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  1. Thank you all. I am now on my way to a boatyard with a humungous electric saw, so suspect my loo will be no more in the near future leaving me free to choose another. To answer some questions... The flush unit in my loo does not lift up so all internal screws floor and under basin must have been used. The handle for the wheels is under the cassette and so unreachable. The old cassetes were of the non wheel variety. I have so far, been unable to reach Thetford. Thank you all for your interest.
  2. I have a thetford C200 and recently replaced the cassette with a c200 'freshen up' kit. The cassette seems to be slightly larger and has jammed inside. I have tried others tips to get it out but to no avail... it is staying in there! The blade is not turning and the lever has somehow got detached. Some have suggested manually turning the yellow blade knob but there is no room inside to do this. The problem is that with the cassette inside I can not get at the screws that hold the toilet in place on the bathroom floor and so can not remove the toilet. I dont mind cutting into it and would replace with a new replacement but do not know the best way of going about it. Has anybody a solution?
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied. I have found some clear film intended for car taillights repair in red and amber and intend to try that. The logos are actually printed underneath the coloured bit so should show through after I insert the film. Might not work but worth a try!
  4. I have a 2009 Isuzu control panel, the one with the red plastic circles over the warning lights. Someone said that you can obtain the red plastic inserts to replace the existing ones which are worn or broken. The lights work and it is only the tops which are damaged. Does anybody know where I can find the inserts? This would be a much better option than replacing the light's themselves as they are about £28 quid each! Thanks for your help Ian
  5. Thanks very much. I will give them a try. Ian
  6. I saw a post made ages ago saying that Isuzu instrument panels for the starting of the engine and warning lights were still available. It is a long shot but does anyone know who to contact for these? Many thanks Ian
  7. Sounding good Mike The broker has already confirmed they are acting for the owner who is a private individual, not a business.
  8. The replies keep coming in.. The broker has not raised VAT as a specific issue it just that it appears appears in the boat's brochure. The company Eastern Caravans has nothing to do with China and the boat was built in England and will stay in the UK. I have no plans to cross the channel in it! I believe Pat Buckle and another firm was at one time involved in building the hulls which were then fitted out by Eastern Caravans as some of their skills were transferable to boats. Thanks again for the comments.
  9. Thank you all for your replies. I feel more confident than before but there is still a small grey area in that if it is not important then why does the broker draw attention to it?
  10. I am thinking about buying a narrowboat. She is 15 years old, and is reported to have had two owners. She was built and fitted out by Eastern Caravans and I have viewed her. The fit out seems to have been done well and the boat is in fair condition. My concern is that the broker advises that there is no original documentation to show that VAT was paid when she was first built. On looking this up it appears that using HMRCs formula that she would have attracted Vat at purchase, and if this was not paid the liabiliy would pass on to me as last purchaser. I obviously have no wish to pay one fifth of the vessels value extra if the taxman knocks on my door. My question is, is this a likely scenario and could it be used to negotiate a lower price? Also is there any way of checking to see if the VAT was paid in the first place? Should I be worried or not? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.
  11. Thanks for your post. You pays your money and takes your chance ...
  12. Hi The reason I raised the topic was that the seller has revealed in the advert there are no anodes so no need to take out of water to find this out! However Ditchcrawlers post that they only protect 6 foot of hull is interesting as I have seen many boats with only 4 fitted , which probably explains the extensive pitting I have also seen!
  13. I have seen some boats usually ex hire for sale without anodes. I am looking at the older end of the market.Would members consider such a vessl worth the cost of a survey or would they generally look elsewhere? Thanks any advice appreciated.
  14. Is a Barrus Shire 1200 actually a Barrus Shire 20? I think it dates from 2002. Unfortunately I can not find this model on the Barrus site. Thank you
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