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    N.B. Peace (ex jolly Weaver ex Vanya)
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  1. b0atman

    March of the Widebeams

    it would if you where in permanent shade from it
  2. b0atman

    March of the Widebeams

    would be lovely moored next to that in a marina
  3. b0atman

    Any liveaboards in Liverpool?

    make sure you have the right anodes fitted and get a galvanic isolator
  4. b0atman

    Brexit 2019

    Not helped when whips are resigning over this shambles
  5. b0atman

    Brexit 2019

    correct me if i am wrong but do they not go to Thailand and then are sent back to Europe
  6. b0atman

    Calor Gas Prices - Increases December 10th

    13kg gas £29;75 diesel 85p / litre paid this week
  7. b0atman

    Huawei Mifi with 2 aerial sockets??

    What external aerial is recommended ? I have removed cover and have two TS9 male connectors on my B310s-22 homefi.
  8. b0atman

    Please use headphones

    i remember a copper doing some yoofs in a car for public broadcasting without a licence.
  9. b0atman

    Anchor stowage photos please

    I have got no photo so imagination required I made a T shape with decking wood, elevated it with rubber door stops, and this is at front end of roof with anchor, chain length & line laid on it .
  10. b0atman

    Anchor stowage photos please

    anchor should be deployed at front which is higher than stern to minimise risk of stern being pulled under.
  11. b0atman

    Bugsworth basin

    Pablo posted on facebook
  12. b0atman

    Bugsworth basin

    Well planks removed and basin now open so it begs the question did the level in the basin drop due to the leakage ?
  13. b0atman

    Rocking tonight

    A bit of Rocking on Coventry Canal .I have moored in the open I just cannot believe the boaters who moor under trees .Yes its a wind break but not good when the bough breaks.
  14. b0atman

    Wind speed.

    In a restaurant in USA saw an american wolf down a plate of piled up salad whilst waiting for his steak meal .The salad would have beaten me.
  15. b0atman

    12v appliances when on shore power

    real case boat in marina inverter went faulty so combined inverter charger sent away for repair owners watched lights die out one night.Running engine in marina ?

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