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  1. Thanks for the responses guys, I really carnt fault the engine for its age she cold starts first time and runs really well I don’t have a temp gauge fitted but using a laser thermometer Externaly after a hour of idle running the engine block was reading 68 degrees so i presume it’s operating around 80ish degrees? Also I removed the air filter and cleaned it all not that long ago so I think it’s safe to rule that out.
  2. Hi there guys just a quick question for the group. I have a bmc 2.2 raw water cooled engine. Now I’ve noticed small amount of Diesel on the water behind my boat. Over the course of a year this was a small amount that came out the exhaust with the water after just starting the engine and then stopped. I presumed it was as residue left in the engine been blown out with it been cold, stopping as It warmed up. I have been monitoring it over the last year and as of today the Diesel didn’t stop and light trail had formed behind my boat after an hour of idle running. Am I right to suspect the fuel injectors and if so is it a clean out job or a replacement situation? Cheers.
  3. Went past her in Hoxton London yesterday 40k price tag. You could nearly buy Birmingham for that. Not much boat for your money
  4. Yeh she’s the back end of a bcn day boat moored just outside of Alperton in London. I’d agree with the 12ft estimate
  5. This has been on the market for ages, think Bates boat yard where advertisers last year?
  6. Cheers Pete that’s the same info as me. Was she shorted to 65ft when motorised?
  7. Hummm I saw it on Apollo duck a few months ago and I swear it mentioned hull repairs needed but every other advert I’ve seen it didn’t mention that?
  8. Oh wow price drop again. When I last looked at it I got the impression a group of enthusiasts had lost enthusiasm lol. Do you have any insider knowledge as I had been keeping an eye on her
  9. No way I recon you’d get paragon for 20k another 15 sorting her out pending on the condition of the engine. Or is there hidden hull work to be too? Seams like the owners wanted rid for a while I saw her in the towpath newspaper last months classifieds
  10. I thought paragon had sold.....according to apolo duck What’s happens to the front? Or are u talking about the conversion, the back looks like a chop off and start again job
  11. Hi there sorry for the message out of the blue but did you manage to sell Tadworth? 

  12. Hi there not a boat for sale but dose any one know anything about the bow and sturn I’ve never seen that arrangement of rubbing strips? Is it even a old boat? P.s sorry if this is your boat and I’ve creeply taken a photo of it lol iam just an anorak.
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