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  1. If you find that your running behind your planned timetable and still wish to visit Chester (Wellworth a visit). A must do is walk round the City walls and the Rows. You can get a (84) bus to Chester from either Nantwiich embankment, the stop is by the boatyard gate. Or from Barbridge Junction, stop by the Jolly Tar pub.
  2. Most tricycles with two wheels at the back, don't have a differential so only drive one wheel, this being the nearside wheel on all tricycles. The offside wheel being fitted to a stub axle. Therefore you have to go down the custom build route
  3. No infected mainlander is get ashore, we shall fight them at socal distances on the beaches.
  4. I do waffles in my toaster
  5. More a case of covering thier backs, incase of someone suing for the death of family member claiming there were no warning signs.
  6. As it was in 2002.
  7. If you look at the pre 1967 timetables, you find that the services were faster under steam. At least it is now postwar stock, next time round it will be 21st century stock in 2045
  8. It will be deflated in days, new target for air guns and catapults
  9. This is a much better one.
  10. Quite agree, we aready have to many of the freeloaders on the Middle Level as it is. But time is running out for them, for in the new year, the velvet glove will be replaced with the iron fist.
  11. To find a good locksmith, ask a copper who they use?
  12. http://www.bau-tech.shop https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=https://www.bau-tech.shop/&prev=search&pto=aue They can also be found on ebay
  13. Quidco are doing 10% cashback on Ebay today using their app, ends at midnight.
  14. Some aerosols are also detected by Co alarms, depending on the propellant used and the content. For example canned whipped cream uses nitrous oxide as the propellant. Dimethyl ether is used in hair sprays.
  15. Simple, the external inline pressure switch is adjustable (the settings can be changed). Cheaper, the switch only cost a fiver plus a quid for the T junction at the time. Ely swindlers charged me £30 for the pump switch and ordered the wrong one, Then refused to refund as I had opened the box breaking the seal. As for the blanking plate, a few minuites to make.
  16. What you need to do is by-pass the built-in pressure switch and fit a inline Adjustable Water Pump Pressure Switch in the pipe work just after the accumulator using a T junction. Which is what I did when the built-in pressure switch failed in my Par-Max-4. The pump fitted switch was removed and replaced with a blanking plate.
  17. The switch is the bit with the 20psi printed on it. It is held on by two screws. Turn the water and power off, remove the two screws and pull the switch housing out.
  18. Been a war crime since 1977 under Article 56 rule 42 of the Geneva Convention. (Article 56 of the 1977 additional protocols https://ihl-databases.icrc.org/customary-ihl/eng/docs/v2_cha_chapter13_ rule42)
  19. Leaking seal on the pressure switch.
  20. New planning application for Slough Basin Slough Express Report Plans
  21. Don't I known it, I have nephew with severe autism who lives in supported accommodation. I have handle his affairs for sometime, dealing with socal services and the DWP, taking over when my sister became unable to cope with all the paperwork. He himself is a gentle giant, who is thoughtful and caring to his two little nieces. Yet when he has to go to meetings with the DWP, he gets very upset due to the way he is treated by the poorly trained staff who demaind he answers their questions, which he can not do as he is a mute. It is a uphill task each year dealing with these people who are only interested in one thing, a reason to close the claim.
  22. I have Huawei E5172 As-22 4G router with both J45 and BT11 sockets with WiFi as well £26 off Ebay. It comes with AC power supply, but as it is 12v output this was replaced with a 12v to 12v regulator off ebay. External Antenna also off ebay, which plugs into the route. A old landline phone is also plugged into the router to make use of the minuites which come with the sim package. Unlimited from Speedy £20 per month Huawei E5172As-22 router DC-DC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer 5-32V to 12V 3A 36W Power Converter Regulator 4G /3G LTE Outdoor SMA External Antenna
  23. Sleepfest, fell asleep after a few minuites and woke up when it finshed.
  24. According to the manufacturer's website there is a battery fitted to the OP's router.
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