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  1. Well I got an answer to my December email yesterday. Apparently they will refund me three months of my licence if I prove a gold licence to them. Even more confusing now !! Have to phone them now to treble check. Still don't know if that means I should have done it before the end of December or not.
  2. Ok, thanks again. Probably explains why I couldn't find it !
  3. Ok thanks, I thought it was just ply varnished but when I went to the stores only saw about 5mm minimum !! Oh well - back to the shops I go..........
  4. Having moved some fitted furniture around I'm left with some exposed sides. Try to find something to match it the big hardware stores but nothing as thin as this. It's 2mm thick. Is it just some kind of veneer finishing ?
  5. Not too sure how I have twisted the thread ?! Anyway, back on topic. Might seem like a radical idea but the flue needs to come about 6 inches further inboard because of my handrail. It's a metal rail version welded to the roof at various points. What stops me cutting out a section of say 12-14 inches of it ? Capping the ends of then putting the collar in-between ? Means I could get the flue pipe to run more inline with the sloping wall and kept in out of my way. I mean if there's only a foot of handrail missing you're not exactly going to fall off the boat ?
  6. I know - I haven't done that bit yet !! So what about Dors stove on page 1 - are you saying that's wrong ?
  7. Right, completed my mock up. The stove is standing on a template showing where the different size hearth could be. There's the correct space behind for air gap/fireproof/tiling. I saw a drain pipe for sale for £2.10 in B&Q (admittedly only 3 inch) so placed it roughly where it will hopefully go. Cut a circular 4 inch piece of cardboard (with the help of a pot noodle) and stuck it on the ceiling where I think it might go. All in all I'm pleased with how it might look and if somebody does a good job on the flue I'll be happy !!
  8. Apparently you don't die the buttons up - cos they end up with a bit of a 'baggy' look. They don't hang right. That's all I remember !
  9. Also - does anybody know the dimensions of one of those collars ? I guess they can vary slightly. I know the outside dimensions are 6" for the chimney to sit on. But what about the main body of the thing ? How wide are they in total ? Just trying to work out where it would sit on the roof as I have a grab rail which is annoyingly in the way a little.
  10. Yes, it will be done right. I have no experience if welding and have no facilities so somebody else will do that. Just in case anybody wishes to know - the top of a Pot Noodle is 4 inches diameter 😉
  11. That looks smart. I've googled them but can't find anything ?
  12. Maybe the first guy had an existing hole he wanted to use ? How did you get the angles right ? Must be a simple knack to it ?!
  13. Yes, that's what I would like to do, keep it simple looking ! The piece at the top - is it a welded joint you had made or a purchased part you could cement together ?
  14. But you could still achieve this if the first bit of pipe was say half a meter tall, then put the bend in, then straighten it again ? You're just putting the angled bend in further up nearer the roof - keeping it from protruding into the cabin quite so low.
  15. So i'm thinking of fitting a solid fuel stove into my boat and been doing a lot of research on the subject. Been watching a few videos and saw one where a guy had installed his own stove and flue but it just looked odd to me. Why build it so it comes back towards the centre of the boat ? Why not keep it going vertical for longer and then make it run parallel to the sloping wall (giving it adequate space) then go vertical again ?
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