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  1. Thetford c200 toilet leaky

    Well my dearest would have words if i didnt I also have to close the lid .hard life
  2. Thetford c200 toilet leaky

    Hi Im getting a small leak on the toilet (but getting worse )from the doughnut seal,i changed the seal on my 2 cassettes a few weeks ago which stopped the leak but after a couple of weeks it started again .i use silicon spray on the rubber and the flange where the seal joins the loo to casette is clean.i can only think there is wear on the cassette or bowl stopping the meeting faces being tight.any thoughts please .the toilet is 6 years old not sure about cassettes but proberly 3 years old and on there 2nd seal o think
  3. Split 240 volts

    As already said look for a change over switch to divert inverter power over to shore ,a lot of boats wired this way including mine.
  4. Expansion Vessel Location?

    On the link you have then click at the bottom page ...information /sitemap / cal conections .not sure how to post a link but it says between mixer and output to taps .
  5. Expansion Vessel Location?

    Surecal recommend fitting after mixer and my expansion tank is like that.
  6. Oil pressure problem?

    As you have the durite gauge it may have a y fitting with both the oil warning light switch and the larger gauge sender .as said its near the dipstick
  7. Oil pressure problem?

    New sender unit required ,its sounds like its working at low revs / lower pressure but cant handle the slighly higher pressure reading .i had the same setup that played up last year
  8. Weed Hatch

    A friend of mine had to have his hatch made taller as recomened by survey when he brought the boat .it was on his list of things to do before he nearly sunk her when he had lots of friends visit an sitting on cruiser stern.put the job on his asap list after that
  9. Running a Pressure Washer.

    Depends on alternator output i think .
  10. Generator

    I could google answers to a lot of posts but i would have no experence to back it up or filter the errors,i didnt put my post very well so i will shut up
  11. Generator

    When i look at treads i can sort of guess who speaks from experience and those that answer from google with all the technical facts and figures that few could ever remember or now about .but that info can be wrong or misguided which is easily found out when you are researching a sibject.just saying .
  12. Isuzu engine warning

    Turn the engine off .possible over heating ...oil pressure ....alternator stopped charging as wotever says any warning lights
  13. Converting to a bank of 3 batteries?

    Op mentions deep cycle so maybe not 12v .worth a check unless i missed it
  14. Calorifier size.

    Have you checked theres not a blanking plug to fit emmersion heater ,they can be hard to see if its got foam insulasion and only just a small hole thru the foam to spot it