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  1. Its a proper 12v tv suitable for variable voltages. I've wired a cigarette lighter socket into the old defunct pump out toilet circuit and added a switch so its not permently live. Thanks for all the replies. Its for when we are out cruising as the large 240v TV in the lounge sucks the life out of the batteries.
  2. Hello all, putting a 12v TV in. Im planning to wire it in to a cigarette lighter socket is this the best option, or do I wire it in direct with a fuse to the loom.
  3. I tried my best guys, I went on the Beta Marine site to get the correct panel, which is the same as in the picture, I'm sure it was an AB code, I'll post pics up next time, people like pictures. I basically want to know what engine hours are on this engine as its new to me. I've been back in forum search history and read up as much as I can too.
  4. It is indeed a LCD screen, rev counter works fine. Damp has killed the LCD. I will be tackling the water ingress from the hatch first. Replacing the whole unit would be expensive compared to a new counter, I don't consider it a bodge solution just a sensible one seeing as the rev counter works.
  5. Hi folks could anyone tell me how to wire in a stand alone engine hour meter from a AB control panel. The built in VDO is dead.
  6. We have a shoreline freezer, excellent bit of kit, just make sure you use the right size cable for the length of battery run and fuse correctly.
  7. It has been taken back to bare metal. Lots of pitting, I'd describe it as heavily pitted but fixable. I agree at the Newbie factor
  8. Overplating was ment sorry..managed to talk to the surveyor..he favours puddle welding. Base plate and counter all acceptable. Will in all likelyhood be walking away from this as I suspect the broker will not be prepared to lower to an acceptable price for what is basically a project boat.
  9. I know this is a thorny subject that's been covered before. I had a boat surveyed (still waiting for the full report to drop). Reputable boat yard are recommending a full replate of the sides (boats only 17 years old as well 😳). I know most would walk away but... all the work is being done at the brokers expense ££££... , obviously I would get the finished work all signed off by the surveyor and it's a recognised workshop no cowboys that I can see the work done daily, is there an argument for bagging a bargin, It's a 57 ft with a nice quality fitout that's sat in the marina with no galvanic isolation for years. I'm thinking price would be in the region of the mid 40k range perhaps. Re sale would be low..insurance a possible problem, there must be plenty of overplayed boats on the system though.
  10. I have bought a boat built buy this company in 2004. For some reason I can find no record of them. Does anyone have any information please, on reputation,history or build quality?
  11. Sounds like the Apache that's moored in Tattenhall Marina for the last 6 years or so. A boat I've admired, fairly sure he went ashore when his Dad was ill,seem to remember talking to him in a lock on his way in to Tattenhall. Rarely see anyone aboard unfortunately but the boat is well cared for.
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