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  1. Hehe it was there when I got the boat. And as it is my first boat I've no idea why it could be there. Dont want to risk sinking until I know what I'm actually doing so not removing it yet ? and the yellow thing is manual bilge pump . Old school!
  2. Hi All! I'm due engine service and was wondering if I should service two additional filters attached to my tank. I know they are fuel filters but my question is... do I change them the same way I would change my engine filters? Thanks!
  3. Hello Fellow Boaters! Could anyone, please, recommend a trusted engineer who would be able to service twin Ford 425 FSD 2.5l 4 cylinder engines on my steel cruiser? Boat is moored in private marina on River Cam but I'm happy to cruise to the right person! Engines are working. One started recently heating up to 95-100 degrees after 20-30 minutes but other than that everything seems fine but I want to double check plus general check up and filters and oil change. Thank you!
  4. I will boil and cook on gas only then You were almost right! I have a centre cockpit steel cruiser. As to the batteries, I have four batteries and two engines. Three batteries with two battery switches are on side of left engine and one battery on side of right engine with near master switch. I dont know know which ones are leisure but I will look into it. I don't even know the capacity ? I have a mooring but not residential and want to try and cruise continuously over the winter on river Cam and Great Ouse which is a real challenge as all the moorings are 48h.
  5. As to the heating... I have a Mikuni diesel heater. Would you know if it uses battery power too?
  6. As to the BSS, the generator would be fixed outside in the back of the boat like it's often done on narrowboats. But you did open my eyes... I have a gas cooker. Do you think it would make more sense to boil water on bas rather than using a kettle? Microwave I have is low power 350watt only and I'll use it twice a week maybe for 2 minutes.
  7. Just so I dont kill myself... are you saying that if the bank is not connected to the boat's electrics grounding it isint necessary?
  8. Hi. I want to build a strictly leisure battery bank with two 70Ah batteries and 2500watt inverter that will be used only for things like kettle, low power microwave, digital gadgets like phones and laptops, maybe cool box from time to time. I do not want to connect my new leisure bank to the boat's engines and intend to charge it by petrol generator only. I have an area near helm where I can place batteries and inverter - like a wooden box/cupboard. My question is... do I have to ground the batteries and the inverter? Thanks, t.
  9. I was in touch with EA and they said that if I get say licence then I will not be able to apply for proper licence this year as they cannot issue two licences on one boat in one year. I made it ok from St Ives to Cambridge. Phoned Hermitage lock day before to say I'm coming without licence plate but applied for it already. It was ok. He noted my index number however. That was last Thursday. Still didn't receive proper licence yet so hoping I won't get in trouble
  10. I'm on Great Ouse so have to pay full price but I have it until end of March so not 4 but all 7 months in price of 12 haha
  11. I did ask in the email but it's weekend now and not sure if I get an answer by Monday.
  12. Hi All! I recently purchased a boat and need to take it from the broker to my mooring. I waited quiet a bit for change of ownership confirmation and couldn't apply for a licence. Only applied yesterday and got an email from EA saying they have changed details on system and will be in touch with me to take the payment for the licence. Am I now allowed to get the boat out from the broker's marina where she's moored to get her to her new mooring? The boat wasn't licenced this season at all.
  13. That shows level only? Where can I get the datum to calculate actual depth?
  14. Oh I did not think about that ... omg how do I clean prop?! I imagine I have to get in the water?
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