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  1. All mine are in parallel, i have trees which shade between 11 and 2 so parallel gives more power during that time , as said on a boat cable lengths are not long enough to make a difference unless you are using 12 volt panels , my opinion is don’t , they are too expensive and too low voltage unless series connecting , victron mppt for example doesn’t even turn on until 5 volts over battery voltage it’s all too tight imo , give yourself some headroom , 24 volt panels much better with an mppt , reserve 12 volt for pwm controllers .
  2. definitely as said my original one lasted 10 years odd but subsequent ones lasted a matter of a few months at a time
  3. 50% is an average across the day every day , You may see the odd spike but unless you get that number constantly for 8 hours or so then it wont help charge your batteries any faster
  4. have to agree an elastic band powered foot pump would be better than the modern Shurflo's , the original Aquaking lasted 8 years but that was not a chinese model since then garbage , I have not had a JAbsco pump but they seem to have a good rep with people I know
  5. My opinion , Shurflo are now rubbish used to be good then production went to china and the quality turned to poo in a bucket . I went through 3 in 18 months until I gave up and paid a little extra for a Whale version and that is superb .. not missed a beat in 2 years and my whale gulper in the shower has been going strong for 13 years . I would spend about £20 more and get a whale over a shurflo any day from experience
  6. yes 710 watts and you saw 399 which is just over 50% ?
  7. In UK you will get max just over 50% of your panels rated output on a good day , tilting may add 20-30 % depending .. on a good day , Most people expect too much from small panels on boats . The old adage of you cannot ever have too much solar in UK rings true , I have 1630 watts on my narrowboat and that is like being plugged into shoreline from Feb to Nov and most of what I need in Dec and Jan with just the occasionally gennie run every couple weeks to make sure the batteries are getting a true 100% charge . I am off grid moored and dont cruise much until summer . so if you do cruise more you will not need as much , but a few small 100watt panels will always disappoint in UK climate IMO . I doubt you will see a huge improvement by swapping flexies to framed even tilted unless you up the wattage quite a bit . Now if you are like Will Prowse and lived in Vegas , then 300 watts would be give you 300 watts or more all day but not at 52 degress latitude unfortunately
  8. Yes it will no problem , I have this exact set up and works fine , Honda 2.2 is bomb proof and will power victron 3000/ 120/ 12 all day
  9. When you change batteries change to lead carbon , they will happily sit in psoc for 72 hours without damage and you should get 1000 plus cycles at 50 to 60% dod. Then with your cruising pattern you won’t need solar .
  10. Have on of These and runs fine from 12volts but I bought a regulated dc dc converter to be sure , works a treat
  11. https://www.so-counties.co.uk/man-in-serious-but-stable-condition-after-boat-fire-in-leighton-buzzard/ Heard about this from a lady at work who lives in Leighton , Apparently it was a GRP Cruiser but hard to tell from the remains .. Tragic I hope he recovers ok but has lost everything ? I also heard it was an explosion ( maybe gas ) but that maybe Chinese whispers as nothing in Media about that . Our thoughts are with Paul
  12. When moving on board a boat all must go !! we got rid of 98% of what we had and still had too much , Charities , car boot sales are useful . If you really must keep some of it that wont fit look at getting a top box or 2 for your boat we have two made by top box co , dont have number to hand and they dont have a website . Will try and dig out number later for you , these are not cheap but well made and allows you to store quite alot ( in boaters terms ) .
  13. 14.6 is prob fine for many battery types esp this time of year when temps are low but check battery manufacturers specs to see if you are in tolerance .
  14. Ok I have same victron the agm charge profiles are set up for victron agm batteries , there are 2 options either 14.7 v absorb or 14.4 v absorb these are set either by puter via usb link or by dip switches inside the case on upper right . Check the profile of your battery and whether your victron has temp compensation , victron agms should have 14.4 for shallow cycles or if new non compensated , 14.7 is good this time of year if no temp compensation. Some agm like full river want 14.7 nominal. Leoch ones prob 14.4 nominal but this time of year with low temps then 14.7;is good if you don’t have temp compensation. . If you have temp compensation the. 14.4 is prob best , those two options are the only ones for agm , if you need a different voltage you will need to play with other batteries settings unless newer unit which has more options
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