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  1. hi have just brought a 60ft narrow boat and need some work done to it do u have any where is the best place to go im based at tyle mill

  2. Thumbing through Waterways world earlier and noticed one of his ads,great to see he is back and trading again. The cut will be a richer place now his fab skills have returned.
  3. Ally Yes, I agree there is a risk to the builder which is why I mentioned the possibility of a third party holding account for bespoke orders. The customer would deposit the money with a third party (maybe a regulatory body or similar) which would protect the builder from a disappearing customer. If the builder had fulfilled their side of the contract by building the boat to specification then the builder would get their money. Most boats are not terribly bespoke though, as most builders seem to build to a set pattern, and so I would have thought there should not be too much problem in
  4. PLanning to go through to the Thames tomorrow from Newbury. Does anyone know the latest on Padworth Swing Bridge? I had heard that it was open again but have just read on KAcanalTimes that it is closed until further notice Anyone in situ with up to date info? Thanks OK ignore last message - its open. :-)
  5. bath narrowboats,also charge £5 per cassette ! they were'nt taking my pi** ! drove it up to Dundas and still quids in
  6. Hi everybody, Happy New Year. I have to replace my batteries, at the moment I have 4 x 110amph batteries. Does anybody know if it would be possible to increase the amphours eg 4x 125amph or 4x 135amph using 110amp and 50amp alternators (160 amp total)? Would my alternators be up to the task? Any advice appreciated. Thanks Mick
  7. Yes I confess I did let my batteries go flat once or twice when I was in hospital suffering from a very serious illness (from which I have now made a stirling recovery). Hence the solar panels should I relapse. You are probably right, I should go cheap. Thanks for the advice Mayalld.
  8. Thanks for your replies. Yes I do live aboard. I don't use much power - I never put the telly on!I use power for central heating pump and water pump, fridge in the summer (I turn it off in the winter) plus small amount for led lights and radio. I now have solar panels trickling charge back in. Batteries have gone flat in the past but the solar panels keep them pretty well topped up now. So maybe I should go for cheap ones? Mick
  9. I have to replace my batteries soon. Can anybody recommend a particular brand? I have been looking at Elecsol 110AH as I understand they are good for 1000 cycles. Can anyone verify this? Its quite a large outlay so I want to make sure I get something decent.
  10. I will PM you the number of the chap who took my boat down the Trent for me, I paid £200 to take it from Bluewater Marina to Newark on Trent. Mick
  11. "thefts of/from boats are very rare" how do you know that? any stats ?
  12. im on the k and a too, your more than welcome to come along and have a look, pm me if you'd like to.
  13. The boat was on their hardstanding for eight weeks and had already been put back into the water when we collected it. (Incidentally it was put back in facing east when we had said several times we were heading west. Why were we not surprised. ) The proposal to remedy the work was to lift it, black the waterline and put it back in the water all on the same day.
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