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  1. Hi guys . We have a mixture of Caldwells and Wesley Windows. Caldwells I have 3 large Windows all powder coated , within 18 months or so powder coating is bubbling on two of the Windows from under the coating , also had problems with water marks in the glass , I have two fish eyes in the glass that I didn't notice till it was to late . Wesley , I have 4 Windows and two port holes , all powder coated to match the other 3 . Up to now all still looking great no problems . Pretty much the same cost from both companies . The Wesley Windows did seem better quality and well made , Caldwells just seemed pour quality and I had problems with all 3 Windows. As some point I will have to replace the 3 Caldwells Windows , when I get round to doing them I will go to Wesley Windows. Just my thoughts as a buyer of Windows from both companies. Regards Greg.
  2. To be honest the ones I have had in the past were cheap ones an not very loud . I bought this stainless one because it said 12 v low current , it's just not so low It's also become a bit of a mission now .
  3. Hi guys . Thanks for the reply,s . I will run new thicker cables to be on the safe side , it not so much the cost just 're routing the cable to the front is going to be a pain . Cheers Greg.
  4. Hi guys . After have another look at the wiring etc it seems the original horn was on a 6 amp breaker and the headlight was on a 10 amp breaker . As Alan suggested I swapped them round . The horn still doesn't work on the 10 amp breaker but does if I fit the 15 amp breaker I have bought . Now the cable for the headlamp is thicker than the horn cable but it's still not as thick as Tony suggested 16 mm2 . Is it still advisable to run a thicker cable . Do the pos and neg cable need to be the same thickness ? . Cheers guys Greg.
  5. Hi Tony. I get what you and Alan ment . I need to up the breaker to 15 amp that will run the horn , but I need to make sure the cable will be thick enough to wire it permanently. I only used it as a way of testing if it all worked as it should . I've now disconnected the horn and will find out the rating of the cable before reconnecting with a bigger breaker . Regards greg .
  6. Hi guys . I tried the other 10 amp breaker and it doesn't work the horn but when I use the 15 amp breaker it works fine . Regards Greg .
  7. Thanks again . I will now go and see about swapping it for another 10 amp breaker . Cheers Greg
  8. Hi guys . Well after going through all the ideas I receaved from all the reply,s I put a direct feed to the horn bypassing the circuit breaker the horn worked a treat , so then traced the switch cable checked the switch . All good . Then I took the whole circuit breaker panel off to have a look see and it turns out the breaker is only ten amps and and my lights are 15 amp so I swapped them round and my horn works a treat . So I will now get a 15 amp breaker switch and all is fixed . Thankyou all so much for the help with this , I also feel a lot more confident in dealing with the 12 v system after taking the curcuit board apart tracing what goes where labelling them all and putting it back together . ❤ thankyou Greg.
  9. Hi guys . Thanks for all the help from you all ,so meny nice people willing to help out . Warms the cockles of my heart. and yes Alan I'm going to swap the headlight and the horn over tomorrow see how that works out . Regards Greg.
  10. I detect be beginning of the end to my Horny problem😂 Regards all
  11. Hi guys . Well I have just connected a 5mm square arctic blue cable about 70 foot my old spare hook up . Connected to starter battery and touched to the pos n neg and behold a big old horn sound he he . So I have a problem in my horn wiring . Regards Greg.
  12. Hi guys . Just been playing with the thing .and here is what I have found . I connected the meter and have about 00.7 press the horn switch it goes to 12 .7 all without horn connected .although is does fluctuate up n down some . I connect the horn to neg reading 00.7 then connect the pos and it goes to -0.00 even when switch is pressed . All while engine running So things are as clear as mud . Regards Greg.
  13. Hi guys . I think what's happened as was pointed out I now have a much louder horn than the previous one . I will get to having a look after the sun eases off a bit . Carnt thank you all enough . Cheers Greg.
  14. Hi guys . Than you for all the help and reply,s I will be home soon and will look at all the ideas and suggestions. See if we can sort this between us all 👍 regards Greg.
  15. Hi guys the cable is a 16 amp hook up cable that I use as a spare . That's the only thing I have that's long enough . Cheers
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