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  1. The problem is here;
  2. Some interesting thoughts on what happens next; https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/06/ivan-rogers-no-deal-is-now-the-most-likely-outcome/?fbclid=IwAR1MFGXxtUlRPBFR65jRWufD4S4NYfEEUY2_vb05KZv9MbNIHF5tYcWXrrs
  3. Hold on to them there is a good chance the price will go up after October
  4. perhaps because like most of his other ideas all imaginary
  5. Has anyone ever seen one of these : Very quick stuff on your, on your, on your personal lifestyle. What do you do to relax? What do you do to switch off? BJ: I like to paint. I make things. RK: What do you make? BJ: I make, I have a thing where I make models of... When I was mayor of London... I make, buses. RK: You make models of busses? BJ: I make models of busses. RK: So they're going to be in Downing Street? BJ: I get, I get old, um, wooden crates, right? And I paint them and they have to contain two wine bottles. And it will have a dividing thing. And I turn it into a bus and I put passengers... yu really want to do this? RK: You're making buses, you're making cardboard buses. Okay. That's what you do to enjoy yourself. BJ: No, I paint the passengers enjoying themselves. RK: Okay, great.
  6. Brexit has been blocked in parliament, true, but by the DUP and ERG wing of the governing party. Remainers have had little say and in any event unlike the DUP and ERG have generally been following the mandates they were elected on. Just possibly it is not even parliament's fault, if the great British electorate when asked to give mrs May a better majority to get brexit done gave her a hung parliament instead who's fault is that?
  7. Apparently its about this https://www.ted.com/talks/carole_cadwalladr_facebook_s_role_in_brexit_and_the_threat_to_democracy?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=tedspread Curious that they are not suing Ted or the Guardian. Theres a lot more about him on the internet just search on Aaron Bnaks and Brexit https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=aaron+banks+and+brexite
  8. We visit my wife's original country once a year. I've just loooked up our co2 emmisions for the flight apparently the 6 or 7 tons can be offset for a mere £160 doesn't make sense to me if thats all it costs should be no problem sorting the whole problem, a car would cost about the same, adding in everything else should cost about a tenner a week, for the plane it is actually less than the airport tax part of the ticket price. Or is it just a scam? https://co2.myclimate.org/en/flight_calculators/new
  9. Why pick on planes there are many things were co2 emisions could be reduced cheaper and easier. Nuclear/solar and windpower, electric cars, heatpump heated houses, eat less meat. Electric boats.
  10. since we are bringing comdians into this here is the latest "news" from the Daily Mash Five reasons why this chihuahua would be a better prime minister than Boris Johnson 24th June 2019 1. BORIS Johnson is an untrustworthy bag of guts who feels, whereas this is a chihuahua called Ian who would not break up the UK or shout at his girlfriend. 2. Unlike Boris Johnson, Ian the chihuahua has not changed his opinion on anything. Ever. He is, by the way, also a full three inches taller than Nigel Farage. 3. Ian has a credible plan to avoid a no-deal Brexit by yapping like a f*cking lunatic outside Arlene Foster’s house for 16 hours. 4. Ian may not have had a classical education at Eton and Oxford but he’s also never conspired to have anyone beaten up – apart from a King Charles spaniel known locally as ‘Geoff the Tw*t’. 5. Boris Johnson wants to cut taxes for the better off, but Ian just wants to sit on your face.
  11. Meantime, as others see us; https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jun/23/brexit-destroying-uk-reputation-overseas-south-korea-says-diplomat British ambassadors have been sending messages to the Foreign Office describing Brexit as a political shambles that is destroying the UK’s reputation, the serving UK ambassador to South Korea has said. In the latest sign of Foreign Office dissent at the direction of British foreign policy, Simon Smith said no serious decision-maker or opinion-former in South Korea thinks the UK’s decision to leave the EU is a good idea, and that most South Koreans viewed Brexit with either bemusement or deep and serious incredulity.
  12. Interesting article here re democracy and the rights of the minority, I would suggest that had the majority taken more time to consider the interests of the minority you may have had brexit by now; "The tyranny of the majority (or tyranny of the masses) is an inherent weakness of majority rule in which the majority of an electorate can and does place its own interests above, and at the expense of those in the minority. "
  13. subscription only is the sure way to loose less popular services some of which you want. alternative models of governance worth considering though I suspect swapping the "great and good" for control by licence fee governorsmight have unitneded consequences, remember the "National veiwers and listeners association"
  14. I was addressing this remark from Tony " I agree re radio but as it is perfectly legal to listen without a license so essentially free " which you confirmed "if you have no television, it is indeed free " but you probably know that. Do you look like Tony?
  15. For those who chant I want Brexit because I want my country like it usd to be.
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