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  1. Love it when that happens. And try to do it myself if being closely followed and nothing coming the other way.
  2. KiwiBill. This is the first BCN cruise diary I have read all the way through except for our own. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it all. I especially enjoyed your story about your family and travels. You are truly a citizen of the world and great to read about your interesting life. I wouldn't mind your ginger biscuit recipe too.
  3. Absolutely brilliant. What a great way to thank Jan for not only having, but implementing quite the whackyest idea of the lockdown. It did turn out to be more work than we expected but was fun and a huge distraction in these difficult times. Made us enthusiastic to give the real thing a go too. Thank goodness for the great tradition of eccentricity. It certainly lives here. Not only that, but Jan managed to persuade a great team to help. I'm still missing Captain Ahab's measured tones as he gave us our daily updates.
  4. Thankyou so much Cheshire-Rose, Captain Ahab and judges. It was a great idea and good fun. Harder work than I expected, even though the rest of our crew did much of the work, but a great distraction and we found out interesting things, especially about the lost 60 miles. I'm already missing the daily report from the Aldridge field station which I eagerly turned to each morning. How am I to know the state of the BCN now? I'll miss you all. And realise we are still stuck in one place.
  5. Agree. Really interesting story. And why I am proud to be a citizen of the world and not a little Englander celebrating our great victories. People's life stories involve travel, sometimes not their choice, and chance and it's great to read about it. Thankyou.
  6. The suspense is more than I can bear.
  7. We can produce an original, a French version, a Nottingham version, a Pokémon one and an electronic one (don't ask). The grandchildren love them all. I loathe the game but trackman loves playing with the children.
  8. If you are dyscalculic (?) Could I point out that whisky galore would definitely win if only you could add up.our points correctly? Just sayin.
  9. Don't forget whisky galore with our trusty steed
  10. Apart from the whisky obviously. Oh then there's the prosecco. And there was that gin Otherwise we are definitely abstainers. Allegedly
  11. Hadn't realised he was suppressing that smile. I'd describe his tone as somewhat gleeful. Still. I am eager to tune in each day.
  12. Aw! Leave him alone. Jan's sorted it. Though now I see the quiz I'm wondering why I was so keen!
  13. Can't see one. Is it just sent to spokesperson? Thought I saw yesterday's?
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