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  1. Yes, a Victron 20A with an inline 5A fuse. Thanks, I'll leave it connected.
  2. I have to leave my boat for 2 months minimum. The two leisure batteries are 3 months old. Should I leave the solar panels charging ? Apparently the controller only takes what it needs but don't know if I trust it ?!
  3. Has he apologised on any of the social media platforms ?
  4. What ? I can't actually believe the guy who was moored was so civil and polite. I'm one of the most tolerant (I think) people on earth. If somebody did this to me I honestly don't know what I would have done. I wouldn't have offered to have a cup of tea with them. I hopefully would have hurled it at him whilst it was still in my rather large mug I have. And no, it's not the right thing to do, but if somebody is prepared to damage your boat and put his own wife at risk something has to happen.
  5. I don't think it's been mentioned yet (I've tried to keep up with all the pages), but has anybody (perish the thought) , thought that maybe Mr Haywood was p*ssed when this happened ? Anybody know if he likes a tipple ?
  6. To quote him from one of his own articles - "Now let me spell this out for fear there should be any ambiguity. There is NO place for rudeness on the canal, there is NO place for canal rage, NO place for bad language. All this we would agree on. But there should be NO place for entitlement either. It doesn't matter how big your boat is, how much it cost you, how many decades you've been on the cut and how much more you know about canals than anyone else. Once you are afloat you are part of an egalitarian community in which, whoever you are, you have a right to the same treatment and respect as anyone else. And this means you have the responsibility to treat them as you'd wish to be treated." Jesus.............
  7. Christ, what a t*sspot !!
  8. This is what I have just been thinking. If I just leave all hot/cold taps open, leave the water pump on until the water tank is empty - then job done surely ? It'll be drained as best as I could get it quickly and easily ?
  9. Make sure you leave them a review on their Facebook page/TripAdvisor,etc, very visible to the public and they might fix things.......
  10. If I turned off water to the calorifier (if I can) and drained from the bottom, can I use the PRV on top to let air in ?
  11. Would you only need to partially drain the calorifier and water tank - leaving enough space for any expansion ?
  12. Mine is unfortunately not in the bathroom so can't drain into the shower tray. Looks like I'll be finding lots of buckets shortly.........
  13. Oh I see , makes sense. So I assume there's a drain or valve near the bottom to do this ?
  14. Why can't you leave the hot tap on and drain it ?
  15. So I haven't even got 100 bhp in my car - I was normally running at about 400 bhp for a while. My standards have clearly slipped........
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