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  1. Some excellent ranting hereabouts. On PC matters, my view is (and I make no apologies) there are far too many people looking to find offence where non is really intended. Such folk generally take themselves too seriously and have a lack of humour ................................... but that's their problem not mine. Getting back to the topic (sorry), has anyone tried Nikwax 'Cotton proof'? It's supposedly has no silicone content, is applied with water and according to the blurb is suitable for canvas.
  2. For a cratch cover made of good canvas (not plastic) would Fabsil 'Gold' be suitable treatment? If not what would you guys recommend? I have read somewhere it is best to avoid silicone products.
  3. A little more information for those who may be interested:- Square D switch used is model 9013FSG2J20. I unscrewed the pressure setting nut 3 full turns which, I am told, reduces the cut out pressure from 40psi to approx. 30psi.
  4. Thank you gentlemen for advice given. Accordingly I bought Square D switch, fitted in place of the faulty pump integral switch, set cut out to approx 30psi and now everything tickety-boo! Cost, ............. change out of £30. New par-max 4 (suggested replacement for no longer available 3) is around the £150 mark, I believe. Result!
  5. Gentlemen, I thank you. I will indeed try to find a super dooper voltmeter and do as you say. 'Twill be interesting to see the result. Silly me, I've been using Smart gauge for say 5 years and simply assumed it was telling the truth (though, to be fair, haven't had any battery problems).
  6. I am now a little wiser. technical isn't it. So tell me, how do I know if my Smartgauge is reading correctly? Bearing in mind I can just about read a voltmeter, what checks can I run?
  7. Thanks Rusty for putting me straight. Clearly there is more to this than a gauge that is misreading. I really ought not take part in conversations about matters I don't understand.
  8. I've enjoyed following this thread, such fun. But I'm a simple soul who knows nowt about electrikery so tell me what the problem really is. If you know a gauge is reading 0.4V high then why not take 0.4V off the reading each time you view it? Provided the error is consistent does it really matter? I had a clock that gained 10 mins each day but was never late for an appointment.
  9. Would this be the boyo?:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Well-Water-Pump-Parts-Double-pole-Adjustable-Pressure-Control-Switch-/173216249078?_trksid=p2349526.m4383.l4275.c10
  10. Thanks Tony. Square D seem to be rated for A.C. voltage not 12DC. Important do you think?
  11. Great! I'll get searching. Present pump cuts in at 15psi and cuts out at 25psi.
  12. Thanks Tony. Cut out pressure would be same for both (25psi).
  13. Excellent response Jen. Particularly like idea of separate pressure switch as nothing wrong with pump itself. Shall be grateful for any advice on suitable pressure switch.
  14. Present water pump playing up (not cutting out as ought). It's a Par-Max 3 which delivers 3.5gpm and cost of same spec. replacement is about 3 times that of same make pump delivering 2.4gpm. My question is, what pump flow rate do you guys find acceptable, ie. is 2.4gpm generally sufficient to get decent shower flow?
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