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  1. How about: Antidote to canal world? Whoopee we hear the German craft(11).
  2. I think their argument was "better to make them homeless than make them criminals"
  3. Ah,yes but...you're still here.
  4. "Dear Santa, I would like..."
  5. Thanks for the link. Have just sent an email.
  6. Hi. Birmingham Fuel Oils(0121 382 6262) on the Tame valley canal. We paid 65ppl last month. I believe that they also sell gas. They are just above the second lock on the Perry Barr flight. There is a door in the wall on the offside with a sign next to it. Just toot your horn or phone. Hope this helps. Tom
  7. Not an ale drinker then? I concede you "long standing member" Tom
  8. Hi, Is it possible that you have the correct connector but it is faulty? I.e. there is no thread inside where the cable goes. Tom
  9. Thank you Nigel I had looked at the practicallaw.com site but couldn't relate it to this discussion. However, looking again, I realise that I needed to log in. I'm a lot clearer on it now. I very much agree, with any enforcement dispute, the first action is to contact CRT. I agree but would suggest that it encompasses any form of enforcement from pre-CC1 to section 8. Tom
  10. Ever since Tony Dunkley's first post, this topic, like topsy, has just "grow'd". I, like many others following this case, I suspect, find it informative and educational. At the moment we are all stuck in limbo waiting for the 24th. Hopefully this thread will keep us junkies satisfied till then. One thing that hasn't been covered, in detail, is the subject of injunctions. Nigel Moore Posted 22 October 2014 - 09:12 PM "Earlier in fact the time to initiate action was from the moment they revoked the licence in the first place. That took place months before he applied for a new one and was refused. The very first thing to do under those circumstances is to apply for an injunction against them acting on the situation. If nothing else, they dont care for that, and would probably offer an undertaking not to so act without at least initial discussion within the legal department at a higher level than is ordinarily indulged in." How would a person, in Tony Dunkley's situation, go about this? What does it involve? Could they get legal aid? As an aside may I ask Tony Dunkley why you didn't apply for one? All along I have thought it was out of ignorance, as it would have been for myself and, perhaps, many others. I'm not sure that this is correct though. Only yesterday it occurred to me that you had written some very knowledgeable and insightful posts. Tom
  11. I'll think Max Boyce will disagree with you there. max boyce morgan the moon 0001: Tom
  12. Buddy Jones: I'm in the doghouse now.
  13. I would be grateful if you could point me to the article if it has been printed. You've certainly sent me on a trip down memory lane. Tom
  14. Oops, forgot to leave a reply. Ooh, yes please. The last time I was down that way, sometime ago now, I meant to take some photos of the Ponty section up to the Knoll but, alas, just a fleeting visit. Tom
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