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  1. Am going for another break

  2. A bit rude want it. 17 years as a qualified painter sprayer motor trade/comercial coatings and aviation. Guess i better shut up and keep my nose out.
  3. I agree geo, another problem with 2k is that it spider crack on impact when it is or has gone brittle where as something vinyl tar based will just flex.
  4. Thanks Wotever, crikey ive been running the engine around 1300 -1400 until i get to 5amp 100%SOC. Cheers Thanks i decided above that it was a bad idea using a powerwasher from whats been said which is similar to what youve written. Thanks though. I am now looking at buying 500w hozelock water pump 3.5 bar, then sucking up canal water them use a sqweejy.
  5. Ive seen all three of them in mass, if only i took a picture of how many britle big sheets came off, the previous owners used hempel 2k epoxy blacking. Even though the hull was not shot blasted it was extremely britle to snap and it had cracks in it in places. Ive used different types of two pack in my job and most of them are brittle or go brittle with age and crack.
  6. Yep i nearly forgot the weed hatch and the rudder tube. 20 littes is what i used on 2 coats but i had a spare 2 days in the dry dock so did another coat. Sounds like you were lucky my paint come off in shards, it was two pack as well. I dont rate two pack its very brittle, i use to be a paint sprayer and now i kinda prefer the goopy vinyl tar stuff (it goes on real thick and easily with a fury cloth type roller. :-) So far Coflex has not greyed.
  7. Thats the mill is opposite to now Asda, its close to portland basin which was a canal ending re dug out and the building which is now the shop use to be a garage which i helped out in. Quite strange seeing it as it use to be. I might be very wrong though a lot of that area and mill buildings were knocked down and turned into a trading estate.
  8. Crt were towing a Butty collecting everyone's Stoves this afternoon on an Amnesty deal, its not all bad they were handing out Wooly Jackets and the number for the Samaritan's :-/.
  9. Thankyou for writing all that Horace i appreciate it. Yer stuff buying a pressure washer now, i think something that pumps like a hose pipe and is low wattage will do me ok. Can i ask what engine rev's you charge your batterys at ? I am running it at 1300 - 1400 revs on a beta 38 100amp alternator apparently. :-/
  10. Ow thanks for telling us, ive not used it for ages, ow tell a lie ive used it on the front and rear decks to de mud. Salt in fairy liquid wow.
  11. Yer i think your right about the pressure washer getting under the mushrooms more. I wash the boat on my own so wash and sqweejy in sections, i use to sqweejy the roof but got fed up of that. Shampoo ? Hmmm yer that might be better than fairy liquid because i noticed that leaves patches on the blacking like its melted it a bit and it takes off all my wax. I have just been using canal or water point water on its own and sqweejying. Lol, omg boaters what they like. Aww thanks for the link it add's shine too, i will order some. :-)
  12. Yer i should just tell them when its full. It is a bit norty washing the boat as well though. :-/
  13. Yer i can see why fresh water is fround upon, i nearly always dunk my brush in the canal to wash the boat and ive only used the water point twice. People come from every direction asking me how long i am going to be when filling up the water tank. I should tell them about an hour rather than move half empty. I have a sqweejy, but do you really wear them mitts lol. Buckets take ages and they splash up under the mushrooms wetting the boat inside. Thats what i find anyway. Edit :sorry ditchcrawler i was a bit cheaky in my post i was only joking about the mitts.
  14. Starts up my engine and heads down to the scrappers yard.
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