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  1. So. Trent is looking very high. Obviously shut at Shardlow. More rain forecast. How is it currently at alrewas? Anyone know or know how can find out. Don't need it till later in the week but not looking good.
  2. Not read all of the replies so sorry if this is a repeat. Firstly, Richard T is definitely your man. He has many years of experience with scouts and narrow boats. As to your point about taking scouts with behaviour issues, I agree it's scary to contemplate some with locks. And with current, 'someone's got to be summonsed' culture that is even more scary. Much of my early narrow boat experience was with school parties of mainly 10 and 11 year olds. I recall some challenging characters who gave me nightmares before we left. However, in all the cases I can recall, they responded hugely positively to doing locks, steering a 70foot narrow boat and generally being outdoors and active. I used to wish some of them could do a flight of locks before school each day. I think it's great that you are looking into getting your scouts to use the waterways and I wish you well with your project.
  3. About a year ago I was accosted at our mooring facilities by a regular overstayer, for whatever reason. He asked me what I was doing using the facilities. All boaters are perfectly entitled to use the facilities but it seemed a bit much to be asked what I thought I was doing when we actually pay for the mooring.
  4. Yes. That all sounds fine to me.
  5. Jan you are totally right. What I find annoying is the blatant misuse of this. For example, I'm sorry if someone cannot move because they are disabled but surely in this situation they should pay for a mooring? We would love to move all the time but we have parents in their 90s and have certain grandparent duties, so we pay for a mooring. I would hazard a guess that almost all boaters are unable to move at some point. Ok. It might be a temporary reason in which case overstaying is fair but to expect to never move or pay seems unreasonable. Visitors have been unable to access a visitor mooring all last winter (& I mean a long length) due to boaters staying for months. I have no idea if legitimately or otherwise and I haven't enquired. However, boaters who did enquire have been threatened.
  6. So. The Soar is now open and the flood lock at redhill allows boats to go through.....onto the Trent which is still in flood. Seems a bit mad not to at least mention that?
  7. Unfortunately, Trent still rising at Shardlow. Surely got to start falling eventually?
  8. All the best to the owners. We always went in when passing and inevitably bought things we did or might need. Sad that yet another useful chandlery will be no more.
  9. Mrs Trackman


    Trent shut at Alrewas though presume you know that.
  10. Not surprised to see this. We saw many trees that looked on the point of falling. Many overhanging boughs that needed attention.
  11. Watched e a levels for Trent obsessively. Couldn't believe levels still falling or not rising. Even Soar and Derwent only risen again in last few hours. Listened to rain all night. Set off very early. Derwent mouth in green. Sawley flood lock on but almost level and in green. Sawley green. Cranfleet green. Currently heading for Beeston and confidently expecting it to be green though the guage is useless as doesn't take account of the hydro scheme. That said. Conditions are horrendous. Very wet. Extremely windy. Would not recommend inexperienced to risk it. If on a hire boat, the company would prefer you stayed safe. They can sort the boat out. The irony of not getting where we wanted because of lock restrictions for water shortages then worrying about getting back because there is too much water is not lost on me.
  12. Thankyou for your help everyone. Streethay were lovely and very helpful.
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