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  1. I also think that London mooring where one fat boat or two wide beams breasted up is a problem in the offing. 84% increase in last 6 years according to CRT this will be increasing with a lot more wide beams being the preferred accommodation & doing very little moving.
  2. Near Wigrams turn on Oxford/GU is moored a widebeam at quite a narrow part not a lot of room when i went past in my Narrowboat. Into Wigrams and there is a seriously big widebeam on the services. Now it would be nice if it went out and headed to Braunston . A few complaints from Widebeams might get someone out the CRT office to have a look.
  3. so you can blow the bubble ?
  4. Just trawled through this and most objections would also apply to Cropredy marina and some are plain ridiculous .One time under CRT control the marina will be watered then you forever have a side pond /pound. The EA regards fish ? stocking is by CRT and a larger expanse of water then population will increase .What animals the countryside is devoid of so many nowadays Flood plain up a hill ?the surface area of water will absorb a lot of increased level.Public transport if live aboards where allowed then maybe it would then be viable to run a service or should no more housing developement be allowed in the area for this reason ?
  5. Totally correct they got £700 from me now what it cost them to get that is their business but my neighbour gave them £0 yet staff where still being paid
  6. One marina I was in no licence required and charged a realistic mooring fee (less than £2000 55ft) it had i would say above 70% occupancy (over 200 boats) council compromised with some unnamed council tax payers that owner paid and then surcharged the live aboards / residential to cover his outlay plus some profit so we all paid an extra amount of £50 .Problem was that most boaters had no insurance or BSS as they never went out.
  7. In the Ratings Valuation who where behind me when a council tried it on The RV office is from a different area when you appeal. Second marina when council reckoned i needed planning permission I laid it on the line and they backed off
  8. pontoon electric ,water, elsan & post then I am happy. Do i want Shower block, Toilet block, Club house NO.
  9. Residential is use marina 365 days a year and needs planning permission and incurs liability to council tax. Live aboard is time restrained to not being at mooring for more than 10 months per year no planning permission required . Some go out boating some go to Spain for winter break are examples of complying C.Councils know this is within the rules but do the heavy hand approach to marina owners.As a live aboard last winter my marina got £700 extra from me for winter fuel electric & gas My neighbour nothing above the mooring fee.
  10. Rumour has it no festival moorings in Cropredy Marina for 2020
  11. There seems to be a trend to move live aboards out of Marinas .I believe this is because of illegal pressure from councils with marina owners who are not aware of the rules set by Government Rating valuation Office. Very few Marina owners will back the boaters nowadays due to the plentiful supply of leisure boaters who new to the system have plenty of disposable income ,
  12. it would if you where in permanent shade from it
  13. would be lovely moored next to that in a marina
  14. make sure you have the right anodes fitted and get a galvanic isolator
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