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  1. Unfortunately I am solo at the moment as my wife is busy working. I've actually narrowed it down to a knackered stop solanoid sso at the moment I'll have to turn it off manually for the rest of this trip. Also the ignition switch itself is a bit sus so I'm in the market now for a BUKH Stop Solenoid & replacement ignition switch. Hopefully there's an equivalent as Bukh prices are off the scale.unbelievable £300 eeeeeek
  2. Yep I've got the lot. I've decided to stop-up for the day and Im checking/renewing all the connectors and the wires themselves working on the theory that if one failed they're probably all dodgy
  3. Yesterday after many hours of trouble-free cruising the motor refused to stop, a quick investigation found one of the wires had parted company with it's crimped connector. I tried pocking the wire back in but didn't work so I stopped the engine manually. I've now put a nice new connector in place & cleaned all the other connectors including the push in plugs mounted on the engine. When I turn the key all the lights come on but nothing happens. I've checked the starter battery seems OK so I tried using a portable jump start battery, still nothing. Apart from cleaning/checking all the various plugs what else should I try?
  4. Thanks, my plan i to get 3 coat on next year and try to top looking like a 'Crusty' boat.
  5. Ysgyfarnog is still wearing her 'sailaway' coat of battleship grey. I know it looks pretty awful but I want to treat the odd surface rust spots on the roof etc & I have onboard a full tin of Hammerite red oxide and a similar Screwfix tin. Question is, assuming I treat and paint the rust spots are there any undercoat paints that don't like going over Red Oxide when I come to paint it properly next year?
  6. When I was a lad i was always told to 'keep off the grass'
  7. To be fair I'm not really too bothered about the width of locks. I'm actually disabled so any lock is a chore in itself which I have to manage. As I stated in my original post I'm not really up to date with the waterways in question I'm about to cover and value greatly the opinions of those 'in the know'. As the saying goes " Mann Trach, Un Gott Lacht" as long as get there in one piece I'll be happy, my kids think I'll be lucky to get there for Christmas
  8. Thank You to everybody who has read and commented. I shall opt for this, hopefully less punishing route and pray the gods smile down on me, who knows I may be safely moored up 'Home' before we leave the EU .
  9. On the K&A you may find problems not so much from NBs but other wide beam vessels. We lost a day due to a couple of fatties jammed against each other under a bridge
  10. I'm just about to set off Friday from Stockton Top on the GU to our new (to us) home mooring on the Middlewich Branch of the 'Shroppie' namely Stoke Hall Lane moorings . Ysgyfarnog is a 57' narrowboat and I'll be mostly single-handed with a dodgy shoulder relying heavily on my trusty 'Go-windlass' ratchet lock key (works for me) I don't really know this area or the route but looking on canalplan.org I have a choice of the more direct route 94 miles, ¾ furlongs and 126 locks, around a week at 8 hours a day. Or 3 alternative routes with fewer locks. Alternative route 3 looks to be physically the easiest lockwise at only 66 locks but longer at 138 miles, ½ furlongs. Whilst alternative 3 will cost more in fuel and is around 10 days longer, time is not a particular problem only that the boat is unfitted so I'll be without the usual home comforts, however at least a woodburner is in place so the dog and I won't freeze. All observations and advice will be gratefully received. Also I don't really know what closures I should check for until I decide upon my route.
  11. My boat has recently been craned in and out with a heritage stove midships and 6 Trojan 105's on the port side at the stern with no problems at all
  12. Thank you everyone for your valued advice.
  13. Trouble is hospital appt then taking youngest off to start uni in York, the only definite date I have is after York.
  14. I'mnot sure of route yet, if I'm single handed I may take the longer route (less locks) up the North Oxford.
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