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  1. Jamboat

    Clueless Corbyn

    So having had your last attempt removed you’re having another go, ffs give it a rest !
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/money/gallery/2018/aug/02/canal-side-cottages-for-sale-in-pictures
  3. Jamboat

    When You Are In a Hole Keep Digging

    I think you will find Thatcher was in there 1st, we probably wouldn’t have the peace in NI we have were it not for Jeremy Corbyn & Mo Mowlem. How anyone can support the current shower of no hopers with a no deal brexit likely, the NHS in free fall, social care practically non existent, schools struggling to balance the books is beyond me !
  4. If you use facebook have a look at the “compost toilets for boats & off grid living” lots of useful info.
  5. Jamboat

    Hot weather on a boat?

    This was us in Stone a couple of years ago, fortunately once the tree was removed there was just a few scratches on the paintwork.
  6. Jamboat

    Water tank level gauge. Best thing EVER!

    We stretched a point & bought 2 ( 4’ Canes) one at the back for diesel & t’other next to water tank filler........
  7. Jamboat

    New Islington Marina

    It used to be owned by Urban Splash but I believe has new management, not sure who, a phone call to Urban Splash might shed some light.
  8. Jamboat

    Problem with Thetford toilet

    There are some excellent videos on you tube on servicing cassettes.
  9. Jamboat

    Supplier for comparable filters

    Filter mania, Acton Trussell,Stafford, which btw is but a short walk from the canal at Acton Trussell, stocks Baldwin’s Filters.
  10. Jamboat

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    The Daniel Adamson has been freed from the lock as went past us ( at Rock Savage) going up stream on Wednesday & has just passed us going downstream with a school party on board, it wasn’t long before they were back going upstream. They were loading & unloading at Sutton Weaver service point, before the swing bridge.
  11. Jamboat

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    A few bods down there this morning peering at the gates.....
  12. Jamboat

    The Jack Russell , ( The Terminator )

    He looks very happy, well done you for taking him on.
  13. Jamboat

    Anyone know boat name Coco? dog found

    I’ve copied this to the “dogs on the Cut” & “friendly narrowboaters” Facebook pages
  14. Jamboat

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    Remember the saying “if you can’t say anything nice..........”
  15. Jamboat

    Internal refurb

    Is your water tank under/in the bow ? Might be a leaking joint

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