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  1. Yes. Loved the water buses in Bangkok-though was pleased I am used to getting on and off boats, they stop very briefly then zoom off at high speed.
  2. What a relief! We were the first boat to do Cranfleet to Beeston when the river reopened at the end of September-took us a pretty scary half the time you took as going with the flow-just over half an hour. The Trent was so high we could see things we don't normally see, it was wide too. One boat was ploughing through the water going upstream, it looked very small on the enlarged river. Really have to treat the rivers with respect.
  3. Agree. And stone great for charity shops. Great clothes at good prices, unlike Nantwich which charges more than the original shops in some cases.
  4. Interesting. I looked at the Beeston guage after 2 yesterday afternoon and it was still on amber. Beeston guage is inaccurate as the hydro scheme draws water away from the lock cut. CRT know this but have done nothing about it. However, I'd be pretty sure it will be fine by Tuesday or even today as seems to be falling fast. . And yes. Matty has answered about the, 'gut', you will need to give your engine a bit of welly out when you get there.
  5. Would certainly be good to see you Ally after your difficult time. We, too, hope to arrive by boat one year but not looking likely to be this one so it's train for us and a short pop in before we turn into pumpkins .
  6. It was a very useful chandlers. They usually had something we didn't know we wanted. Even more useful when we moored in Stone and someone decided taking our bow line was the cheapest way to get a new rope for whatever purpose. Chandlers are really becoming few and far between, so many useful ones have gone in the last few years even though there are more boats.
  7. I agree. With today's rain, Cranfleet unlikely to be open for long and Trent still flowing fast.
  8. Optimistic. As pearley mentions later in this thread, it can show amber when the flow is far too fast for safe navigation. The hydro scheme draws water away from the lock cut The, 'gut' just before Cranfleet is a particular challenge when going against a fast flow. In any case, until Cranfleet flood gates reopen, there's no point going beyond Beeston or Nottingham where you have all facilities and shops.
  9. Well done. You probably know, but in case anyone else is hoping to go on the Trent, Cranfleet flood gates are back on-about 5 days after reopening. You won't be able to go further than Beeston for now. Don't rely on the flood guage at Beeston, it's been inaccurate since the hydro scheme was installed a couple of years ago?
  10. Did you make it? Flow still seems quite strong? I see Shardlow flood gates only reopened yesterday.
  11. From EA levels, appears Trent may finally be going down. Still high and running fast through Nottingham.
  12. According to the EA guage looks as though the Trent at Shardlow has got to the lowest it's going to for a while without coming out of the red. Currently in Shropshire (which is probably the Severn and not the Trent catchment) and it's rained all night. What a winter!
  13. Agree. There's some lovely quirky chandllers where we love to stop and have a chat and find all sorts in apparently disorganised premises. . Feels sad that the majority of the ones we used have shut in the last 5 or 10 years-at a time when there are far more boats around.
  14. Posted that 9 hours ago. It's gone up again since then.
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