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  1. Its ages since I had to unstick one but I seem to remember successfully managing to close the flap/turn knob thing on top by using a coathanger wire I think. (on a very full cassette). Sure I would have remembered if I had to plunge my hands into a full cassette to sort it. Its the turny knob on top that turns 90 degrees which prevents the cassette sliding out with the flap open which is linked to the flap by a quadrant.Or something. Fairly easy to work out if you have a spare empty cassette to try it on first.
  2. I did wonder that myself.Looked like it had been just taken out of the water as was to me on the pic where they are craning it. Thought it would have had a gleaming black freshly epoxied bottom- after all its not really in the best location for getting blacking done in the future.
  3. Spelling has never been my strong point. I am pretty good at eating them though ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. Not a bad idea.. Could try one of the engine tinkerers - Someone like RLWP/Primrose Engineering or Tony Redshaw might have something.
  5. Well found, you have sharp eyes- seen it now labelled on the site plan. And yet their blurb only says- 'The piazza is home to a new Community Hub, nursery, and cafรฉ and features a new piece of public art, โ€˜The Next Stepโ€™, inspired by pupils from nearby Alperton Community School. A historic narrowboat, originally built in 1935 for the Grand Union Canal Carrying Company, has also been restored and permanently located at Grand Union, where it will serve as a unique reminder of the areaโ€™s rich history.' Bit confusing as it doent say its going to be actually serving pizzas (which Im skeptical about) which you would have thought as they have gone to all that trouble, would have advertised it as such. Its really not a good story. And I asked on here because I thought someone may know the facts.
  6. Im actually still none the wiser but its not a pizza shack ๐Ÿ˜€ Whatever it is or isnt now -its alarmed anyhow and a strobe light was flashing on it as I passed this morning so an alarmed ornament at least. Found this on Facebook by a company called Rise Media who posted the following - Berkeley Group: PAVO ๐Ÿ›ฅ๏ธ How often do you get to document a 200 mile boat journey? Berkeley Group have acquired a historic narrowboat called PAVO, and are returning it to its original home at their new canalside development, Grand Union. We produced a 10 minute film following its journey from Nantwich to Alperton, along with interviews exploring the Berkeley Group's commitment to placemaking and heritage.
  7. Just found this- looks like its set in a pond.. https://www.berkeleygroup.co.uk/developments/london/alperton/grand-union Pics of this boat could now overtake the one on the Oxford Canal ๐Ÿ˜€
  8. Well I thought of many things -even wondered if it was owned by a security guard and used for onsite accomodation- but Pizza didnt come into any of them.. Heres another view of it.
  9. Its on a massive new ongoing housing development. Very pristine, which is what got my interest. I suppose as ornaments/sculptures go its probably not that expensive in the scheme of things but it cant be that surely. I wondered if it was maybe something like a community classroom or something like. I did think the Paddington Arm was up a bit at the mo with all the rain..๐Ÿ˜€
  10. I havent been on the Paddington Arm since April/May (I think) and sure this wasnt there then so done fairly recentish.Obviously lifted out here for a very good reason but what?
  11. Cant you get a fixed price to take the guesswork out? Its not hard to work out how long any trip is going to take- you are not looking for minute accuracy-just to the nearest day or half day..
  12. I would give either Ray at bargemovers.com or Tuckeys at MJT cranes a shout. Ray will know where all the local cranes are to get your boat on and off and Tuckeys will bring their own. Otherwise its March at the earliest..
  13. Done exactly the same on my Sabb and it works fine- main reason for doing so was the flow of cooling water is so minimal I wanted as much heat going through the calorifier as I could get.
  14. Would think alcohol/illness is probably the worse one. Can think of at least ten people straight off that I have known that have died either on or next to their boats and none involved locks. So by that theory its not doing locks thats the most dangerous.
  15. You are not wrong there. Seem to remember a narrowboat fitted with tanks that got caught poaching them from somewhere and then selling them to another fishery somewhere else.
  16. I first met one upstream in St Ives .I think it was about 1988 ish . Even had one visit the Bedford River Festival (and went beyond to Kempston) a few years ago- was quite a suprise when it swam past my mooring following a Festival visitors boat ๐Ÿ˜€
  17. I guess its a very different world now to when many on here started boating. Information is everywhere and very easy to be got unlike years gone by. So what youd never know as scary seems that way when you read endlessly about it.
  18. Hopefully OP is following the CRT stoppages - I see the closure has just been extended on the Coventry until 29th which may or may not affect his plans. Alrewas/Wychnor River section also shut today too -another one worth keeping an eye on once he does clear the Coventry..
  19. Thats great news for you! CRT are usually pretty good at letting you know when stoppages have been extended for whatever reason and pretty bad at getting the locations right sometimes..
  20. Never done it but how about a canvas roof supported by a timber or two in the middle to stop it sagging etc but with celotex/roof vinyl glued on the inside. Warm, lightweight and reasonable cost.
  21. Id put money on it. Same finish date so some bright spark has joined the dots.๐Ÿ˜€ Mind you there is a reason why I dont gamble..
  22. Hardwick is shown on the winter stoppages 28/11/22 This is what the mix up with the broadmoor stoppage probably is.
  23. I still have one above my hob. Bought and fitted it ready for the Paloma I never actually fitted cos I changed my mind and fitted a calorifier instead. Jolly useful too as I then fitted a computer fan in it and it works brill as an extractor..
  24. I'll give you that one. It does look alot less painful than some of the others Ive discovered occasionally..๐Ÿ˜€
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