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  1. Darrenroberts

    What size BMC oil filter?

    Thanks for all the responses guys I’ve got her running again now went for a test drive for an hour to let everything bed in, looks like everything is running fine if not better than ever. Thanks again for all the advice, panic over
  2. Darrenroberts

    What size BMC oil filter?

    Thank your for checking that’s put my mind at ease, I’ll defiantly buy a pump but I am no where near any where atm I presume it will bugger this new filter? But will it cause any other engine damage if so I’ll have to abandon boat and try source a pump
  3. Darrenroberts

    What size BMC oil filter?

    Thanks Tony my second problem is I can’t undo the sump plug to drain the old oil out and I have no hand pump fitted, I was hopping to fit a new filter and top up new oil just to get me to a marina where I can inverstergate further as I am in the middle of know where. Good or bad idea? Should I call someone out?
  4. Darrenroberts

    What size BMC oil filter?

    T Thanks for getting back to me the threads look the same and the seals not sure what u mean about a back flap tho? Here’s two more pictures of the top the first one is the new one
  5. Hi guys I need to do an oil change on my BMC 2.2lt raw water cooled engine the current filter is a coopers Fiaam spin on canister FT4899/Z88 all the filters that car mechanics are giving me are not as long but the same diameter. Are they fine too used or under sized? I’ve added two picture one the filter on there now and the second a new filter as close as I could get but the holes look different?
  6. Darrenroberts

    Spray foam insulation

    Cheers I didn’t know that. I’ll bear in mind when I am applying it should be ok there’s only two small port holes in the engine room and it’s all below the gunnel so I should be ok. Thanks for the pictures did u use a bit of spray foam to stick the celotex t the steel
  7. Darrenroberts

    Spray foam insulation

    I’ll defiantly be buttoning and playing out the engine room btw. It’s just been bare this winter and the condensation was terrible so I wanted to insulate the best I could before doing the panel work. I annoy to consernd about holding the heat in as my rear bulk head partition is insulated and the cabin stays walk enough. Thanks for the advice all. Dose any one have any photos of engine rooms similar to mine once fitted out?
  8. Darrenroberts

    Spray foam insulation

    Ok I’ll defiantly look into it as Ian been quoted £1200 so far for a tiny area in comparison to a whole boat but I gues it’s a two person job and then there’s the equipment so.....might be a diy effort
  9. Darrenroberts

    Spray foam insulation

    It’s all the little gaps round the Diesel tanks that I’m worried aboutDiesel tanks that I’m worried about I don’t think I could get a good deal with Celotex??
  10. Darrenroberts

    Spray foam insulation

    Hi guys can any one recomend any spray foam company’s between London and Braunston? (on the union) Id like my engine room looking at. Details- 50ft trad stern, Bmc 2.2 raw water cooled. Situated at the Stern of the boat. Only needed between the gunnel down to the deck boards as the upper is pine t and g . Av added some images to help illustrate. Thanks in advance
  11. Darrenroberts

    Where to buy portholes

    Hi there dose anyone have good reconondations good porthole suplyers
  12. Darrenroberts

    Where to buy working boats

    Cheers Iam well aware of the ins and outs of historic boat ownership as I have one. My line of preference would defiantly be another wrought iron hull. Although loverly I think a wooden boat wouldn't be practical for me (and Iam a cabinetmaker) also I defiantly wouldn't have the funds to responsibly take one on. But Iam not put off by conversions just depnds on what they've done to the cabin as Iam defiantly looking for a clothed boat.
  13. Darrenroberts

    Where to buy working boats

    Found it it's a fellows boat been converted with full steel cabin no good for me unfortunately cheers tho
  14. Darrenroberts

    Where to buy working boats

    I'll see if I can find owt out with the reg and name cheers.
  15. Darrenroberts

    Where to buy working boats

    Have you got any more pictures? A converted bantock

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