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  1. The latter so no worries . FYI Honda said altering the gennie would invalidate the warranty. This is what we ended up doing
  2. Ok sorted am installing a earth bonded consumer unit near the gen. changing the gen inside invalidates the warranty according to Honda . I asked the leccy how come given these gens are popular fair on the cut there was not more problems to wit the answer was most boats don’t have polarity warning lamps like yours so they don’t know it could be dangerous . Bit worrying that ....
  3. Update got a qualified boat leccy to look today he ran tests etc . All it needs it seems is exactly what Nick said NE bonding . I asked about the fact this eu 2.0 and 2.2 were standard fair on the cut and he said that I was lucky I had a polarity indicator most didn’t hence they were merrily using these gens non The wiser .turns out EU in the title of this gen means Eu wiring which is opposite polarity to uk . Suppliers don’t care . It works unless you get a fault in which case the trips don’t work . Then again I expect many boats don’t have trips either . Maybe ignorance is bliss . thanks for all the advice really helpful folks S
  4. Many thanks, everyone for your help and advice . Will get this sorted this week . regards Simon
  5. Ok thanks . Where do I go from here just want to use the generator safely now not sure what to do ? thanks again nick . Not sure where to find said boat electrician but will look around I am sure Honda is not central tapped as probably most common gennie on the cut . Is it ok to use in the meantime ?
  6. Ok thanks . Where do I go from here just want to use the generator safely now not sure what to do ?
  7. Hi Nick i am no electrician would any spark be able to do this ? Also can’t find that guide on smart gauge very busy and technical website , as said electrical dunce , do you have a quick link you could post . Sorry to be a pain regards
  8. Hi Nick many thanks for for your reply and sorry i am such a dunce on the matter . So you are saying ineffect I have the incorrect lead for a gennie ? This would make sense As the one I have was for shoreline towers . Where do I get such a lead ? To to be fair to eng he doesn’t purport to be a boat electrician more engines etc hence why I am asking here . I will check smart gauge re Honda 2.2eu but would think would be ok as appears to be used alot on boats . Again in thanks for the help ?
  9. There is a galvanic isolater on the boat yes ?
  10. But if this was the case nothing would work especially the very fussy victron and i am using same cable and connector I used onshore line with no problem . I can’t see how it can be wired wrong .
  11. Ok so we bought a Honda 2.2eui genny got this one as was advised by our marine engineer that it has a very clean output and therefore is about the only one that will work properly with our victron charge inverter which is apparently notoriously fussy about the input . Started using it and it works great through the victron and every thing works on the boat apart from the immersion but will come back to that later . However the box fitted in the electrics cupboard presumably by the boat fitter has a red light on it which indicates incorrect polarity . Spoke to boat engineer and he said he has seen this with generators elsewhere but since the everything was working it “probably was not a problem “ I trust him as he is well known and very experienced but he admitted this was not an area of expertise. anyone any thoughts about what is occurring. ? back to the immersion ours it 1kw so should work fine with Honda which is a2.2 but when I went to turn it on it tripped out the victron , Honda didn’t stall so wonder if this has something to do with polarity issue ? any boat leccies out there can help ?
  12. Tips for removing Condensate . 1. Water traps positioned under bed in bed room and under steps 2. Bungs in portholes hell stop it forming there 3. incontenance pads in bilges work wonders especially the big chair ones suck up tons of condensate .
  13. Nah Jules doesn’t do them unfortunately.
  14. Ooo that sounds Interesting JF calls regularly. Never thought to ask them . many thanks
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