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  1. Thanks. Sounds a bit fishy. Yes they were. JD Boats Gailey did the fit out and Companies House says they wound up in 2019. JD Boats are still trading though
  2. No it is all in steel and built in 2005.
  3. I am considering buying a Canalcraft narrowboat but have no experience of these boat builders. Does anybody have any personal experience of these boats? I would be grateful for any comments. Thank you
  4. I am not very mechanically minded but am considering a narrowboat powered by an FNM engine. I have not heard of this make before which I believe is Italian. Does anybody have experience of these and would I have problems getting a boatyard to service it? Thank you
  5. I am thinking of buying a boat probably a small GRP with an enfield leg. I have heard that these must be serviced reguarly, and I lack the mechanical know how for this. Does anyone know of yards or engineers reasonably local to me who can do this? I live close to the Rivers Lea and Stort. Thank you.
  6. Hello Thinking of buying a small cruiser, and most seem to have a z drive. Can these be serviced on the Lea and Stort. I have heard that you are asking for trouble if they are neglected. Thanks Aristorias
  7. Hello I have been looking at a few boats but would like to know where I can get an Enfield Z drive or outboard serviced on the Lea and Stort? There would be no point buying a boat if I was unable to get the servicing done locally. Thanks for any info. aristorias boater at present without boat
  8. It is about time that clear instructions are issued by CART as to how frequently and how far a boat has to move to stay within the regulations. At the moment it seems to be a case of individual judgement for each enforcement officer.. and surely that cannot be fair, or right?
  9. Try info@abcboathire.com They operate a hire fleet from Worcester. We are doing the stourport ring this year and have hired from ABC before and always found them reasonable. Repeated bookings give year on year discounts.
  10. I am 62, now retired, and used to own narrowboat but can no longer afford all the costs involved so had to let her go after 12 years. Would be willing to meet up for a day to see how we get on if you are still looking for somebody to help.
  11. Our boat has a dump through toilet (possibly a mansfield traveller circa 1985). Recently the water pump continues to run after a flush. Has anyone encountered this before and is there a way to stop it? At the moment we are switching the boat water system off in between visits, which works but is inconvenient! Any reply will be appreciated. Thank you
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