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  1. It seems I can post on this forum again although I don’t intend to. I’m only posting to point out if I had wanted my photos posted on here I would have done so. It is rude to use a photo without asking and then not even crediting the source. But unfortunately it’s what I would expect from this forum.
  2. Good photos junior, I had a great weekend pity we always end up getting digs miles from the events. I would have liked to gone to the event on sat night, oh well can't have everything. The highlight for me was seeing some photos of my boat in its working days( Ive never seen any before.) hopefully I'll get copies. It's always fun talking to Derrick, you have to take your hat off to him for keeping ambush and Victoria going. Peter you would have really enjoyed it all in all a very good event. Regards kris Ps you get used to the swing bridges, but they are still a pain on your own.
  3. [quote name="Tam & Di" post="1836031" timestamp="1466415115 As evidence of their usefulness in the London area our ex-partner Tim Wood and ourselves have had 6 short boats working down here, plus the long boat Cadelis, hence my comment. Sorry I probably didn't word it well, I believe you when you say they where useful. I'm just curious about what it is about them that made them so useful, in your opinion. Is Cadelis what is known as iron clad now? Regards kris
  4. I really enjoyed seeing Mersey and Ribble over the weekend. Obviously I always enjoy seeing Kennet, Victoria and ambush. But seeing boats I've never seen before, especially ones looking as good as Mersey and Ribble is a pleasure.
  5. Really enjoyed seeing Ribble and Mersey, at Burscough heritage weekend this weekend. Lovely well presented boats.
  6. Bit of a sneaky photo that, did you ask the lock keeper Paul to pose? You could have gone and talked to the fundraisers and found out what three of them where doing at Newley on a thurs, rather than speculate on a forum. Alan do you have any links, so the things you say can be verified? Or do we have to take your word as gospel.
  7. That's the one, it's got a 5lw in it I believe. Not a bad looking replica.
  8. I'm moored on the towpath side, they are moored on private moorings on the offside. The boat in front is Wharfe a pimblotts shortboat, the boat behind is garstan which is a shortboat replica. Regards kris
  9. Near kildwick, a friend of mine owns it.
  10. Seen as how we have a shortboat orientated thread, here's some photos of lune
  11. Oh good should be able to have a chat with you then David if your going to be there. I'll be there but from sat morning. Thanks Mike,I'll see you there as well. But unfortunately I'll miss your talk on Friday.
  12. Thanks for that Peter, I guess David is the new owner of Ribble. So he can answer the question where's Ribble, a few people have been wondering. Regards kris
  13. Thanks very much David, yes I am relieved to be moving again. I guess Crt are happy as well though you never know. The only issue I'm having at the moment is the engine is hunting at tickover with no load. But as I'm just sourcing a couple of alternators I'll see what it's like when I put them on. By the way which boat is your avatar? As I'm on a phone I can't make it out.
  14. Sorry it was me, indulging in some friendly banter with Nick.
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