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  1. I think there may be an argument for Bridge height markers similar to the road system to be put in place.
  2. The thread title is brilliant 😂
  3. Had You checked the oil, water, stern gland etc before you set off?. Now the new oil-light switch has been fitted does the oil-light stay off?. If she's still out of the water it may be a false economy not to get her bottom blacked.
  4. We had a ski/wakeboard bar which doubled as a protection bar. I seem to recall the bar bolted onto the motors therefore lifted up when tilted. Bought it in a marina in France off the shelf so they can be found.
  5. When you say 'in the bathroom' I take it you mean the interior walls & depending on what's there already any good quality bathroom pain will do the job.
  6. Clodi

    Weathertex on roof

    I've use Hycote & similar on pick-up beds, Landrovers, Travel-Trucks even on wet-room floors inside Surf vans. It's really good stuff.
  7. Sorry to be dim but what is RCD? I always think it stands for residual-current device
  8. Thanks everyone, my reason for asking was that I was told by a chap fitting out his sailaway, (whilst we were comparing notes) that his BSS 'consultant had told him that all 'ends' had to be crimped into a ferrule. When I questioned this he told me to 'look it up in the Reg's', hence my question.
  9. I'm trying to find the regulation that demands ferrules are fitted to the ends of wires when 'screw-down' chock-box type connections are used. Please can someone point me to the correct, upto-date section or better still is there a searchable BSS guide applicable to narrowboats? Thanks in advance 😃
  10. Somewhat naively I was under the impression that Bow Thrusters were used to assist when mooring and winding. How are the batteries replenished if the thrusters are used excessively?
  11. I use XCWeather for Android. seems to give a good hourly local forecast and great for wind strength local conditions
  12. There are some really lovely 'Old' & Steampunk fit-outs around it wouldn't be too hard to get what you're after but as for growing hydroponically with grow lights extractors etc I would suggest that you set-up independently rather than using your domestic supply, unless of course you are on shore-power. We used to have a couple of polytunnels with grow-tents set-up on our smallholding, it was cheaper and easier to have them individually powered with solar panels and a Rutland windmill than run armored cable up from the cottage. Here's a nice example of an 'old fit-out
  13. According to the blurb This electric beauty 'has a draft of just 3.9 ft (1.2 m), meaning it can access just about any waterway in the world' I had a row with a woman on the K&A who didn't understand the tradition of giving way to the boat travelling downstream and stuck her widebeam sideways under a bridge. She shouted at me that the boatyard told her they could navigate the entire system . I actually felt sorry I had been quite harsh , it was their first boat & no experience at all of the waterways. They didn't even know how swingbridges worked !
  14. I got a scare there once, in fact it was there where I realised the Kennet can be an evil bugger. My boats is 57' with a slightly deeper draft and it too has left a fair amount of blacking all the way down the East Kennet to the Thames .
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