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  1. Sarahr

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    I look forward to seeing you in Pewsey when we get back from our adventures!
  2. Sarahr

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    Hello Dave I haven’t seen you for ages!! I take your point about the view from the waterfront! We have done the run up the Oxford and down the GU we did it in 6 weeks! I like the idea of doing the Anderton the ship canal sounds fun too! Where are you now? Are you coming back to the K&A soon? Sarah That sounds amazing I will definitely consider this!
  3. Sarahr

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    I think you may have missed my point, I have every intention of planning my cruise but I thought it would be handy to ask you friendly people you opinions of where the best places to go would be! I certainly am not asking you to plan my holiday and am not so clueless that I cannot plan my own holiday! I am sorry my post has upset you so much I didn’t realise a post such as this could cause such controversy, I was merely asking for your friendly advice. Our boat is indeed a narrow beam and we have plenty of river experience having done the Thames and the river Kennet many times before.
  4. Sarahr

    Extended Cruise Where To Go?

    I appreciate what you say but I just wanted to know if there are some must see canals that are worth a visit.
  5. Our dream has always been to set off for an extended holiday on our boat. Our dream has finally come true, and this year we are setting off at the beginning of August from our mooring in Pewsey on the Kennet and Avon canal returning at the end of October before the winter stoppages start. We don’t really know where to go, or how far we will get. We will probably head up the Thames and join the Oxford canal and head north from there. Can anyone tell me how far we can realistically get in 3 months cruising an average of about 4-5 hours a day and can you recommend any beautiful rural canals or rivers that we should visit? I have looked at canal planner but without really knowing where to go planning a journey on it is a little tricky! Any recommendations would be gratefully received.
  6. Sarahr

    Question for Boatman Stove owners

    Eddie at Northen Fabrications does come back to you eventually by email but it's best to phone him. I just got a replacement glass from him very promptly delivered he will know what sort of rope you need and will send it to you quickly.
  7. Sarahr

    Canal olympics

    Winter Olympics, curling, you could use your kettle as a curling stone, figure skating, ice hockey.
  8. How about Hilperton Marina at Trowbridge. You could also try Aldermaston Wharf. If you google ABC boats they have a list of boat sales and where they are I think they have a couple of boats for sale at Hilperton and Aldermaston. You could try Frouds bridge Matina near Aldermaston but it is up for sale at the moment and the manger has left I think they are not brokering any boats at the moment. I don't think there are any marinas who hold boats on brokerage west to Trowbridge. There is an advanced search button on Apollo duck where you can search for boats by county which could be helpful. Not sure what you are after but there is a boat for private sale in Pewsey with a mooring which may be of interest?
  9. Sarahr

    Kennet & Avon Canal Fobney Lock Sunken Boat

    I have just received an email from CRT saying the sunken boat has been removed and Fobney lock is now open
  10. Sarahr

    * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    I have emailed the flyer to all our members of the Pewsey Wharf Boat Club. We are based on the Kennet and Avon but have members all over the country. Good luck I hope she is found soon.
  11. Sarahr

    Horsefly bite treatment

    Avon skin so soft also works for midges, fishermen in Scotland use it! Jungle formula insect repellant is also very good prevention is always better than cure.
  12. These pictures bring back lovely memories, our first ever boating holiday was on the Mon and Brec, we were hooked after this first trip and bought our first boat 3 years later we are now on our second boat some 8 years on and still loving it. It is a beautiful canal and not too many locks for newbies.
  13. Sarahr

    Greeting rid of the Pumpout Loo

    Sadly it is not a straight run to the tank I don't think solid pipe would work, I think we have got to the fed up and rip it out and put a cassette in stage!!!!
  14. My hubby has finally had enough of the Pumpout loo. We would not have chosen to have one, but it was on the boat when we bought it. The main problem is the holding tank is built into the rear of the boat under the back steps and forms part of the structure of the boat, there is a long run of pipe to the tank and despite replacing the pipe it still smells and we have had enough of the pong. It will be a huge task to remove the tank so if we do get rid of the loo we will have to cap the tank and leave it in place. Is this a risky thing to do, could it rust away and cause future problems. Apart form the pong we love our boat and have no plans to sell it in the near future so if we get rid of the loo we don't want to jeopardise the boat. Has anyone got any advice, is there something we could put in the tank to stop it rusting away, is it safe to just cap the tank and leave it will it still smell if we do this, there is a breather thingy on the Pumpout outlet. Obviously it should say getting rid not greeting rid! Tried to edit but could edit the title!!
  15. Sarahr

    Tank water - safe for dogs?

    I had a jack Russell terrier years ago, we took him to the beach and he got inside the carcass of a dead seal and had a really good roll in it, the smell was unbelievable it was a long time ago but I can still remember how bad he smelt, he travelled home in the back of the pick up truck, it took ages to get the smell out of his coat. You have to love them don't you?!?