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ian west

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  1. hi ian your text abt roses and castles .sorry but there was no comment there lol 

    1. ian west

      ian west

      Hi - that’s because I didn’t make one! I just hit the love button because they look so nice - I have a few items myself but not one as big as this.  

  2. You'd be fine on a crt mooring with car parking space within a few yards...
  3. Thanks for that Andrew - saved me making a schoolboy error, cheers!
  4. Thanks Martin - yes, that's exactlywhat I'm missing, the flush cap. I'll check on the size tomorrow but hopefully this is 2" - I was getting resigned to buying a whole unit. im convinced that it was a theft rather than my mistake - i virtually stand on it when I'm putting the chimney on, so I'm sure I would have noticed it if it was loose. cheers ian
  5. It used to be a challenge but my aim is much better these days!
  6. That's brilliant - thanks both. Can't say how annoying it was when I saw it missing, I'd love to find out who did it.
  7. I've just noticed that someone has stolen my brass filler cap off the pump out outlet pipe; I can't find one that would fit (2" male) online and I'm hoping that the reason for the theft was not that they are difficult to get...any pointers where to try?
  8. As I am the other boater tony mentioned thought I'd add an update if anyone else has had the same problem. I needed a new flue and 6" collar ( original was 4" and corroded) - I finally found someone to do it, all the way from Nantwich! Even allowing for travel expenses Paul wheeler still gave me a competitive price. Very happy with him and the quality of his work, he also serviced my engine and did some plumbing work - very happy to recommend him. Contact details paulat. piwnarrowboatservices co uk, he also has a website and Facebook page.
  9. I've admired quite a few of his boats (and lusted after 2 in particular) over the last 10 years or so. Andrew has also done my last couple of safety certs and I've been impressed by his knowledge and common sense attitude. Ian
  10. Does anyone know how this would work with the self declaration?
  11. At the same revs do you go the same speed in reverse as forward?Ian
  12. Second recommendation for john, I was very happy both with what he did and the price he charged!
  13. I think tewitfield may be the best place for you to visit! http://www.lancastercanalboatclub.org/events.php
  14. Hi Thanks - but that s the same number I have; I'll try again tomorrow but I remember struggling to get him last time. Cheers Ian
  15. Hi Has anyone found a good lpg chap that works on the Lancaster? I've got some work I need doing and am struggling to find one locally. One I have used in the past seems to have changed his number (Nell cross) and the gas safe register states boat qualified when they aren`t - any recommendations? Ian
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