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  1. The chap that had our old Windows was going to strip them and have them powder coated to match his other Windows. Greg
  2. Hi snakezilla . Just a heads up 're Caldwells. We have replaced 3 of our Windows all from Caldwells. All 3 had problems . Water marks in the glass from the toughening process had the glass replaced although a few marks we had to live with as they wanted the Windows taken back out to replace the glass . We also had them powder coated and less than a year on we have the coating lifting off in a couple on places on one window. Again they agreed to fix but leaving us without a window in till it was redone . For us it wasn't trouble free and as a result will not use them again . Cheers Greg
  3. Hi . They are exide en1100 multifit leisure batteries 180 ah , £ 139.95 each . Plus pp Tayna batteries . Cheers Greg
  4. Hi guys . Just to tie this thread off . I have bought 3 , 180 ah , exide open batteries . Thank you for all your input . ?
  5. Thanks for all the reply,s . As I managed to look after our elecsols for 9 years without much know how , I will be getting wet ones again now . Our batteries are easy to get at and lots of room round them . Thank you for all the pointers ?
  6. Thanks for the reply . Originally I had 3 elecsol 220 unsealed and topped them up when needed . Lasted 9 years or so then bought 3 varta sealed 2 are ok and the 3rd just died lasted 3 years .I thought I would be easy no maintenance ! I have the dimensionsof the area so will check sizing . As we now have a larder fridge freezer 12 v I find the two remaining batts not quite enough and have to charge them more often when out cruising. So would unsealed batts that I top up be our best bet ? Regards Greg.
  7. Hi guys . I currently use a 50 amp pro charge ultra to charge my 3 varta fd180 ah batteries . I recently had to remove one of my batteries as it was very hot and gassing quite bad the other two are fine and charge etc no problem . I now want to replace them and have been looking at 3 sealed explorer 220 ah calcium leisure batteries . I mainly stop in the marina on shore power and just get out for weekends and short trips when we can . Does this set up sound about right for what we need . I don't want the huge cost of deep cycle or AGM etc Any thoughts would be great Regards Greg.
  8. Hi all . I've just been having this problem after fitting a new pump . I had to turn the pressure down to stop it then I read pump instructions and turned the pressure back up and while the kitchen tap and pump was pulsing on and off I turned the screw in the pressure pump and now no more pulsing and all is good . You can adjust the pump itself to stop the pulsing .
  9. Thankyou for the quick reply,s . I will look into fitting the valve . Regards Greg.
  10. Thanks for replying . Yes the jabsco problem was very odd it's about 3 years old and over the last few weeks got gradually worse. Caused no end of trouble trying to find the none existent leak .it would over run after the tap was turned off then cycle while nothing was being used not fully pumping but a short run every minute or so for hours .
  11. Hi all . And how' Dean? . I recently had my jabsco pump running on after the tap was turned off and cycling when not in use took me weeks to work out I have no leaks .I have just bought a shurflo and now have pulsing on the kitchen tap and the washing machine . The toilet ,shower ,and bathroom basin are all fine . I have had to half close the stop valve to shop the pulsing . Not sure if that is the ideal answer to it though ? Regards Greg
  12. Greg & Jax

    Greg & Jax

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