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  1. Yes they do. I have a mooring not far from the ex- Barbridge services. The services are still shown in the guides but no longer in use. Quite often whilst walking the dog early mornings I see towpath moorings recently vacated with the disgusting evidence of tipped cassettes, toilet paper faeces etc. floating by the side.
  2. I'm intrigued about the reference to 'yellow striped tiger bags' for human waste. We put our (bady) nappies straight into the bin or the Rayburn. I don't think this has happened in Wales, please explain.
  3. Thanks everyone,. Yes I do have an expansion tank & yes I have tried resetting it to remove and calcium deposits. It drains into my bilge & I have a cup below the pipe so I can tell exactly how bad the drip is. I guess I'll have to wait until someone more agile than me can actually get in, drain the tank and remove the valve for me. I'm hoping that the local plumber suppliers will be able to find a match for me.
  4. Hello all, I need to replace the pressure relief valve on my Surecal horizontal calorifier as it's constantly dribbling. I cannot get into the engine bay to have a look at the moment as my back is playing up. Please does anyone know what size replacement I need so I can order one from somewhere? Thankyou
  5. I've now found out via the Victron community the this 'fault' is not uncommon with the battery protect. It is sometimes caused by a faulty installation where a reverse charge can occur by, for instance, incorrect solar installation. However, I was aware of this having followed the Victron installation instructions to the letter. I have been told how to try reprogramming the unit but also advised to return to them under warranty. I'm going to return to them but only once I have fully charged the batteries using the Gennie and checking their voltages after resting, for peace of mind as I have heard some frightening tales of battery banks being severely damaged after this fault. I know this has not happened to me as I personally checked each individual Trojan battery within hours of the fault occurring and there was nowhere for the volts/amps to escape to, but imagine if we had been away from the boat for an extended period !
  6. I think it's solved. The Victron Battery Protect has developed a fault. The symptoms started to repeat but this time showing 8.7volts I bridged across the 2 pos terminals on the Battery Protect with a spanner &, hey presto back to normal, So having a cuppa then back to double checking all connections and removing the BP. Why the Battery protect seems to restrict the volts I have no idea but it was getting pretty warm.
  7. Strange one My set-up is as follows, 6 Trojan (3 12v bank) SmartSolar MPPT 150/35, NASA BM-2, Phoenix 12/250, Centaur 12v100amp mains charger, Victron Battery Protect. I use a gennie to charge as required. No shore power. At 3am this morning all was normal the BM showed 13.9v. At 7am the domestic bank was off, the BM showed 6v! I immediately checked the individual battery voltages, each bank of 2 showed 13.1. I checked all fuses, all ok, I checked the master switch. Turned on the engine expecting to see a largish charge, but nothing to write home about the 80amp alternator was putting in the usual small amount one expects when the batteries are in 'float'. I climbed back out of the engine bay only to find all is back to normal. Any ideas what the fault would be that would cause the BM to read 6v? The battery protection is set to cut out at 12.5v. Obviously, I'll check all the 'joins' etc, but I'm getting too old for this kind of excitement.
  8. Fuel boat Bargus on the north Shroppie has no problem with fuel Red is £1.59.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. We use Boatmail, which I don' hesitate to recommend. The Doctors here in Nantwich were quite happy to accept our CRT mooring as our 'address'. If we need to visit the Dr we just get a taxi etc if we're away from the mooring, Otherwise it's all online for repeat prescriptions etc.
  11. Thanks for the info Tony, good research is hard to find. The agricultural sector also are waking up to the problem.
  12. The Yachting! Monthly is running this warning about Biodiesel-Warning .it seems similar to Diesel Bug but different!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. Thanks everyone, To reply to Tony about not spending money I don't need to, and god knows things are getting tighter. I cannot foresee us ever staying any period of time in a marina on pontoon moorings etc, but, as we get older it's possible we may have to escape the mud during the worst of the winter months & seek refuge in a boat-park & it makes sense to future-proof. Alan. thanks for the diagram, I just used it to explain to my son exactly what the potential problem could arise.
  15. Quick question, WE don't have shore power but I'm fitting a galvanic isolater & at the moment there is only a DC bond to the hull. I understand best practice is to add a bolt within a couple couple of inches from the existing bond my question is is there a BSS standard size 230v earth cable, or what size cable is recommended? Thanks.
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