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  1. Do you mean the cloth type that sits in the U shaped channel and the glass slides on/between? No idea where sells it but you could try someone like Sheridan Marine on the Thames as I think Freemans might use something similar.
  2. If you walk towards Brum centre to the next footbridge there is a place in the Industrial estate that sell the best hamburger and chips (via Just Eat) that Ive ever had.. Great place to overnight.
  3. How about an upturned bowl resting on blocks over your vents Blackrose? In theory it will trap warm air before it escapes under the gap and sort of doing what you are trying to. May even help divert smoky air around also. Or maybe not. Just a thought..
  4. Stixall can be used in damp conditions and does hold well. I guess you could use that for now and have a couple of supporting brackets tacked on at a later date for peace of mind.
  5. Well it was floating when I passed it last month, on the bottom now...
  6. PaulJ

    Sabb g wanted

    They do come up fairly often on Ebay at reasonable prices usually. Great engines-I have a 2J in my own boat.
  7. It does indeed- I spent a few weeks stuck at Paxton pits one Xmas watching that one πŸ˜ƒ
  8. Thats a very good theory for the Nene but doesnt work on the Ouse as (you know) the guillotines are on the opposite end and arent left in any particular way. So Im going to guess the Ouse just used the same term and copied it from the Nene πŸ˜€ I cant remember (not that means this statement is any way accurate or reliable) any locks on the Ouse having the gulliotine part way when reversed. They are up or down. Yarwell I can remember being part way on one occasion I was stuck there-so maybe its location/system dependant and links in with a (Nene) system that runs water over the top gates in 'normal' conditions.
  9. Go whichever way the locks are still working-decision made for you πŸ˜€
  10. Id say so as there is no passage through at the moment..(unless it happened to be winding there of course..) Please note that there will be no bookings for wide beams through Blisworth Tunnel for the Christmas period between the 24th December and the 4th January. Any wide beams needing passage, will need to book in the New Year.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. @David Mack Thanks- had already deleted my copy.
  13. Thought it had already opened on Monday. Stoppage notice had gone by Tuesday morning.
  14. Nope. The boat Im moving is the reason why I couldnt move Claires boat. To her credit she had tried to find a mover before she posted here. Really hope it all goes well for herπŸ™‚ Cracking day on the Oxford- I can feel my toes and Im too hot in my romper suit πŸ˜€
  15. As I stated earlier- my insurance covers the boat I move. Yours is unlikely to cover me. This is why my insurers ask me what the maximum value of the boats I move is and only covers me to that point (Β£150,000 if I recall correctly) yet my third party liability is 3 million (which exceeds nav authorities minimum requirement). I cannot however make any claim for myself, injuries or property etc... The reason I reccomend people tell their own insurers is simple- it puts whats going on in place should something go wrong and transparency- people have all my insurance details, its all on file and can be easily checked by their insurers.
  16. I cant really comment on why but perhaps something to do with experience? I have 30 years plus in the marine trade as well as an exempelery insurance history for same. I have had no issues getting cover.
  17. Because in order for you to claim your insurer would talk to mine.
  18. Well you are 50% right. Policies have both an agreed value and excess (cost of which is down to me). This is the maximum single claim value that the owner can make on THE BOAT THAT IS BEING MOVED . Yes the general public does also get paid out if I destroy anything/maim/kill them too. I also reccomend that boat owners notify their insurance company I am moving their boat. As my policy has the word narrowboatmover in it I would think even the dumbest insurance clerk would pick up on whether I was insured or not. So not a clever move if Im uninsured (according to you) I have bought many temp licences from different nav authorities using my insurance. All the high end brokerages I move boats for have a copy of my insurance- they wont use or reccomend me without it. No insurance , no work. Hope this helps you understand how insurance works and more importantly I hope anyone that may wrongly believe your version understands it to. Yes there are uninsured cowboys around but Im not one of them!
  19. Lol. I soon warmed up running up.and down Buckby...πŸ˜€
  20. Id add a 'G' to the list and probably the main reason cruisers turn at Barford- and thats Barford Bridge. I have earnt a good few thousand repairing damage caused by people hitting this. Taken out many a windscreen..
  21. My memory is unreliable/ rubbish but Im going to guess at 6-10 years since the Engineers bridge was redecked. Before a River Festival anyhow.. As you say, the BMK boat ' John Bunyan' (widebeam) goes through regulary and winds where ML got to at the footbridge. Thats a big boat that fits through no problem at no cost. And this is where it all falls down, you would be talking of raising 3 bridges just to allow (non existent or rare) taller boats through - more would visit without doubt but you would need a tenfold ? or more increase in visitors to justify the cost. And thats never going to happen-Ive got more fingers and toes than I need to count boats even at the height of season. Barring the BMK link opening , the appeal of Bedford and beyond surely IS the fact its a quiet and out of the way place for intrepid boat explorers to reach πŸ˜€ Its not all gloom though- works are underway at the minute building a new mooring somewhere near Kempston Mill. I will go up there at some point in the near future, stop there, floods aside, and post a photo for you πŸ™‚
  22. I took Thingsweregood on the first ever time through locks (Lapworth in morning, Hatton in afternoon) All I can say is very capable and quick learner...πŸ˜€
  23. Lol. Kempston -which is adjoined and next to Bedford. Actually a lovely bit of River.
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