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  1. PayPal scam

    I’m sure everyone on here is too savvy to fall for this phishing email I received this morning...........
  2. Big sofa, little door...

    I had a Nabru one & didn’t find it comfortable at all, I was really disappointed, especially as I’d spent a couple of hours putting it together ! Nabru say they have a no quibble return policy & give them their due they collected & refunded me a few days later, after I’d dismantled it...... Went to Ikea, the Ektorp sofa comes in bits & very easy to put together .
  3. Anderton Services

    Are currently closed, problems with the elsan. Drainage & pump people been today but not reopened as yet. Been ongoing issues ever since the revamp.......
  4. Rexit

  5. Thank you Crowthers

    Fortunately for us this is not our experience, it will be ready in January & at a cost comparable with buying on off the shelf, also Crowthers having the paperwork from our last prop incident was very helpful.
  6. Thank you Crowthers

    The first one stopped the engine dead, making one hell of a racket as it clattered round the prop, we do have a flexible coupling “thing “ - not sure correct terminology - on the propshaft. The second time it didn’t , but obviously it wasn’t going to take much to bend it again
  7. Thank you Crowthers

    That’s more or less what we’ve been told so are hoping that the Crowthers prop will be sturdier than the vetus.
  8. Thank you Crowthers

    1st time was in Stretford, a length of blue c&rt rope that wrapped itself round the prop, it had 2’ of 2”x2” on the other end that bashed the into prop, bending 2 blades. 2nd time just a lump of wood that we picked up nr Calverly it has been said that vetus props are not the sturdiest......
  9. Just thought our little tale about our prop was worth telling.... In May 2015 we went into the dry dock at Portland Basin, Ashton -under-Lyne for blacking & to sort our badly bent (vetus) propeller. The prop was sent off to Crowthers to be straightened & came back a few days later looking like new though we were warned that it “ wouldn’t take another straightening” but we weren’t overly concerned as we sailed off with newly blacked bottom & refurbished shiny prop. Fast forward to December 2017, we are in Uplands Marina for the winter & are booked in for blacking with PIW narrowboat services for blacking in March but once again we have a bent prop & this time we need a new one. We don’t really want another vetus prop given the problems we have had but as we have vetus stern gear we really need one made to measure. I know I should but I don’t know what size prop we need, it’s one of those things that I have never known about our boat, normally I save invoices/receipts, religiously...but somehow don’t have the paperwork from Portland Basin/Crowthers where it may have been noted down. So this morning I rang Crowthers to see if they could help & work out what we needed, the lady who answered (Amanda?) said give me 10 minutes ....then rang me back with all the information needed as they had the original details of the work done on our prop in 2015 ! They evidently have records of jobs going back 30 years, all on a card system, not computerised, so if you have ever used Crowthers you’ll likely be in there somewhere ! A new prop is now on order which will be ready in January at a cost of £426 inc vat & delivery, which I think is very reasonable.
  10. Isabelle, a lot of narrowboats are painted “non professionally” some do it in a covered dry dock & some outdoors, some look pretty good, some look a bit iffy - depends on if you want a shiny expensive job which you leave to the professional people or happy with a paint job that you do yourself & it keeps the weather out. plenty of diy help on you tube.
  11. Handmade in Hull, lots of boat related items.

    A gem of a programme, thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. I have registered with the Boots online repeat prescription service, once you have registered they get the medication details from your surgery & you have a choice to have the medication sent to your home, a post offfice or you can nominate any Boots Pharmacy so you can collect it. They send a reminder email when it’s time to reorder, simply tick what you need on the website & it’s done. I did use pharmacy2U for a while but they messed up a couple of times so I switched to Boots, it’s worked up to now............. On the couple of occasions I’ve needed urgent medical treatment I’ve been fortunate to be handy for walk in centres.
  13. Ideal Pram Hood design

    Absolutely & we, being retired, are in the lucky position of not usually needing to cruise in the rain unless we really have to Mines a semi trad..........I was informed by the wife that this boat was going to be a semi trad as we hadn't had one before and I am doing as I am told. Love the cat we had one like that living a board years ago with us. Do you grow tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse? That’s Sid, loves the boating life, Haven’t grown anything as yet........
  14. Ideal Pram Hood design

    We have one, fitted 5/6 years ago when Wilson’s of Kinver were still trading, we rarely cruise with it up ( exceptions River Weaver, Bridgewater & Thames, but then only if it’s chucking it down) It takes a couple of minutes to take down or put up, wouldn’t be without it, somewhere to air laundry if weather is iffy, great when coming in from the wet with the dog, very much like a porch on a house. We do live aboard & find the extra space useful, wouldn’t be without it. They are not the most aesthetic of things but our boat is a fairly bog standard ordinary modern affair so no great shakes in the beauty department though if we had a lovely old trad I doubt I would desecrate it with a pram hood
  15. & you've never changed your mind about anything ! Give the guy a break, he's trying to figure out the best way to get his disabled partner on the water & he's new to this..........