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  1. Looks like abonormal load restrictions are for anything over 2.9m. The boat is 6'10'' so just over 2m
  2. Yes it is a narrowboat, excuse my misuse of the terminology. She is under 2m beam so from my understanding not classed as abnormal load and escort is not required.
  3. Hmmm, my sense of adventure is starting to tingle... I figured it would be around the £1000 - £1400 mark to get it transported by road. At very least I could claim fastest barge of the day?
  4. Hello wise and unquestionable forum, I have just purchased (get the keys on Friday) a 55ft Narrowboat. I need to get her from her current mooring at Goole to her new one at Orchard Park, Northwich. I am new to boating, but will be taking my Father with me who has some limited experience (Two weeks cruising per year for the last 5 years). I also plan to get a full engine "health check" and service completed, she's only done about 15 hours in the last 4 years! The boat is an owner fit out, and really only geared up for being on shore power. We have a couple of leisure batteries and inverter, but hot water is via immersion. I'm not against buying a generator. Now to planning my route, I know it will take around 8 - 9 days. I am right in the middle of a demanding project at work, so only looking to do 2 - 3 days on the cut before stopping off somewhere with guaranteed shore power and internet connection. I am struggling to identify Marinas along the way I can book into as a visitor, and can guarantee they have shore power. If anyone can offer advice/ help on planning the route it would be appreciated! Many thanks
  5. Went to see her this week. Paint/ filler job is awful and literally falling off in large chunks. Chatted to couple of lads in the workshop about taking it back to metal and repaint - it would be a hell of a job to do and one they are not looking forward to. Inside she's nice and tidy. Tattenhall offered to fix the paint work and increase the price to reflect it, but the owner just wants it gone.
  6. Ah so what about the myth that finding a mooring is harder than finding a boat? Good to know though, I'm new to this and blogs only get you so far.
  7. It said on the apolloduck listing - didn't realise it missed this on their site. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/narrow-boats-semi-traditional/646779
  8. I'll be having a look this week, will let you know what its like and if the seller has anything interesting to say about her.
  9. https://www.lakelandleisureboatsales.co.uk/properties/view/loch-2-lock Bit basic inside, but 32k for a 57ft with mooring... so what's the catch? Anyone got an idea?
  10. Unfortunately not me, I had my car keys ready when they called to tell me she was sold! Plenty more fish in the sea, or is it ducks in the cut?
  11. Apparently in 2014. Over the phone they said it had some pitting down to 5mm. Blacked this year too.
  12. Liveaboard. Mostly Marina due to work commitments and needing a permanent base.
  13. As per the title. If I was buying a car I'd say "she needs four new corners" (tyres), followed or preceeded by a sharp intake of breath. What is the boat equivalent? Also the boat im viewing, any genuine opinions are a bonus: https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/narrow-boats-cruiser-stern/640603
  14. Good spot - I see it now. If there is one area I can assume there may be others. thanks for the advice, great to hear from someone who knew the builder. Any ideas on cost of re skinning of just replacing in steel? If I sold a few years down the line would I recoup the cost?
  15. Not too far from where I am based and well within my budget. I'm looking for a liveaboard. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/malcolm-braine-62-traditional/640157 Anyone offer any advice on wooden tops? Limited pictures but she looks in good condition. Thanks and apologies if I'm on the wrong part of forum, new to the site.
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