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  1. Thanks for the info . I will get my head around sorting it out . Cheers Greg.
  2. Hi jen I have a sterling 50 amp pro charger and sterling 1800 watt inverter . When i had the elecsols my needs were a lot less than they are now . I may to have a proper look at getting to grips with what power i use etc . Thankyou .
  3. Hi david . We are off shore power about 72 hours all told and in that time i need to run the engine for charging once for about 4/5 hours about the halfway mark , the batteries never get below 12.2 or there abouts . If we travel further there isnt a problem . i was wondering if solar would help stop the need to run the engine . That said the batteries are about 2/3 years old . I used to have the big elecsol batteries they got hammered and lasted about 10 years .shame there are no longer made . Thanks for your insight .
  4. We try to alternate when we go an stop etc but with the time we have its limited . We never get any low voltage beeps as i keep a close eye on what the battery led it reading . Sounds like i need to find out what we use over a typical weekend . Thanks for the pointers .
  5. Thanks for the reply,s . We tend to move a little on friday then move on sat about 45 mins or so , sometimes we go 45 on friday and then back on sunday . I have a little led battery read out and when it gets to about 12.2 i run the engine typically about 4 hours or so that tends to be sat afternoon ish then back to marina on sun afternoon then back on shore power . The batteries never get down to 12.1 or below . Unfortunately work does dictate our weekend habits till we retire .
  6. Hi all . Im looking for some advice about if i would benefit from having some solar panels fitted ? . Currently we spend most time in a marina tending to go out for weekend,s fri till sunday . The batteries are one starter and three 225 ah and are on charge while in the marina , when we are out im having to charge the batteries back up once while out for 3 days , we dont travel very far with the time we have off work . We have a large shoreline fridge freezer 12 v . Large tv and soundbar a wireless router and led lights about 200 watt combined , altogether about 4
  7. Hi guys . We are currently residing at the local travel lodge after being evacuated from northwich quay yesterday . As the river started to rise and block the higher entrance all boats had to be evacuated no one was allowed to stay aboard . The council housed all residents including the furry ones , also supplied care packages with snacks and drinks etc . In 2019 we stayed aboard and the marina rose up to within a few foot of coming off the posts , afterwards the posts were extended about 4 ft . From the look of it today the decision saved the marina . Everyone i
  8. Hi guys . We have a mixture of Caldwells and Wesley Windows. Caldwells I have 3 large Windows all powder coated , within 18 months or so powder coating is bubbling on two of the Windows from under the coating , also had problems with water marks in the glass , I have two fish eyes in the glass that I didn't notice till it was to late . Wesley , I have 4 Windows and two port holes , all powder coated to match the other 3 . Up to now all still looking great no problems . Pretty much the same cost from both companies . The Wesley Windows did seem better qual
  9. To be honest the ones I have had in the past were cheap ones an not very loud . I bought this stainless one because it said 12 v low current , it's just not so low It's also become a bit of a mission now .
  10. Hi guys . Thanks for the reply,s . I will run new thicker cables to be on the safe side , it not so much the cost just 're routing the cable to the front is going to be a pain . Cheers Greg.
  11. Hi guys . After have another look at the wiring etc it seems the original horn was on a 6 amp breaker and the headlight was on a 10 amp breaker . As Alan suggested I swapped them round . The horn still doesn't work on the 10 amp breaker but does if I fit the 15 amp breaker I have bought . Now the cable for the headlamp is thicker than the horn cable but it's still not as thick as Tony suggested 16 mm2 . Is it still advisable to run a thicker cable . Do the pos and neg cable need to be the same thickness ? . Cheers guys Greg.
  12. Hi Tony. I get what you and Alan ment . I need to up the breaker to 15 amp that will run the horn , but I need to make sure the cable will be thick enough to wire it permanently. I only used it as a way of testing if it all worked as it should . I've now disconnected the horn and will find out the rating of the cable before reconnecting with a bigger breaker . Regards greg .
  13. Hi guys . I tried the other 10 amp breaker and it doesn't work the horn but when I use the 15 amp breaker it works fine . Regards Greg .
  14. Thanks again . I will now go and see about swapping it for another 10 amp breaker . Cheers Greg
  15. Hi guys . Well after going through all the ideas I receaved from all the reply,s I put a direct feed to the horn bypassing the circuit breaker the horn worked a treat , so then traced the switch cable checked the switch . All good . Then I took the whole circuit breaker panel off to have a look see and it turns out the breaker is only ten amps and and my lights are 15 amp so I swapped them round and my horn works a treat . So I will now get a 15 amp breaker switch and all is fixed . Thankyou all so much for the help with this , I also feel a lot more confident in
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