get through the diminutive Gosty Hill Tunnel. I need a full water tank to be sure of sufficient clearance.
  19. Crikey, really? That's sounds slot more political than whether the cat in there is dead or alive! That's it - I'm definitely leaving the lid on!
  20. Ooh, I love this post - it gives me hope! It's how mine is and I dare not look in mine either in case it's there's such a thing as a Schrödinger's water tank. Maybe you could look in mine and find it pristine for me? In truth I check my freshwater pump pre-filter screen jobbie regularly just downstream of the supply valve and have never found so much as a speck of rust or bitumen in it. I'm therefore loath to disturb my tank lid which is little more than 1' square so I'm not sure what I'd be able to achieve anyway.
  21. The 2 o'clock start isn't wholly reliable either I'd suggest. They've only got to get behind due to a slow handover or 2 and you might easily be looking at a 4pm start. Don't overstretch yourself on day 1 would be my advice.
  22. Coming soon to a locked-in section of narrow canal over here, I imagine. We need a CRT licencing clause that requires a boat to be "suitable for the waters upon which it cruises" imho (other opinions are available). Who wants to be on the committee of taste?
  23. Of all the advice above, this ^^^^ is the key bit. Unless, of course, Mrs OP already has green hair, in which case stick with @Bod 's earlier advice and just say "that looks nice".
  24. I know that spot very well. The place of choice to leave a boat to access Hatton Station appears to be on the towpath side outside the cottage by the station entrance. It gets used fairly frequently for this with a few repeat customers and I've not heard of any issues.
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