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    N.B. Peace (ex jolly Weaver ex Vanya)
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  1. b0atman

    Rocking tonight

    A bit of Rocking on Coventry Canal .I have moored in the open I just cannot believe the boaters who moor under trees .Yes its a wind break but not good when the bough breaks.
  2. b0atman

    Wind speed.

    In a restaurant in USA saw an american wolf down a plate of piled up salad whilst waiting for his steak meal .The salad would have beaten me.
  3. b0atman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    real case boat in marina inverter went faulty so combined inverter charger sent away for repair owners watched lights die out one night.Running engine in marina ?
  4. b0atman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    A wise person has separates. Separate inverter if needed and a separate battery charger.All eggs in one basket is not a good idea when one has a problem.
  5. b0atman

    Heat from engine

    Jess clever idea well done you great solution for others. I do not have a calorifier .
  6. b0atman

    Heat from engine

    Now i have ideas to consider i will need someone to do the pipework on the South Oxford. I think my system would be a manual switch for fire circulation pump and a heat exchanger .Cheers all.
  7. b0atman

    Heat from engine

    Expansion ? i have a good size header tank with plenty of room for expansion. Heat exchanger ? sounds good bot would need to trigger pump to run or another pump.
  8. Present set up is a Webasto feeding radiators own pump. Stove feeds same radiators with a temperature controlled pump Common Antifreeze system with Header tank high up. Question could engine hot water system be commoned into this ?
  9. b0atman

    Pillings Lock Marina

    not me that would be too much like hard work
  10. b0atman

    Pillings Lock Marina

    I have a feeling someone else is lined up for restaurant bar .I cannot say more.K
  11. b0atman

    Pillings Lock Marina

    one of the few posts that stayed on topic
  12. b0atman

    Flu jabs

    And then there is Man flu
  13. b0atman

    Bosley locks

    Gareth E CRT and common sense .they Have already had one closure on Bosley for work so should be well aware whats required as you say fetching work forward is a no brainer.
  14. b0atman

    Welcome to Nuneaton

    there was a report on FB about police helicopter circling and noise like gun shot last night near Springwood Haven Hartshill area
  15. b0atman

    Middlewich Branch breach - Shropshire Union

    Looks like its going well just hope they do not put coir rope along edge, plant reeds or put trees in which will eventually fall over .

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