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  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. A fact that I pointed out to my MP, who has emailed back and is looking into (As votes may be at risk). Even a single house with bedsits is charged the business tariff. One area which does need inforcement is the unit price markup by some landlords. Some people aready do that, plugging their shoreline into your socket after unplugging yours. Some people aready do that, plugging their shoreline into your socket after unplugging yours.
  5. I emailed my local MP the following message with copies to the Chancellor and Mr Smelly's pal BoJo. With regards to the Chancellor announcement in the House of Commons on 26th May 2022. That each household will get the £400 energy discount, this is not the true as many will miss out due to having to pay their metered electricity through a middle man and not direct to the electricity supply company. We are deal with a matter that effects upwards of a million voting households. The person living in a bedsit with a meter in their room, People living on Boats in a Marina plugged in to electricity grid through a shoreline socket with a meter. People living in retirement on static residential caravan sites. Also for some people who live in blocks of flats or sheltered housing either renting or owning, the only source of electricity is through the building management company who act as a middle man between the flat resident and the electricity supply company. Boat mooring fees rarely include electricity, this is a extra item which is billed quarterly in arrears per unit plus vat at 20%. There is also no energy cap either. The same with static residential caravan sites and some blocks of flats or sheltered housing. The middleman also will add on their own standing charge and in some cases increase the price per unit above the rate that they are paying the electricity company. As to the Vat rate ETA - I have looked further into this and a site owner or building management should charge VAT at 5% if utility is sub-metered and consumption levels fall below deminimis. Rarely does this happen, Some dishonest owners or companies may charge vat at 20%, but only pass on 5% to the VAT man. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/vat-on-land-and-property-notice-742 11.7.6 Electricity, lighting and heating If you make a separate charge for un-metered supplies of gas and electricity used by tenants, it should be treated as further payment for the main supply of accommodation. But where you operate a secondary meter, the charges to the tenants for the gas and electricity they use are consideration for separate supplies of fuel and power. These supplies will be standard-rated unless the fuel supplied is of a de-minimis quantity, in which case the supply will be subject to the reduced rate. See Fuel and power (VAT Notice 701/19) for more information.
  6. Online petition addressed to the Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Aready signed by 568 people so far today. https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/include-off-grid-households-in-government-ps400-energy-bills-support-scheme?fbclid=IwAR2iXRiO0eLLkE8PdFFp7YSxSYRyx1yac2r9lW4wuedGR3q7fA4lxIEDXUY
  7. Number of Household Waste and Recycling Sites are located on the banks of canals. Droitwich on the B&W near Hanbury Wharf, Langley on the Slough Arm GU next to the B470 bridge are two that I have used before. Use google maps of the area and see if any are next to the waterway your on.
  8. Could be their replacement cooking oil supply has not arrived, There is a world shortage at the moment
  9. The Anglia Revenues Partnership has done a complete U turn on the their position of the £150 rebate not applying to boats on moorings which pay council tax, in that as a boat is not a dwelling or household, but is a chattel, So not meet the their criteria required for the £150 rebate. My counter to this was that if this was the case, therefore the mooring is not libal for council tax and look forward to a refund of 22 years council tax for unlawful tax on a non-residential mooring. Which they known full way from the start as the bill had been sent to my home in Dorset each year. Anyway this morning the £150 rebate appeared in my account this morning. I would have prefered 22 years council tax repaid.
  10. Not the case with the 'The Anglia Revenues Partnership' who collect council tax for a number of councils in the East of England. To them it does not matter whether or not moorings that have planning permission as non-residential, even if you are not living on them or your mooring agreement clearly states non-residential. They have a very simple rule, produce a council tax bill that has your name on it from a council within the uk. Fail to do so, they will chase you for council tax. This does cause problems for some moorers in that their name may not be on the council tax bill of their home. In some cases it is in the landlords name or their other half name. 'The Anglia Revenues Partnership' has double standards when it comes to paying out, with you having to jump through many hoops to get a refund for over payment. The £150 rebate has not been paid out to moorers who pay full council tax, the email that was sent to me signed with what has to be a fake name (Mrs J T Kirk) stated that as a boat is not a dwelling or household, but is a chattel and therefore does not meet the criteria required for the £150 rebate.
  11. There was a talk given some years ago in March library on local place names, Friday Bridge is Fridayesbrugg in old english, Frydaybrigge .fridai is the name of a fishery of the monks of Ely in 1086. There was also a Fryday lake in Elm. In Haddenham also was Frydaye weyr, Frydayeware, and near Whittlesey you have Fridaylake. These probably associated with fishing by the monks for Friday fare as the The Catholic law of abstinence forbids the eating of meat (of mammals and birds). However, fish, shell fish, and all other cold blooded animals may be eaten.
  12. It have gone shoplifting instead from Tescos. https://youtu.be/tacMrfuNFaQ
  13. No bag included, You walk up to the locker and input the code you are given to unlock. The one in Peterborough is located by the Railway Station next to the X1 Bus Stop. The locker are a standard design so are easy to find and as the bike is fully enclosed, no risk from damage by the local Ne'er-do-well's.
  14. It is true fact, it was back in the late 1990's, the late owner come down the Nene from the GU through the locks that had been ‘reversed’ while heading for the Middle Level. Back then all the guillotine gates were manual, he just wound the gate up and went through. At the time he did think it was a bit odd that the upper gates had been chained backed on some locks. The only damage other than paintwork was one window. The boat was moored on the coal yard moorings next to the railway bridge in March until a few years ago.
  15. This cropped up on my facebook feed from the canal market place. If your looking for something thats different, it may suit you. https://www.facebook.com/12VCopper-108438001808835/shop/
  16. Find a nice handy bridge to paint under. As murphy's law means that as soon as you painted the roof, it will cloud over and rain
  17. He had been reading a history book on canals before hiring. On some canals in the past e.g. the Oxford, marker posts some distance from lock gates giving precedence at the lock to the boat first to the marker. Apparently introduced to try to calm down commercial traffic that otherwise would race each other right up to lock entrance resulting in collisions, damage to lock gates and to fights. First boatman to crack their whip against the post had precedence.
  18. That is the case with hirers, but as anyone will tell you, who has had the job of instruction hirers. You can explain, but you can not make them listen, they more concerned with setting off. Which why some hirers get a bad name.
  19. Up on the the South Tynedale narrow guage Railway on the old Haltwhistle to Alston branch line (close 1976). They have been testing the use of sawdust logs on their Hunslet 0+4+2 tank engine 'Green Dragon'. Noted on my visit, that extra logs had to be carried in the guards van as the bunker on the engine could carry a fuel days fuel if coal but not with sawdust logs, the fireman had to work harder stoking the fire with logs on the climb back up to Alston. The Barry railway is doing tests using blazer logs with a small standard guage tank engine on their line.
  20. Which is how the Anglia Revenues Partnership deem a berth holder be charged council tax on a mooring. It you cannot provide a council tax bill with your name on it for another address. Proves a problem for people who's 'primary residence' is else where and their name is not on the bill or live overseas.
  21. Had a good meal at the Old BoatHouse at Higher Green Line Bridge, Astley Green(Just east of Leigh). Had a look around the Mining Museum the following day.
  22. They not soft, They have to control a class nowaday with very limited powers and the risk of being sued. I blame the namby panby childless Social workers who think that you should not punsh a child for misbehaving and that you should have a little chat instead. We all seen the effects of this policy, out of control kids roaming the streets causing trouble where ever they go. The day that caning in school was banned, was the day that teachers lost effected control.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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