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Ratty's Retreat

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  1. Ratty's Retreat

    How can this happen

    Damm, forgot I traded in the NB.
  2. My limited experience of Le boat drivers on the Thames and Canal du midi is that they are usually arrogant and incompetent, therefore I would seriously look elsewhere.
  3. Aldi are selling the kit for £19.99. I don’t know if they are any good but for that price they can’t be bad.
  4. No, please don't even think of combining the outputs. You could use the different inverters to supply different loads. They are both running more or less flat out with no allowance for start up surges. Cigarette lighter sockets are very poor and may overheat supplying your small inverter. You need a much bigger inverter or don't use so much power at once.
  5. Ratty's Retreat

    Best Bitumen Blacking

    I'm on the River Wey, would love to epoxy but preparation time and cost too great, so stuck with bitumen. Sorry did not word the question clearly, which make of bitumen is the longest lasting, are there advantages using a marine bitumen or can I get better bitumen at the builders merchants? I don't mind paying a bit more for a longer lasting material, or is all bitumen blacking similar?
  6. Ratty's Retreat

    Best Bitumen Blacking

    Hello All. Blacking needs redoing, currently Rytex premium. Chandler no longer sells Rytex but stocks Kalma? which is apparently made by same company as Rytex, I believe it's a new product and I am reluctant to be a guinea pig. I would like best protection and ideally a matt finish, any recommendations as to best bitumen, please. Thank you. John
  7. Ratty's Retreat

    Not a Nice Sight

    I have known Saxplayer for many years and am sure his statement was humour that did not convey by the spoken word. As a lifeboatman I'm sure he has saved more lives in very dangerous conditions than most of us.
  8. Ratty's Retreat

    Route Plan for Honeymoon

    Mount Caburn
  9. Ratty's Retreat

    Gas boiler - BSS

    I have just had an advisory for failing spillage test, as my Morco does not have an external flue just vents through a mushroom. Is this likely to be a major problem? If I have to have an ally chimney I will but would prefer not to. Thanks in advance. John.
  10. Ratty's Retreat

    Wireless (radio)

    I have a Roberts Sound 66. Works off 12v, aerial can be unscrewed, compact with wood finish, good sound and I pod dock. Out of production but Amazon list availability. John.
  11. Ratty's Retreat

    back on the cut!

    Yes it's me. Hope you are well. It will be peaceful at Le Mans Classic next year!
  12. Ratty's Retreat

    back on the cut!

    Hi Shaun. I see you sold your Stag. Nice looking boat, going to put a V8 in?
  13. Ratty's Retreat

    Curious about age of boat

    Could the boat have been registered some years after build?
  14. Ratty's Retreat

    Stern Gland And Rudder Top Bearing

    Thank you for the very detailed reply. Checking for temp rise seems a good way of ensuring its not too tight, which was my concern. John..
  15. Some advice please, my boat had the stern gland professionally repacked some 300 hours ago and it is leaking. I think I can stop this by tightening the nuts but an concerned how much I should tighten them. I also have to replace the top rudder ball bearing, there is a collar bolted to the shaft above the bearing. Does this collar hold the rudder shaft slightly proud of the lower bearing, or does the shaft sit on the bottom of the bearing. Thanks. John