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  1. I don't think it will be much help but I'll be there Saturday. I believe it may be another sink hole type of thing as it came up in conversation Saturday just gone. It's something that has been a problem for a while apparently.
  2. Leeds Liverpool is perfect for you. Local and with plenty of hire boat companies. If you want really good tuition from the hire company then you've got Bear Boating at Apperley Bridge who have a set of locks right by there moorings. Then you've got the Skipton pair of Pennine cruisers and Snaygill Boats. From there you can go towards Leeds with plenty of Bridges then eventually bingley 5 & 3 or the other way towards Liverpool, starting with 5 swing bridges then the 12 Locks through Gargrave in Bank Newton, the scenery this way is stunning. I've purposely left out Silsden boats the largest fleet with over 20 boats as tuition seams very light.
  3. I'll tell you now, tunning boxes do not increase efficiency. They work by fooling the engine ECU with false information and in turn the ECU increases the fuel rail pressure. Your on board car computer may show a better mpg but it's making the calculations from false readings.
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