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  1. Yeah looks like gjwdirect will, with very little hassle! And quite inexpensively too! But also someone recommend me to a small insurer who seem really on the ball. Their proposal has been in depth and they have communicated very well. And they are really friendly. I really want to go with them but fear their cost may be drastically more! I'm awaiting a quote form them now. Much appreciate the recommendations. It seems the citizenship thing is not a widespread issue.
  2. Us specific: "the reason Navigators and General have an underwriting stance as a business on US Citizens is due to OFAC trade and economic sanctions (The Office of Foreign Assets Control is a financial intelligence and enforcement agency of the U.S. Treasury Department) applicable to all US citizens, even those outside of the USA. Because of some of the breaches that can arise for an insurer failing to comply with this correctly is the reason why we do not insure US Citizens"
  3. Mini update. Survey is in (though I have yet to read!) And the surveyor kindly recommended someone to talk too; so awaiting a call back. Anyway, even though this isn't solved I'm happy for the options and feel confident I'll be able to work something out quickly .
  4. Yeah all ready to do basic boat, but just want a couple others to get back to me first. If I get basic boat and then am able to get coverage elsewhere, any idea if I I forfeit the £75 pounds to or do they pro-rate what you don't use?
  5. I think the current survey was 2015. The agreement was me; I didn't want to take over the boat without insurance. Her company said just to call them as we made the deal. We did, and they sent me something via email saying covered from 6pm Friday. It was whatever they send to people in this situation, so not sure of the legal definition, but I understood I was covered, though I'm assuming they had a ton of small print in there... 3 days later I was emailed and told I was turned down turned down due to citizenship. Yeah seller was great, but you're right, they have no concern in me having insurance. They've got the money, I have the boat. In retrospect I wish I'd worked something else out with them so that they maintained it in their name and coverage while I made sure of everything.
  6. What I didn't get into too was that company was going to go with the old survey as I was doing a new survey at the same time. Now the new survey is done. I have not seen the report yet (may take a few more days). But the informal conversation with the surveyor said I'd have to get about £1000 worth of welding done on some part of the hull. . Naturally whatever the insurance situation is I want to get this done as soon as possible, but it may be weeks before it can be booked as I've yet to know exactly what is needed! Anyway, Craftinsure according to their policies, won't cover without any survey work being done, and I can't imagine anyone else will either! I'm going to try the one name mentioned as I can't imagine there aren't contingencies for these situations... Boat's change hands all the time and work needs to be done. I can't imagine it's impossible to get coverage? Whatever work is needed is not dire. Of course it has to be done, but it's not like the surveyor ways saying, "don't get on that boat!". Anyway, I'm just really disheartened because I tried to do my best to go about things the right way. I've spent upward of 10% of the purchase price on survey and drydocking, and I have a feeling that many at this price point don't bother with a survey. It's not an expensive boat, but it is to me!! Is there anyone that insures based on safety inspection or offer insurance on a contingency of the situation? Or hopefully I can at least get liability as someone mentioned? Much appreciate all the responses.
  7. So just bought my boat, and agreement of sale was based on me having insurance, as I want to be covered owning a new boat, as anyone would with house or vehicle. So we arranged it all over the phone and they sent me like a writ of some kind saying coverage was starting from transfer, but of course subject to this and that.. The again did ask me, with my if I was from the US. I didn't explain that I had dual citizenship, but did assure her I was born here and have UK citizenship. Now come Monday they've written to tell me they can't insure me because I'm also a US citizen. It seems discriminatory to say the least! I am a UK citizen. Now I'm told I'm not covered and I would not have gone through with the sale or would have kept some contingency. So how do I get coverage right away?
