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  1. @dmr - yes thank you - just reading up on alkyd as seen it advertised. Still wasn't described as 'oil based' in the blurb !!
  2. So what is oil based paint known as now ?! I'm confused with all the different terms !!
  3. Ok cheers - thought cellulose paint was what I needed. Bum. Clean up operation needs to start.........
  4. I am attempting to re-paint my roof. The original paint has just faded by the UV effects. I ordered a tin of cellulose paint. First attempt this morning I mixed a bit of white spirit with it to thin it. It was cool with a light breeze. After a couple of goes with the roller there was fine hairs coming up so I thought the roller was wrong. Quickly changed to a sponge type roller but no different. The stuff just seemed to dry out. Phoned up the paint people and they said I shouldn't have used white spirit but other thinners. Fair enough my fault. Said to try without any thinners so just had another go. Big umbrella up so in shade, cooled down, light breeze, same effect, just dry and a mess. I don't know whether I've got the right paint - thought cellulose paint was good for automotive/steel work ? Is it reacting to existing surface ? Still too warm ? Bloody boats........
  5. Or maybe just the ignition needs to be on ? Hasn't somebody said that already ...........
  6. Thank you - that's the sort of thing I want !!
  7. I have thought how it would be nice to have a fully opening window. Is there anybody that changes a standard oblong window to a fully opening window ? I'm thinking a double opening timber push out window, like you have when you have a side hatch in your boat.
  8. Watching my solar charger today it peaked at 4.4 amps input. I have a 5 amp fuse so it's close to blowing it. I didn't think my solar panel rated at 68W could give this much ? Should I go for a slightly bigger fuse ?
  9. Brilliant - thanks !!
  10. Before I purchased my boat there was a fire Blanket onboard. I noticed a little after purchase that it had been taken away I have more than enough fire extinguishers but having read something recently it maybe a requirement to have one ? I want to get one anyway so was just wondering what sort of size do people get ? Is there a minimum for the BSS ? Any recommendations ?
  11. I'm sure he'll make a donation towards emergency repairs/essential repairs/ongoing maintenance,etc,etc, that other people have been paying. 😉
  12. It should be enough to make people stop and think that there's something not quite right ahead.
  13. It wasn't the cavity wax one. It sprays well as it's very thin, it's like an oil and when sprayed on leaves a bit of a shine afterwards.
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