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  1. Thanks IanD . Great bit of info on the WiFi .
  2. Thanks Rob m . for the heads up on the pole . TnC . From my understanding you can get a 5 g aerial and its backwards compatible. .
  3. Hi all . We now have a poynting xpol-a0001. Just got to sort a small pole out and we should be sorted . Will update as we go along . Thankyou all for the pointers .
  4. Thanks Mike. At least I'm on the right path to sorting the slow speed .
  5. I did a little search on here and that name came up a xpol but went and looked and I read that 3 and Vodafone don't work so well on them . Thats when I decided to see if anyone actually uses a outdoor aerial on 3 . Thanks matty. ⁹
  6. Hi all . We have recently moved marina,s and now our 3 signal is a bit slow . Looking into weather we need a outdoor aerial and if so what other people are using . My understanding of WiFi is not the best 🤣 . Any pointers would be great .
  7. Is that because the pontoons are the same length ? Our,s are only 40 ft pontoons.
  8. As lady G says . Bite the hand that feeds and you risk going hungry.
  9. I guess my problem is I'm 57 x 10 ft . My marina charges double price for widebeam,s . I'm not double size . I don't mind paying more than a narrowboat thats only fair but to charge me the same as the 12 an 14 ft widebeams then increase it by 14% plus the vat with 3 weeks notice shows what kind of company I moore with .
  10. We have just been informed our,s has gone up 14% for next year , i won't get a increase of 14% in my wage though .
  11. Thanks Alan. I will leave them as they are and see how they look next time round .👍
  12. Hi Alan, The left hand anode is about 8 years the right one about 3 years old .
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