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  1. Phoenix_V

    Brexit 2019

    didnt Mr Rees Mogg say that it would take 50 years to feel any benefit from Brexit
  2. Phoenix_V

    Thread Contamination

    Is HMRC - Really !!!! not a primarily political topic and what happened to the poll that voted to allow politics again ("will of the people" and all that)
  3. Phoenix_V

    Brexit 2019

    channle 4 interview in July Rees-Mogg: “We will know at some point, of course we will. But it’s a question of timescale.” Guru-Murthy: “So how long have you got?” Rees-Mogg: “We won’t know the full economic consequences for a very long time, we really won’t.” Guru-Murthy: “Of course not, but I mean we’ll have an indication. We’ll know if there’s been chaos, we’ll know if there have been job losses.” Rees-Mogg: “The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years.”
  4. Phoenix_V

    Brexit 2019

    Wasn't it the leading brexiter Rees Mogg who predicted 50 years for the benefit to be felt.
  5. Phoenix_V

    Brexit 2019

    perhaps the mods should vet all posts before they are put on air as it is difficult for us mere mortals to make sense of them or how a brexit thread can avoid being political and then there would be no need to lock or exterminate any threads.
  6. Phoenix_V

    Brexit 2019

    I thought under wto rules we had to apply the same duties to every country? I realise that just like loss of our freedom to travel this is not an important issue and unlikely to undermine brexit but can someone explain the fishy arguments to me in simple terms why are the foreigners allowed to fish in our waters what do we get in return and is it worth it, I suspect one part of our fishing industry benefits and the other half doesnt and is angry, just like the immigration argument but have seen very little factual information. A link to an authoritative article would be nice.
  7. Well just suppose they said" we like the Brits (or is it there money) they can come for as long as they like (OK maybe more reallistically up to 6 months) as long as they have income and spend it with us" and Mrs May said stuff you no Frenchies are holidaying here for more than 2 weeks. Where would that leave them?
  8. 52. In this context, the Parties aim to provide, through their domestic laws, for visa-free travel for short-term visits. 53. The Parties agree to consider conditions for entry and stay for purposes such as research, study, training and youth exchanges. seems clear to me "short term visits" and possible entry for study training and the youth, nothing whatsoever about longer tourist visits maybe they just forgot but bearing in mind her record on Windrush................ The EU encouraged it but it was going nowhere as the UK won't provide anything in return. My Granny grew up in Dublin and we all thought she was born there to our great euphoria - turns out she wasnt - great disapointment. Anyhow why should we need to spend around 11000 euros to get a second citizenship just to retain the rights we already have?
  9. Don't have time to look now but no, the last time I spent a happy hour or so on their multiple websites tourism or related is not a valid reason, (I think they cannot understand why anyone could possibly want to spend more than a few days in Belgium!) That is possible short term but if you cannot prove continuos residence not long term.
  10. As stated at the moment we have no idea but there is a clear implication that visas in excess of 90 days may not be available that doesnt sound too bad, but what happens if you spend your 90 day summer on the boat and then have to return because its sinking or some other (to the powers that be) trivial reason Its fairly simple, if the UK government will not issue tourist visas over 90 days to French persons, and that is what this sloppily drafted piece of nonsense says, then the French are hardly likely to give them to us.
  11. That is not the case with the current Schengen entry rules after you have had your 90 days renentry is not allowed until 90 days away I think most people had an idea of what the EU was like albeit coloured by the Daily Mail and Telegraph, very few whether voting leave or not whether politicians or not had any idea on how Brexit would proceed (and for a large part nor have we now)
  12. Phoenix_V

    Read the rules

    one doesnt become a mod one is invited by like minded people shame it is not allowed
  13. Phoenix_V

    Read the rules

  14. Phoenix_V

    Read the rules

    I take it that was a joke?

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