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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. You guys are all soo cool, soo glad glad the OP isn't a wind up. x Lol x
  3. Tubeless tyres are the way to go. Just like a car set up, no inner tube, tyre bead seals to rim. With the addition of a liquid sealant punctures will generally self seal. A sticky rim tape is needed to cover the spoke heads. I've been using this set up for the last two years, it allows for lower tyre pressures and greater comfort too. A bit of a learning curve but worth it.
  4. We painted our NB with Dulux water based Weathershield four years ago. Over a few weeks we built up three coats. The gloss version has no real shine to it and seems pretty tough. Being quick drying and easy to apply it is a doddle to touch in. 10,000 colours available. Available in matt too. Perfect for DIY non posh boats IMO.
  5. Seem to remember a slipway from the car park at The Denver sluice complex, on the north side, not the Jennyns Arms car park. Used it with a canoe about five years ago.
  6. By dragging it underwater I presume, not whirling round your head cowboy style? Can only just about lift mine over the side.
  7. Yes that's the one. I wouldn't rely on it or me for anything.
  8. Hello. All very interesting. We bought our 40ft NB complete with a four prong foldy anchor and a bunch of chain. Not really knowing much about sailoring and stuff I tied the chain to a longer length of climbing rope with a loop on the end, just in case. For the first three years it wasn't used, then this year it's been handy to have on two occasions. First time was on the River Wissey, going past the sugar beet factory where there is a large fishing lake with 'no mooring' signs all about. So by dropping the anchor, we were able to have a picnic in the middle. I'm not sure if that a bad/naughty thing to do or if it was that an ok thing to do. On the second occasion we were coming downstream from Bedford and were held up temporarily by some bridge erecting works. There was nothing on either bank to moor against and we were told it would be twenty or thirty minutes before we could go through. So a quick donut and drop anchor it was. I like my little anchor, wouldn't want to have to use it for anything serious though...
  9. Yes there is a floating garage at Little Ouse Moorings available for hire. I believe Danny also has equipment for use with it, sanders, grinders plus air extractor. Plenty long enough too.
  10. I had one recently beginning "Dear Costumer......"
  11. Humblespud

    Cool box needed.

    Hi Wayne, we have a Dometic top loading coolbox, used once in a camper van happy to sell. Will find out model no if you want. Gas and 12volt options.
  12. We use one of these, £35 on Amazon. Works ok on our cruiser stern and far easier than the previous rope ladder.
  13. We bought our boat with carpets fitted, they were 7/8 years old but ok except we preferred a hard easily sweepable floor. So we laid vinyl interlocking boards, in grey, on top of the carpet which then acted as an underlay/insulation. Seems to work fine so far, two winters...
  14. With legs hanging down into cabin hatchway? Sort of sideways? Or totally up on roof?
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