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  1. April 1st to March 31st, Half price from October 1st
  2. With dozens of berths empty, they need the trade. Three more boats left today sold on and heading for the bright lights of London. As for the chandlery, I been here for over 20 years ands have yet to find it.
  3. No he's on the right side of the lock, less than a 100 yards from the bar,
  4. BBC Cambridgeshire is in Peterborough on the corner of Priestgate and Cross Street,
  5. West End DIY (Not 'West DIY' Auto correct) is a small local DIY chain (Ten stores) in Northampton and Cambridgeshire which provides a very good service to its customers. Has a very useful cutting service where you only pay for the bit your need and not a whole sheet like the big chains or charge for cutting. As for using old hardwood tables, the price has rocketed. The two local charity shops are charging silly money and are getting it.
  6. I have noted that in the last six months the price of Oak stripwood has gone up by more than a 3rd, Six months ago I paid £8.99 per length of 46 x 8 x 2400, today I was charged £15.60 for the same item. According to the manager of our local 'West DIY', he no longer gets a price list from the suppliers, instead a list of whats in stock and a invite to put in a sealed bid.
  7. Not according to clause 11.2 in CRT new 'T&C' where it states that boaters must follow the instructions of volunteers. Which in effect puts them in charge. Yet if anything goes wrong you see them for the dust.
  8. 168kwh divided by 365 = 460.27 watts per day 10 watts per amp = 46 amps per day 1.91 amps per hour at 12 volts
  9. When the Middle Level cut the grass on the moorings in town, A sign is put up warning that the grass is going to be cut and the date it is due to be done. So the boat owner is forewarned.
  10. I did not say there was a lock here, just pointed out that there was no lock. The owner of the 'Old Tramps Retreat' who was one of these forced to leave or be stuck. They left the Idle through the flood gate when the tide was level. The ones who left had to pay £120 each to go through the flood gate. Over a £1000 for a hours work
  11. As you can see the river is now blocked by the new Hydro power station. There is no lock here. There were a number of liveaboards moored at Haxey Quay campsite who had to leave or be trapped when the Hydro station was built. Including one 70ft narrowboat called the 'Old Tramps Retreat' the owner of which told me what happened. Upstream of Haxey Bridge were a number of shallow spots. Nowadays you only see small trailer boats on the river.
  12. Through the flood gate and than as far as the weir and power station (300yards) upstream after which portage only. You used to be able to get as far a Haxey Gate Pub with a narrowboat where there is a slipway just before the bridge. Not possable now since the hydro station was built some years ago.
  13. It was knacked 20 years ago when I arrived. Than it had a very odd garage over the bridge where only the owner could understand the reading was on the pumps. Like the mooring at Cutty Ducks 3/4 mile toward Upwell. No repairs have been done for years
  14. As with all the new moorings, the sites have been put forward by boaters. New Moorings built Yaxley Monks Lode Ramsey Forty Foot Boots Bridge 16th Foot River (Skylark moorings) Short walk to the Skylark Farm Shop and Garden Centre also on 56 bus route Pending New Moorings Kings Delph Layby (Kings Dyke) Whittlessey Dyke/ Bevill Leam Junction Golden Lion Pub Stona (16th Foot River) The moorings at Salter Lode were rebuilt over the winter, New moorings at Ramsey are proving to be a problem with the local council who don't want them next to the lane (Tesco side) the otherside has access problems.
  15. It is owned by Fenland hall, but it will not be there for much longer. The council are to remove it along with the tolet block as part of the town square inprovements. Seems it's costing to much in repairs, as someone keeps emptying their compost loo in there and blocking it.
  16. A very narrowboat minded view! Narrowboats accounts for less than half of the boats based on the Middle Level. The site of the moorings at Yaxley was slected and put forward by members of the March Crusing Club.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Ouite so, the NBTA acts like a spoilt child, as all you ever hear from them is 'I want!! I want!! I want!!'. Back in October 2020 the NBTA Chairman demanded that MLC remove the requirement for insurance and salvage from the conditions of registration. Navagtion Advisory Committee Meeting 10th November 2020 minuites (See section 9) The NBTA claim to speak for all liveaboards which they don't and never have and never will. I rather trust the Residential Boat Owners Association who get on with the job with no fanfare.
  20. A picture says a thousand words
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. A Greater Cambridge Partnership project, built by company called Aurrigo. Trial vechices for the now canceled Cambridge Metro (Plamers Folly)
  23. Under current law a safely person is required to be onboard for it to be used on public roads. The sharp looking bits are made out of fibreglass still do a lot of damage to the human body due to newtonian physics.
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