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  1. except it is the brexiteers who effectively sank her deal
  2. The evidence is that 65% of labour voters voted remain in the referendum (36%) against. Never let the facts stand in the way of a good argument https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2016/06/27/how-britain-voted
  3. I havent. Its a bit like being a politician, anyone who would be any good at it wouldn't want to do it. Those who want to do it probably aren't suitable. We have had one person offer who would be suitable (and much better than me) and as far as i know was rejected. If it was the only way of getting the current affairs section reinstated I would be prepared to do my bit though if asked.
  4. that would be politics, electrical wiring and toilets then?
  5. Not quite sure what your point is - it seems generally agreed that the brexit thread is not a problem - the issue is why we cannot have other topical treads similarly modded?
  6. fair enough does need some extra modding then - but we already had one good volunteer and I am sure there could be others if sought
  7. Just curious were these all "political threads"
  8. Were these all in the "political threads" A more open approach would be that of the forums where threads are not deleted but when a post is removed there is a note to that effect.
  9. my own experience is that this is one of the few places where brexit can be discussed relatively amicably can't see why that would not apply to other topics especially with suitable modding, some of the technical boating threads have been known to become uncivilised
  10. not sure I understand you, where has civilised discussion of issues between opposing viewpoints had a detrimental effect either here or elsewhere?
  11. this is my community I would like to be able to discuss current issues within it.
  12. Some people want a current affairs section some don't, the logical solution would be to have the section and for those who are not interested to ignore it, instead of which some seem determined to block such a section - bizarre
  13. It seems that at present we have option 3 "selected political threads only" which was the least popular apart from "don't know" which would have been difficult to implement. In the past the issue with political threads was trolling, we seem to have got past that now and in any case there are other ways of dealing with those, so please may the poll be implemented now.
  14. "The problem with religious threads is that if I say that it is silly for a grown up have an imaginary friend I am being abusive but it is fine for me to be told that I will burn for eternity in the fiery pits of hell for not believing in their particular imaginary friend. Because of this discrepancy religious discussion always descends into farce." quote from carlt in another thread, I have to disagree there is a special place in hell for Boris, Farage etc
  15. Giving this more serious thought as I said before people may not often change views on a whole variety of subjects but those who are reading because undecided may do. Also you say that we can talk about these things elsewhere but in the case of Brexit and (many others) there is a marvellous opportunity here to debate with other boaters with different views. Facebook and other groups tend to have people with one persuasion only . The recent innocuous thread on the system of voting in the EU election deserved a thread of it's own. The thread on electric cars could have had the political arguments spun off to a current affairs section to everyone's benefit.
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