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  1. Is the mark the visual pastiche of what it used to look like? I don’t see how altering or reducing a Boats length would mean it’s history has now ended, as it still exists. What happens to those vessels that get cut in half, made into two then get put back together or lengthend again using sympathetic techniques....dose said boat come back to life in terms of the history books? ??‍♂️...... or maybe i have a chip as I don’t know where the back of my boat is ?
  2. I mean, I’ve seen a few well turned boats in images from the 80s/90s that are in stark contrast to how they are at present. I know 30 years is a significant amount of time but you would have thought at least some one at some point during that time might of had a quick whip round with a paint brush ?
  3. Bingo that’s what I was after, thanks Tim ?
  4. It’s crazzy how Boats deteriorate that badly in a relatively short space of time
  5. Cheers Derek, yeh I didn’t find the BCN society website very useful. And the small day boat section of hnbc is pretty much the only photographic reference I’ve come across in one place. There has been verious discussions come up on here about specific BCN boats, but I thought it may be useful if eaither owners or other interested party’s began a discusssion in one place just like the historic boats for sale thread. There are loads out there but they seam to get over looked some what (Maybe due to lack of ID) but from my own experience I always get questions asked by passing boats almost in a daily basis and I don’t really have anything else to say other than, yeh she’s old ?
  6. Hi all is there a thread specifically for BCN day boats/ joeys/ unknown but defiantly old Boats? I see a lot of the history threads discussing and celebrating the gauged, photograph and generally well documented motors and buttys out there ( and rightly so) but is there a specific place dedicated to the old gals still out there on the network.....in what ever form??
  7. Thanks for all the intel guys, iam als hearing reports of higher traffic and an impending water shortage down that way too ? all in all sounds like a risky trip to say the least, gunna head out to kings Langley and get some eyes on what’s going on there. Thanks again ?
  8. So I am right in thinking it’s just Napton I have to worry about? Am trying to get hold of the Crt construction manager for that area for some more in depth local knowledge of that navigation, the website just says 7ft lol.....I guess maybe some one was been a bit Lazzy filling out all the spec info ?
  9. She’s 50ft and 7ft 1 3/8” at the rear chine
  10. Hi guys Iam trying to get to Braunston but iam sure you may have seen that a gate has fallen off at kings Langley! So iam thinking of heading on to the Thames and up the Oxford. Has the pinch point at Napton being fixed/ are there any others on that route I should be aware of? Thanks in advance ?
  11. Hi there bit of a long shot here, but iam looking for any boat yard/ drydock job vacancies ideally in the Warwickshire area (but I am canal based so can locate to different areas) iam a apprenticed trained cabinet maker, with drydock and boat handling experience. I also have qualifications in Deisel engine manetence and experience with different types of boat fitting and maintence aspects. Just thought I’d post a message just in case anybody closer to those areas knows of any yards that are looking for somebody as google searches are so far limited. Thanks in advance, Darren.
  12. Quite right apologies everyone....back to the boats for sale. Thanks again Pete
  13. Right is see was Noah Hingley a carrier or company? We’ve discussed this before Pete, about Priston and I’ve still been going through any old photos I find of day boats with a magnifying glass for that illusive “107” but I carnt recall wether I actually sent you a photo of the two plates I have which where in the bow. Any way here they are. Do they look like s+l plates or have u seen any that look like this before?
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