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  1. Thanks for your replies, will do some investigating.
  2. We’re planning on moving our 38’ narrowboat onto the K&A between Caen Hill and Bath, either a reasonably priced marina or online. Does anyone have any recommendations where to moor and where not? Many thanks John.
  3. Hopefully but I had the same problem before, which led me to replace the complete pilot and thermocouple assemblies. There were no stray flames with the old cap. The stray flames are small but may divert enough gas from pilot to de-energise the thermocouple?
  4. Thanks for your replies, good to know it’s unlikely to be the gas valve. The pilot assembly is all new, however the cap that fits over the jet and diverts the flame onto the thermocouple is not properly welded and some of the pilot flame is burning at the sides of the cap and not heating the thermocouple. Now I know where to concerntrate my efforts when I’m back at the boat. Thanks. John.
  5. Hello. The pilot flame on my water heater intermittently goes out. I have replaced the pilot assembly and the thermocouple with spillage? thermal switch. It went out again this weekend, it would relight but not stay lit when gas valve released. Left it a few hours and it relit until we left boat a few hours later. Could the gas valve be faulty? Thanks in advance. John.
  6. I also had problems with leaking shower box. Replaced it with Gulper IC which is fully automatic and combines washbasin and shower outlets. Works perfectly.
  7. Thank you all for your responses. We are currently on the Wey, which we love apart from some of the extremely heavy gates and paddles. We want to explore the Thames more so I will follow up Magnetman’s leads, thank you. Another option could be to moor at Thames lock to give easy access.
  8. Penton Hook is £5kpa for a 38’ boat. Rethink required.. Thanks for speedy responses.
  9. Permanent leisure. I know the Windsor marinas but will check Penton Hook. Thanks.
  10. Hello. Does anyone know of a safe non residential mooring around Chertsey/Windsor area for a 40’ narrow boot? Ideally with car parking nearby. Thank you.
  11. Damm, forgot I traded in the NB.
  12. My limited experience of Le boat drivers on the Thames and Canal du midi is that they are usually arrogant and incompetent, therefore I would seriously look elsewhere.
  13. Aldi are selling the kit for £19.99. I don’t know if they are any good but for that price they can’t be bad.
  14. No, please don't even think of combining the outputs. You could use the different inverters to supply different loads. They are both running more or less flat out with no allowance for start up surges. Cigarette lighter sockets are very poor and may overheat supplying your small inverter. You need a much bigger inverter or don't use so much power at once.
  15. I'm on the River Wey, would love to epoxy but preparation time and cost too great, so stuck with bitumen. Sorry did not word the question clearly, which make of bitumen is the longest lasting, are there advantages using a marine bitumen or can I get better bitumen at the builders merchants? I don't mind paying a bit more for a longer lasting material, or is all bitumen blacking similar?
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