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  1. I'm back !! Thanks for your help. Got that email obviously but definitely didn't get the others about resetting the password using the link provided - maybe a glitch in there somewhere ? Cheers, Simon
  2. Well at least it's a bit more than I thought they might do !!
  3. Thinking about this a bit more and looking at pictures, when they fix the studs or fittings to the side of the boat, they will drill holes and put the fittings in. Potentially this is a new place for rust to start in the future ? I'm sure they don't go drilling holes then prime with paint, wait to dry and then put fittings in ?
  4. It has just been suggested to me that a better option for cratch hood fabric is to get it made from PVC as other types shrink over time. Would people have any comments regarding this ? From experience what would you have a new cover/hood made from ?
  5. Yes that's correct permanent moorings, the ones at Upware are great - but don't tell everyone......
  6. The EA 'leisure moorings' state that you are allowed to stay for 3 nights out of every seven.
  7. Anybody know the cost of the Little Ouse moorings ?
  8. Thanks. Think I'll leave all the extra pipework off for the moment and see if it makes any difference to noise levels. Air filter is pretty good though.
  9. Out of interest do people just have an air filter inside the engine bay or do they have pipe work with it to the outside of the boat ? Mine has an air filter then some pipe that goes to an airbox then another piece of pipe that goes to a grill above the decks. Seems like a lot of overkill ?! Don"t know whether to get rid of it and just leave the air filter or leave it all in place.
  10. Thanks everybody I'll check a few things. It has been out a few times in May and got up to temperature.
  11. Hi folks - is there anyway you can check the emissions on a BMC engine ? Reason I ask is that I'm sure it's a bit smellier than I remembered !! Having not used it in 2020 and only just starting again maybe I haven't got use to it. I assume that if it's overfueling I will see black smoke ? (Which I don't). But it just smells a bit and after some time I feel a little nauseous (unless it's the sun and heat affect ?) No noticeable difference in the rate of fuel I use. What checks can be done please ?
  12. Ok thanks folks - another day, another job !!
  13. I take it my window seals have simply shrunk over time ? Most end about a cm too soon at either end. Where can I source some new ones please ?
  14. Well I repaired with some gasket sealant and it's currently holding pressure. If I get through another season with it for a fiver I will be pleased !!
  15. My Aquaking says it was manufactured in 1997 !! Maybe before the Chinese quality control ?!
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