  8. Hi All, Survey came back pretty good, or at least better than I expected!. There is a lot of work to do and the most important or major thing is some welding on the bow; though on the whole the hull is in good condition with no pitting and seems have been constructed from one of the "thicker" batches of steel than some other Springers. The other major thing was the gearbox seems like it may have some issues. but there' also many many other things that I'll need to take care of! Oh and in general the whole boat could use a proper paint job, which there is no hurry though; but worth noting as if I don't do that myself it is a major expense too. The other liveable concern is the batteries are totally dead and as they aren't taking a charge the DC essentially does not work. Also the water pump and fan were not tested, etc... There are AC outlets, though and plugged it those do work. Plus there are some various leak issues around widows and ceiling fan, etc.. and many other little and perhaps not so little things. On the whole though the boat seems comfortable and I'd have no problem staying in it as it is, and working on it as I go. This was not an engine inspection. I just got a bit of personal feedback from the surveyor as he was on the boat when it sailed 50 yards to the drydock and back. The engine appears to hum along pretty good, but I'll need to get an inspection and tune up no doubt. Anyway, the project itself; well I have tons of questions and lots of things to do. So think I best post up a page perhaps? Or just post up things as I go? I much appreciate everyone's feedback, positive and otherwise! I'm now a canal boat owner! 😊
  9. I appreciate the concerns and I know this is a risk. But I also feel this is a lot less of a risk than a £25K+ boat that will likely also have problems. The thing is, like it or not, hundreds if not thousands of springers are still going after 40+ years. Everyone loves to say how crap they are and yet they probably come out middle-of-the-road compared other boat companies. (pure guess). And certainly they have been a great way of introducing newbies, like me, to the boating world with less of an outlay than the norm. The seller in my deal only appears to be selling because they have started a family and have moved out of the country. They definitely spend a lot of time and love on this boat. I hope the survey comes back and says it's just fab! Really though I'm sure a lot will need tending too, but I'm hopeful the boat will have some good life yet. Where I live now rent in a room share for one year will run more than what I'm paying for the boat! It may be a tiny space, but that's all I'd get with a room somewhere. It it doesn't work out, I lose out, but I'm not wiped out. If it does work out, then great! At least this one appears to have a full length double door up the front 🤣
  10. Thanks All. I have yet to suss anything out. I need to find the surveyor, insurance company, and talk to boat yard about availability. My concern is it may be a long while before needed repairs can be done. There may just be a slim chance of a catastrophic issue, nonetheless, I have to take it into consideration.
  11. Hi All. I hope this is the proper place for this post. After casually looking for two years, watching hundreds of videos, and lurking away with the occasional post on the forums, I have agreed sale on a little Springer. I've read a fair bit about them and have an idea of what I'm getting into. The boat is in a leisure mooring that has possible access to a drydock or crane (not dead sure) . I have about a month before the owner is back in town so need to organize a survey and hopefully we'll beable to take it out, with surveyors availability, on the dates the seller is in town, if not where it's located than at another yard down the canal. Seller has been superb and up front about all known issues. We have an agreement and I've put 10% down in deposit with an escrow company. The seller wrote the agreement based on I think a somewhat standard script, and it all sounded fine to me. So I think the main concern I have now is from this old post: Someone had agreed sale, had it surveyed, and when the boat went back into the water, it sunk! My concern is if my boat "passes" survey or we agree on whatever repairs needed are reflected in the price, then that means we agree to the sale. But I don't think I can get it insured until fixes are done? So is there any "in between" coverage? What if the boat sinks after sale but before insured? I know it's a slim chance but this is an old springer, so I'm asking! Below is the boat. I actually only saw it for about 15min and was not able to see it running, (though seller did get a short video). It needs lots of TLC and no doubt will need some more serious work. But on the whole it looked really fab to me! https://photos.app.goo.gl/VhDPAbWYWCVbxQVD7 I'm no welder or mechanic, but I've remodelled a few kitchens and bathrooms over the years, and have woodwork experience. I'm pretty good with all the standard DIY. I feel the Springer will be a good starter boat for me, (as they have been for many before me!) Here's a few details. Appreciate your thoughts? A 28ft Springer (1981). BSS until Feb 2024. Last blacked with new anodes fitted July 2018 (so due for blacking this year, ideally). Currently moored in London though does not come with transferable mooring.Headroom is approximately 5'11.Good starter boat that has been loved.If I were keeping her, the following jobs would be recommendedNew domestic batteries x2 (she's currently on a mooring with mains power) - estimated cost £150-£200.Fit new wooden panelling above the kitchen area (rain water got in two winters ago when I didn't seal