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  1. Hi there sorry for the message out of the blue but did you manage to sell Tadworth? 

  2. Parliament ( or somebody ) should be keeping CRT's legal costs in check, and ensuring they are not wasting public money, or colluding with Shoosmiths to bring about malicious or pointless prosecutions. Lawyers will milk any money tit they can latch onto.
  3. I can't see why CRT have directed resources to get volunteers to do what boaters have been doing without any need of help, seeing as they claim poverty and have to prioritise resources. Wouldn't these volunteers at three locks be more useful going and painting the rotting lock gates south of Leighton Buzzard, that have never seen a coat of paint because they are out of sight of visitors ?
  4. If i read your post right, i don't think there is an option of paying for a visitor mooring, the £25 " charge " is technically within the law, but still very dubious, and I suspect CRT don't want to push it in case it ends up in court. In which case £25 a night couldn't be justified as a fair charge, and it would be obvious it was intended as a penalty, which is unlawful. My FOI showed only a total of 7 out of 19 have been paid up to March this year, and 6 cancelled.
  5. Tell me exactly what I am to blame for ? CRT lying about the wording of court orders ? CRT breaking the law by cancelling a valid licence ? CRT invoking a bylaw without any evidence, and not even following its due process ? You want me to follow the law but CRT doesn't have to. What a stupid suggestion. Close the door on your way out.
  6. The majority are willing to accept unlawful and underhand terms and conditions. Until it affects them of course, then they will be crying for help from the same people they didn't want to know before.
  7. CRT are playing stupid games with the law, Parliament should be told, and Richard Parry should face a select committee and be told to get a grip of his legal department.
  8. So boaters have to follow the law but CRT doesn't.
  9. How many boaters will you accept being treated unlawfully, and being maliciously harassed by CRT as the price for the majority being left alone ?
  10. Its nothing to do with me, I am just speculating on a question I didn't start.
  11. I'm sure by that time the boat would have been sold back to the real owner for £2, and the previous owner Mr Mo Lester has emigrated to Kazakhstan.
  12. I'm sure you know the T&C's schedule 2 (6) states that they think they can charge , citing 1983 sec 8 (5) ? Surely not another lie ?
  13. You have to "satisfy the board" that you are genuinly CC'ing, rather than the board prove you weren't . so in this respect you are in theory guilty until proven innocent.
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