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  1. That's going some. Takes us a day to get through Leicester.
  2. Thanks for that. Won't go on Soar for now, if levels come up might have to wait for stoppage. Another time!
  3. Thanks for answers. Looks as though would be fine-except decided Soar a bit risky with all this rain!
  4. CRT website seems to suggest Ratcliffe lock is still difficult. Anyone been through recently? Interested to know how you found it. Also, thought I'd seen a notice about work on the A453 causing the navigation to be shut at times but can't find any details on the CRT stoppages. Anyone know anything about it?
  5. So, the latest advice from CRT is that we shouldn't use the lock landing on the downstream side, original notice was not to use locklanding without giving a side. This is to avoid being stuck until they dredge. Anyone worked out how to operate the lock without using landing? Crew member could walk from/to Redhill but going to be impossible for single handers.
  6. A few years ago, we looked into possibly buying that island, with others, and were told that wouldn't need a mooring licence if moored round the back, away from the navigation. Wouldn't need a boating licence if didn't move but that would have been impossible unless prepared to row ourselves to land for supplies. Tony Dunkley's boat is on the main navigation of the Trent. I don't know what the final outcome was of his dispute.
  7. Have you used one? I have been considering one and I know some love their Mr D cooker but I'm keen to hear from more who actually use them. years ago, I was tempted by one I saw for sale at the chandlery at Whilton. Decided that in winter my back stove did a similar job. Could be useful in summer though.
  8. Unfortunately, and despite many requests, including from their employees, to CRT to change the dangerous situation at Beeston, the guage is inaccurate and has been since they allowed the hydro scheme at the weir.
  9. Funny you should say that. I very nearly said, except possibly the Slough arm.
  10. Boated from Fazeley to Hawkesbury on Wednesday whilst doing the Warwickshire ring. I like it, Ok no locks other than Glascote and Atherstone but that was fine as we had already done plenty. I find it full of interest, pleasant scenery. The canal has associations with George Eliot. Hartshill yard is historic. Atherstone locks do seem to be prone to being shut but CRT did get them reopened after 24 hours this week, we were the last boat through on Wednesday before CRT shut it. They are pretty locks. The Coventry does tend to be shallow between Fazeley and Fradley, particularly the Fradley end. It also tends to be overgrown. Its not an overbusy canal and there are plenty of places to moor. All canals are worth boating on, I can't think why you wouldn't want to try it.
  11. Is that a recent picture? The pool used to look in a poor state.
  12. Not to be recommended of course and can be dreadful, but i know 3 livaboards who have had it, all now OK. My friend's 98 year old mother tested positive but was OK, if seriously fed up as had to be in isolation, a fellow 102 year old resident at her facility also tested positive but is ok, she also survived Spanish flu as a baby in 1918. I am still keen to avoid it myself.
  13. Love it when that happens. And try to do it myself if being closely followed and nothing coming the other way.
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