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  1. You could do most of the work yourself then get somebody to finish off the bits you can't do. I'm getting somebody to make a flue and install it. That way if it leaks they can sort it.
  2. I guess it would make a nice house though ?
  3. At least it's got a proper stern to it.....
  4. What exactly do you mean by that ?
  5. Went to The Ship sometime end of September/early October last year. Twas a Saturday night, sometime between 8.30 and 9.00 in the evening. Walked in and NOBODY could be seen in the pub. Stood there for a while until something stirred around a corner. A head popped up and said "Alright'. "Hi" I said it an excited voice as I had found somebody to talk to. That was that conversation completed. A young lady appeared and told me that they were in fact closed, then started talking to the other guy who also seemed to work there but couldn't be bothered to tell me they were closed. Weird sh*t.
  6. Ah yes, Stretham Ferry place ? Got it surveyed there.
  7. Thanks for the ideas. Unfortunately Garf is on a new build so can't spare the time. But I'll try the other folk !
  8. Have to say they look much more reasonable than some I saw, which were about 300 quid each !! A third of the price seems a lot more tempting.
  9. Does anybody know of somebody who can make a flue in the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk/Suffolk area ? This would include making the template and the cutting and welding.
  10. die=tie buttons=bottoms !!
  11. Right, is an 18V rechargeable drill man enough to drill through the roof ? Having trouble finding somebody to do it (nearby) so might have a go. No mains electricity. Anybody recommend a brand of drill bits that can do the job ? Saw some in Homebase for 45 quid, saw some online for 15 quid.
  12. Thanks for your replies. Just to clarify - I already have a frosted window in the bathroom. But it would end up within the shower cubicle. Personally wasn't bothered about the modesty issue. More the damp/condensation issue around the wooden frame. Clearly not too much to worry about if I wipe down/have ventilation.
  13. As much as I try to reshape/redesign my bathroom, I keep coming back to what seems to be the simplest/easiest thing to do. But that means because of the location of a small window, the window would be inside the shower cubicle. Is this a bad idea ? I personally wouldn't care as it is frosted, not sure how female visitors would feel. A quick wipe down of the window sill after showering would sort it. Thoughts ?
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