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  1. Nope, great advice - thanks. As you say, needs work and the installation of the stove sounds costly; with a survey, etc., this would push it over my budget anyway.
  2. "There were signs of some lesser impacts, particularly at the bow but these had not compromised the structural integrity of the hull" "There was corrosion to the side plating, particularly at the waterline." "Where measured, the deepest pitting to the side plating was in the range 0.8 – 1.0mm and to the bottom plating was in the range 1.6 – 1.8mm. Pitting depth and proliferation were good for a vessel of this age."
  3. Some of you guys would make good detectives! I have the survey, it says hull is good overall but there are a lot of 'maybes'. There are a few recommendations. Honestly, I don't know if any of that means it's a disaster or a steel. Your other points are well-noted. I guess I just want a tidy boat which doesn't have any major issues, but then which first-time buyer doesn't
  4. Since you've all had a look at it; it seems like a decent boat no? Most boats I've looked at in the 25k range are from the eighties or early ninties.
  5. I was quoted 3k to get a stove fitted inc. materials Broker said it also has a diesel heating system which powers the radiators, but still, something romantic about a stove!
  6. https://www.venetianmarina.co.uk/used-narrowboats/details/4441.aspx That is the boat in question. The yard said they may fit one on request.
  7. Hot Water & Heating Systems Source of Hot Water Calorifier via engine Central Heating Eberspacher On the pictures the boat has radiators... it would be a liveaboard not a cruiser; so wouldn't need to be running engine much.
  8. Hi all! I saw a nice 2001 boat which seems perfect for me but it does not have a stove! It's a big appeal for me. Is having one fitted expensive? I don't think I'd trust myself DIY so would definitely have to pay... Cheers!
  9. aracer, Thanks- the boat in question is 1980, a nice fit inside and OK outside. They want 26,000k for it. It has a 2007 engine with circa 1000 hours. Two years ago it was over-plated - presumably its been afloat for two years then the work was done well? They owned it for 9 nears. I suppose I'd offer 21/22k. I think I would remove most of the curtains and cushions, etc, so that would hopefully remove the smell. There was a very similar sort of boat but with a slightly less attractive fit out, no shower but built by R&D in 1989. Similar engine age, but no idea about the hull. I actually have 30k, but definitely want to save some for rejig inside, and any issues which arise. 9 years seems quite a lot to me, but this isn't reflected in the asking price (both boats probably going to go for 22k appro according to broker). For me, the vast majority of boats I've seen (online) for my price range all seem rather similar and in need of some cosmetics. I suppose the critical thing is not buying a rust bucket and then having to spend big sums on it, thus almost certainly losing a significant sum when I sell the boat.
  10. Yep, CRT is not very clear. When you search for residential mooring, the listing appears, but once clicked through, the details claim leisure. Liverpool Marina has a waiting list at the moment and is leisure only, while Salthouse is full (but appears residential to me?). Stanley Dock have a few spaces opening up soon, but they are in a dock which is nowhere near as pleasant as the Albert Dock or the Liverpool Marina.
  11. Thanks Andyberg! I think the link is here: https://stanleydock.com/marina/ 30 spaces, with more to follow apparently. Not sure where it says they are permanent? I've emailed them to confirm. This area of Liverpool will be undergoing a massive redevelopment over the next few years. Liverpool is really booming at the moment!
  12. I paddle past them now and again; they seem very popular.
  13. Ha, well I'm buying second hand so heater, etc will be there. I just meant maybe a new kitchen, new paint job, new flooring, and maybe some nice houseplants
  14. Hi all, I'm just wondering if there are any liveaboards in Liverpool city centre? As far as I can see, there are 4 places potentially - Liverpool Marina, Albert Sock and Salthouse (CRT) and Stanley Dock. However, it's not really clear which are 'leisure' and which are 'residential' - I know sometimes people look the other way, but I wouldn't mind hearing from someone who actually lives there before I buy a boat and realize I can't live on it. Feel free to PM me. Thanks! GC
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