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  1. Well depends on the circumstances I suppose. Sometimes I need a bit of extra power to get up to 4mph if there is a headwind or current. If I'm squeezing through an especially tight bridge or avoiding a hire boater. Maybe I'm just rushing to get to Sainsburys before it closes? I've got a PRM delta (older version of the 150?) but not sure of the ratio.
  2. I did give it a good rag up and down to the nearest winding hole, didn't seem to help much. Checked the prop and it is clear. Don't think its oversize but maybe I can find a picture of it somewhere... Many thanks
  3. I have a Lister LPWS3 in my boat. Engine dates to 1990 and has a minimum of 2500 hours on it (hour meter was broken when I bought, didn't realise). I start to get blue smoke at higher revs (1800+). This gradually gets worse until I dial it back again. The smoke then starts to reduce to almost nothing again. When cold I get very little smoke at all. This onky happens when warm. In addition there is a black oil spraying from the exhaust. This is also weeping through the joints in the exhaust. I checked the oil last weekend and topped up about 200ml (after 45 hours running) Everything seems to be pointing towards rings/ valves leaking and a rebuild. Does the brain trust have any other ideas or quick fixes I csn check begird going down that route? I'm on the Middlewich branch, Does anyone know a good engineer in my area?
  4. Just very disappointed that they are advertising a premium service, and then providing a very poor one. Regarding temperatures it was a pleasant 15 degrees yesterday and the hull was bone dry. Obviously not warm to the touch but I'm not in a rush to get it finished. I will pick and choose when to get the coats on.
  5. Just posting here as an outlet and to vent. I really dislike confronting people, and having to call people out, unfortunately I have spent the last two days doing exactly that. I arranged for a premium blacking service with my home Marina. I live aboard but work full time, so figured this would be the best option. They sent me a nice looking scope of work that told me they would pressure wash, inspect, go over entire surface with a hand grinder, wipe down, inspection from yard manager, before applying blacking. The cost for this was 891 quid. I got my pressure wash, and they recommended rewelding an anode that had come away, and welding sone additional chine near the swims that was missing (looks like the boat was built this way). Great I thought, sounds promising. After three days on the yard I had not heard anything. After I went into the office to ask when work woukd start, they made a call and someone turned up 10 minutes later. Great I thought, I know how busy these guys can be. Unfortunate the bloke they sent just wanted to slap the blacking on. He had no clue about the scope of work, he said they had never done any hand grinding on any of the boats they black. I politely said this was the service I paid for, and what I expected. He got the yard manager involved and they agreed to go over with the grinder. He had also forgotten about the welding which I had to ask for again. Great I thought, maybe just a communication issue. He spent 30 minutes grinding the top half of the boat above the water line. Conveniently he stopped at 16:50 and said he was finished. I pointed out the bottom half of the boat, and asked if he planned on finishing this tomorrow. I also pointed out several areas of flakey bitumem/ scale he had missed, picking it off with my finger nail as I showed him.He walked off without answering. Great I thought, this is going to be awkward. The next morning at 0800 I went out to find him merrily painting away. This is where it started to get really uncomfortable. I called him out on not finishing the grinding. He looked my straight on the eye and said he'd done every inch. I know for a fact he did not do below the water line, and did not do the swim, rudder or supports below the rudder. He had not wiped the dust and grim away from his minimal grinding. I told him I knew all of this because I'd watched him doing it! To top it off he was now painting at 0800 and the boat was wet with condensation. Once more the yard manager came to have a look. He took over the grinding, attacked sone of the tougher shake with a hammer and did a better job. At this point I'm happy with the surface preparation, but the boat is still soaking wet. As I'm talking to the yard manager, the first bloke starts painting away again. I tell them that I've had enough and to pack up, and that I will be doing the blacking. TLDR, was prepared to pay for blacking, had to supervise the work, constantly battling them to do the work they told me they would, got sick of them doing a piss poor job and canceled them. Not sure if I should mention which Marina I'm in, but plenty of other have had issues with them and I'm on Middlewich branch.
  6. Exactly this - so its not a filter at all, and I don't need to worry about it being empty. Perfect - I just located the actual filter. Looks s but fiddly to reach but not terrible. If you have a parts manual it might be of help for future reference! Thanks everyone
  7. Hello Need a fuel filter for my lister LPWS3. Its one of the models with an aluminium filter housing thats held together by a central bolt. I took this filter apart earlier to find the filter, but to my surprise it was completely empty (except for the diesel, watery diesel and crud). Anyone tell me where I can source the correct fuel filter? Thanks in advance
  8. Thanks for advice everyone. In the end I found a length of 6'' flue in the shed and had my friend weld a flange halfway up it. Then we trimmed the pipe to size. Looks like it will work a treat and fitting it later today.
  9. I haven't managed to find anything over 5", do you know anywhere that stocks them in all sorts of sizes?
  10. Just bought a new stove with a 5 inch Flue. I have scoured the net for a collar that will accept it. I've even scoured my local chandler's. It seems that a narrowboat with 6 inch Internal diameter just doesn't exist. Anyone else got a flue of 5 inches or larger? How did you get around this issue?
  11. Looks like abonormal load restrictions are for anything over 2.9m. The boat is 6'10'' so just over 2m
  12. Yes it is a narrowboat, excuse my misuse of the terminology. She is under 2m beam so from my understanding not classed as abnormal load and escort is not required.
  13. Hmmm, my sense of adventure is starting to tingle... I figured it would be around the £1000 - £1400 mark to get it transported by road. At very least I could claim fastest barge of the day?
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