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  1. Ok yes, that wasn't me. Haven't got one of those, thought I was missing something.
  2. Ok, that's shut me up ! Haven't got mains and don't want to go into a marina. Haven't got an invertor and don't want one. So obviously all electric ideas are out. Previous owner left a night storage brick in the oven, so obviously this was their solution to it !!
  3. Oh I see, you mean the main fuel pump for the engine ?
  4. Are there any 12V heaters that can keep the chill off ? Preferably with a timer so that you could get it come on now and again or thermostat. I know anything won't keep away a very cold night but I don't intend to use the boat constantly over the winter. So just something to keep the late autumn chill away Reviews I have found don't sound that great so far !
  5. Ok, in that case I haven't got one !! Might need to unbolt it and take it to someone. I remember now asking about how fuel efficient they are and it didn't seem like they were very.......off to start another thread.......
  6. Is the metering pump a separate thing or is it built into the unit ?
  7. It wasn't built like that from new was it ?!
  8. I thought it needed a pump to put pressure to it ? Does it just draw diesel through then ?
  9. Yes, God knows how to spell it. Can you test to see if Eberthingy heater until works if it currently does not have s fuel feed ? Can you give it a 12v feed to see if the fan unit works on it or does it require a fuel pressure before. Just trying to work out if a unit I have is working or not. There is a multi plug electrical socket but don't know if I can test something through there.
  10. Thank you for confirming that - thought I'd been doing it wrong for the last couple of weeks !! Ely - only place I've found that strictly enforce the 48hr mooring rule. River inspector there morning and afternoon taking note of who is there. This is due to p*sstakers before apparantly who would just moor in the middle of town and hog the best spots.
  11. Not sure, I'll take some pictures tomorrow !! I know a have a 'flexi joint' after the gearbox to the prop if that's any good ?!
  12. So shall I leave flexing flexi engine mounts in place that is breaking flexi parts of the exhaust - and just keep repairing flexi parts of the exhaust ?
  13. Right, I know I have had a leak in the Flexi part of the exhaust. I have found that the reason the Flexi part broke was that the engine mounts are a bit to flexible - so they are going to be replaced in a couple of weeks. The Flexi exhaust was wrapped up as best I could but not repaired as it could possible break again before the mounts are changed. I believe there might be a small leak still but was wondering how to identify it if it is coming from elsewhere. Obviously there is nothing bellowing out and cannot see anything obvious. But is there any tricks I could use ? Was thinking maybe starting the engine at night and using a torch in the engine bay - would this show up any smoke ?
  14. Do you know where it was lifted out/work done ? They might remember the boat, they may have recommended work to be done but the owner ignored the advice. (Just had 12 anodes fitted instead !)
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