the chimney properly, some of the tongue and groove is rotten in that area). Estimated costs £100 - £1000 (the job is mostly labour, materials are cheap).Fit new bilge pump (new bilge pump is packaged up in the boat, just needs fitting).Replace lights with LED lights... (price variable...)Treat and spruce up the Kinver canopiesBlacking and anodes due as was last blacked in 2018. Estimated cost £700-£900.She could do with a repaint too, price is variable from a few hundred to a few thousand depending on if you DIY or have it professionally done.I also have a walk through video of the boat that I can send on request - it's too large to upload to the ad!SpecificationsVessel type:NarrowboatDesigner:SpringerBuilder:SpringerMake:SpringerModel:28 Cruiser SternFit Out:Tongue and GrooveConstructed:1981Registration:78203Berths:3No. of engines:1Engine model:BukhFuel type:DieselLength over all:28'Maximum draft:1' 6"Hull material:SteelHull type:Deep-V
  12. Hi All. Maybe I'll start a new topic but wanted to let you know I've agreed sale on a relatively inexpensive Springer in London, subject to survey. Ove the past year or so I PM'ed a couple of members for some private advice and I really appreciate that; one in particular was of great help as I made this offer and decision. However the seller is away until August and we've got an agreement in place that if it is insurable and passes a survey with only "x" amount in repairs needed, than it'll go ahead. Obviously there is risks with everything, and defining what is "needed" for sure is is next to impossible. But the seller has been forthright with every issue they know about and I really bonded well with them. I know business is business but I think it does help that they appear friendly seem to be trying to work with me! . The boat has been sitting in a leisure mooring for a long while so hopefully it has not deteriorated too much over that time. I sense the seller is only selling now because they have moved out of the country, and probably should have done it a while ago but was sort of hoping not too. Anyway, the Springer is 1981. It's 28'. has a little diesel engine that appears to work. It will need a lot of TLC and as is notorious with springers I assume it will need hull work which hopefully will be doable. What I'm starting to do now is figure out what kind of insurance, which company to go with, and then arranging a surveyor for August, and hoping we can book the drydock (which is hopefully available at the leisure mooring site)... Anyway, lots to learn and figure out! The boat though seems overall in much better looking condition than most others I've seen around the same price. This does not look like a project boat at all, but I know in many ways it probably is! I plan this as a temporary boat to see if I can even handle boat life. I would hope to maintain and improve it a bit, and if things work out, upsize in the future.
  13. Thanks Thanks Alan de Enfield, It's 28' and inboard engine. Can I still get it insured? I thought boats at to be 4mm minimum, but it seems this is not the case? I would like to be safe and like to be insured so if I had a dire circumstance I wouldn't lose all... I'd also like it insured right away, as ownership transferred. Not going through a brokerage means I have to figure out what to do properly. I assume I'll have to get a CC license pretty quick too. But that said, I found this old thread and it does make me feel a little better!
  14. Hi All some quick questions., posting here as not sure it rates a new thread and it's somewhat related to this topic. I was looking at a springer yesterday and it looks in pretty good nic inside, but it's just been sitting leisure moored mostly since 2018. The engine fires up, there's obviously some issues. It's from 1981. so I think I'll make an offer on it subject to survey.. We're talking about the £10K. area. (I'll try to post some photos later) I just don't have any experience making an actual offer! It seems though that springers were made with either 4mm or less from the start? So won't it just need replating by default? The seller had a few things done when they got it, including like a new weekhatch construction. they were told at the time there was no real pitting. Essentially they did what they needed to do to stay on it and feel safe. It was blacked in 2018 and time to do again. .. Anyway, will it just all need a replate? Will the survey tell me that? Is a hull inspection separate? Do you have any advise on how I may move forward? I'd like to make an offer subject to survey, then if it comes back and needs a lot of repair, we'd get an rough estimate and I'd ask the seller to split the cost, (as long as it doesn't break my budget!). At least that is the plan! Anyway, seller seems very friendly and genuine and we got along very well. I know that doesn't mean much but it's better than the opposite! I'm trying to decide the best way to go about things. It seems like a good starter boat for me. It'll need work I'm sure, and have plenty of issues. And it could be a money pit! But at least this risk is on average 1/2 to 1/3 the cost/money pit of other used older options.. (I think!). Sorry for such a lack of info, but if you have thoughts, (or think I should run to the hills), please share!
  15. Just spotted this if you can view Facebook. Total project but seems not impossible? I'm not sure on the fiberglass roof. And of course a few other things! https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1160220784397282/?ref=facebook_story_share Also this little one looks descent: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/703772840525440/?ref=facebook_story_share
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