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  1. Wiltshire Council have submitted a document for consultation on the future of Devizes Wharf, Consultation ends in early August. The Kennet & Avon Trust currently occupy a building on the wharf, renting it from the council, it houses the museum and the meeting rooms. The building is in poor structural order and the trust appear to be unable to finacially meet the cost of rectification. The opening of a widespread consultation on this site appears to give the option of opening a can of worms. http://consult.wiltshire.gov.uk/portal/spatial_planning/spds/draftdevizesspd?tab=files
  2. George Gibson who has kept the services and boatyard at Honey Street retires and leaves Honey Street on July 11th. George, a larger than life character, will be sorely missed. His moorings were once described as the best kept on the system.
  3. Open yesterday, although occasionally giving problems; as is Tyle Mill bridge. It would seem a lack of maintenance as the remedy at Tyle Mill was to grease the wedges.
  4. Priston

    Welcome BMC owners

    And a even older 2.2 for Priston
  5. Last week, on Monday to Thursday, The Guardian ran a series of cartoons lapooning "The Big Society" Check it out on The Guardian site and search for Steve Bell. Steve Bell is the cartoonis.
  6. I was about to fit a water trap to my fuel lines for the BMC. I have had a trap on the shelf for a number of years, a CAV, and when i came to fit ist discovered thet the ports were the wrong way around, ie. the inlet was on the wrong side. Taking it apart I discovered that it was impossible to re-assemble differently. The trap only has two ports, one inlet one outlet. The advertised water traps are said to have four ports, two each side. Does this mean that I can choose the direction of flow by changing ports?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Add to Chris Pink's recommendation of Richard Birchell
  9. Interesting to note the Stanley Mann case, judgement given today "Not so vintage? Battle of the racing Bentley A vintage Bentley similar to the model that twice won the Le Mans 24-hour race is at the centre of a High Court battle. An American lawyer is suing a Hertfordshire classic car dealer over the restored Speed Six she bought for £430,000. Mercedes Travis Brewer claims Stanley Mann wrongly told her the vehicle had been restored with original and authentic engine and components. The Speed Six, made between 1926 and 1930, was Bentley's most successful racer and won Le Mans in 1929 and 1930. A valuation by Bentley Drivers Club Ltd priced such a model at £550,000. But Ms Brewer, who bought the car in 2007, says that when she put the car in for auction at Bonhams in 2008, it was valued at £300,000 to £350,000. She says it was discovered that the engine was only a 1927 6.5-litre Bentley modified to look like a Speed Six. Parts of the chassis, wheelbase, petrol pump, steering drop arm and gearbox were also not authentic, she adds. She says Mr Mann, head of Stanley Mann Racing of Radlett, "knew the actual provenance of the engine ... as he personally had acquired it and installed it". She is claiming unspecified damages for "misrepresentation and/or breach of warranty", plus just under £95,000 she paid to the hire purchase company, and interest. But Mr Mann, whose firm describes itself as "the world's leading vintage Bentley specialists", rejects her claims and insists he acted in good faith: "I built the car for myself in the late Seventies and I love that car. For 18 months she had nothing but fun with it. Then she decided to sell it and the valuation she got didn't reach the price she wanted. "She then comes flying back to me. I offered her her money back but she wants more and she wants interest. I would have loved to take the car back. I built it for myself, not anyone else." The case is due to start next week. In 1930 Bentley chairman Woolf Barnato bet £100 he could drive a Speed Six from the Carlton Hotel, Cannes, to his London club before the train could reach Calais. He won by four minutes - but was fined by the French authorities for racing on public roads"
  10. Should we start a petition to save the blue string?
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