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  1. Hello Ian,

    Can you give a bit of advice please?

    Im looking to buy a boat as a live aboard and read a reply you posted about Moorhen Marina and moorings coming up at auction. Can you let me know the name of the auction house or the best way to get a mooring where you are.



  2. Ok. Just seemed a little at odds with your "nothing to see here" posts earlier.
  3. Why best if not one of the national committee. Either there is a problem, or there isn't. Why this chink of weakness in your state of denial?
  4. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/7347.pdf
  5. What I think is that the boaters on the council should not all be proxies for the IWA. Perhaps you could answer the question(s).
  6. I know it seems a little way off, but the next election for the CaRT Council is just over a year away. Anybody here thinking of putting their name forward? Also, I understand that the IWA (not a boating organisation) will have a nominated place on the council from 2016. Do we think that as a result the IWA (not a boating organisation) will desist from promoting IWA (not a boating organisation) members/trustees and such in the elections for the boaters' places on the council? Merry Christmas BTW
  7. For those of you who wish to read the "notes" from the meeting see below. Notice I deliberately did not call them "minutes" because they are not what any normal person would describe as minutes, and according to at least one boater who was there, do not fully reflect what happened in the meeting. They are, however, the only record of the meeting in circulation. The meeting was by invitation only, and about 7 boaters were present. Somehow, these 7 boaters were "boater representatives", although they were picked by CaRT, and have no bona fide claim that I can see to represent anyone but themse
  8. It's from Springfield Marina, which is well known locally for its propensity to rip off innocent boaters. I've just bought Pureheat from local coal merchant at £10 for 25kg delivered. But was part of a 3 tonne collective marina purchase.
  9. Leicester summit...2 nice long tunnels and no widebeams...boating heaven
  10. You mean by mentioning that this is a London based initiative...oh they did already.
  11. Sort the bank out. It was rubbish back in 2011, the last time we went to the festival, and it was equally rubbish when I passed through this summer. Otherwise, leave well alone.
  12. Please see my edit above. I always bend at the knees when picking up £50 notes.
  13. Homophobia? Ok read whatever you want into it Mike. I wasn't referring to anyone's sexuality, which really is none of my concern or subject to any negative judgment from me, but rather to the opportunism of certain canal politicians who would kick you in the face if they thought it would benefit them.
  14. Because he wouldn't take any s**t from people who rolled out the kanda cliches but who had never been there. He had some sort of honest conviction, unlike some who I wouldn't bend down to pick up a £50 in front of.
  15. The one who made this place slightly less...comfy.
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